Junoon Tere Ishq Ka (Episode 2)

helo guyz i felt good that you liked my work .actually i completed this fanfiction and now i am working on another
here is the FB link of where i posted its parts :https://www.facebook.com/Swasan-FFs-1739890072901208/?fref=ts

the names of the characters will be added in the next part hope you all dont mind and i read all your comments actually in this fanfiction raglak were characters but the focus was more on swasan.as i have completed this one so i wont add new scenes but the fanfiction on which i am working now Game Of Time both the couples have equal importance

Precap:Lakshay coming back from shooting ans Sanskaar scolding him,cute nokjhok between Swaragini and Sumi telling Swara that Singhs are coming to see her.

Ragini you go to college and just see i will make sure that the singhs reject me
didi you…
are not you getting late (swara said while cutting her)
okay iam going bye
take care beta (sumi and shekhar said at the same time)
swara aren’t you going to university
maa you know naa after three days ts my last exam and singhs are also coming to see me so today i will go shopping.
as you wish and haa go to room i have kept some jewllery on your dressing table try it
okay maa i am going

Outside Gadodia mansion

driver kaka driver kaka
ji ragini bitiya
kaka today i will drive myself
but bitiya you know na after what happened last time sir had strictly asked me to not let me drive
but kaka i promise nothing will happen
no bitiya you also said the same last time
please kaka i promise that i won’t drive fast please please

Swara who was seeing all this from the balcony came down

no princess kaka is saying right you won’t drive
but didi
you dont remember that two months ago you had a serious major accident after which you were hospitalized for a month
didi i promise i will take care
no means no ragini go with kaka
please didi let me drive naa please (she said while making an innocent face)
okay go but dont drive fastly and haa return home early
and i know the next line take care
ragini you now leave you are getting late and its the last time
thankyou kaka and thankyou didi you are the best (she left hugging her and gave a kiss on her cheek)

Swara bitiya you know na if sir gets to know about this he will be really angry
dont worry kaka i will make him understand
but bitiya…
but wut kuch nahi kaka dekhe aap apna khayal bhi theek se nahi rakhte chaliye ab aap aaram kijiye mein chalti hoon
god bless you beta

On the Road:

wow Ragini how well you are driving
suddenly she saw a car accelerating towards her car
oh no what should i do now i am gone didi was right i should have taken kaka along with me
she pressed the brake and closed her eyes in fear
after sometime there was a knock on the window and she opened her eyes
after realizing that she was safe a layer of hapiness ran in her
wow iam safe thankgod else my family…
o hello miss get down and look what have you done

ragini stepped out and was shocked to see that the front of both the cars had been smashed

i..i am so sorry
nothing happens with your sorry just look how much you have destroyed my car
i am saying sorry naa and let me tell you my car has also been distorted
oh and so you want to say that its my fault
yes it is yours as you were driving fastly i can also case on you
wow firstly you did a mistake and then putting the blame on me
you dont know me i am ragini gadodia and the car which has been distorted was gifted by my father a month ago
o hello you dont know me i am lakshay maheshwari
so what should i do if you are lakshay maheshwari
you just do one thing just be quite and say sorry as the car which has been distorted due to your mistake just arrived in the morning
i wont say it and you should pay the cost to repair my car
me and repairing why you dont have money fo repairing
i have but as its your fault you should also pay the price
you need money na then take this (saying this he threw a bundle of money on her face)
Ragini became furius and in a fit rage slapped him hard across his face
how dare u
how dare you mr lakshay maheshwari
you dont know me
well you dont know me then saying this she unpinned the bundle and threw all the money over him and what did you say i should be sorry , right sorry my foot
i will see you
you have already seen me and wasted my much precious time now will you please get out of my way

lakshay left the place in a fit rage followed by ragini

Gadodia Mansion

swara swara
ji maa
beta your father has forgot this file and he called me and said that he needed the file urgently
maa so why are you worrying send the file with the driver
no beta its very important and your father clearly said that either me or you should bring it
okay i will give it to him
and han you have to go to Maheshwari company as the meeting is held there
okay maa

saying this she left unlnowing what was the fate having for her

Maheshwari company

in a cabin

dad this is your file
thanks princess
its okay papa

just then Sanskaar entered the cabin

hello mr gadodia and who are you miss his secretary
swara looked at him shockingly
sec..secretary you are mistaken mr maheshwari i am her daughter
so you too have joined his business nice
no mr sanskaar actually she is swara my daughter she just came to give my file to me
dad i think i should leave now
yeah you shouls as it is not a park

After 15 minutes

while Swara was going a cute little girl collided with her
sorry beta
its okay didi shall i ask you one question
dil aur dimag ki jung me jeet kis ki hoti hai
beta dil aur dimag ki jung mei jeet hamesha dil ki hoti hai

Sanskaar who had heard this came to swara

correction miss Gadodia you are misguiding a girl
beta dil aur dimag ki jung mei jeet hamesha dimag ki hoti hai now you go to your mom she must be worried about you

after 5 min

you didnt leave
you are too much mr Maheshwari it seems that you never loved someone and one thing more dont be so much proud of yourself
Sanskaar who was boiling in anger controlled his anger and gave her an angry look
Swara left the office leaving behind a furious sanskaar

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