Junoon Tere Ishq Ka (Episode 1)


Hey guyz i just started writing fanfiction on swasan two months ago on facebook so just thought to share it with you too.
this was my first fanfiction and it was liked alot so just thought to post it here too

so here is the first part of my fanfiction.

Its a big Glass cabin in which a man is standing.Suddenly he heard his secretary May I come in sir?
Sanskaar:come in Rahul.
Rahul:Sir the files you asked for.
Sanskaar:thanks,are the arrangements of todays fashion show complete
yeah sir,sir actually the repoters of aaj newspaper want to conduct your interview
tell them to conduct any other day i am not free
but sir
i told you na so now go and (Sanskaar said angrily)

Gadodia Mansion
Swara Ragini now get up both of you
maa let us sleep (both replied pulling blanket over themselves)
Sumi where is my watch
Shekhar just a minute i am coming
come fast i am getting late
mom go dad is calling you with so much love.
wake up and get ready in next 20 mins else no one will give u breakfast
but mom
get ready and meet me on the dining table

when sumi left a beautiful girl took out her face from the blanket
di get up di get up.
what the hell ragini u let me sleep.go get ready i she am coming (swara said in a sleepy tone)
Ragini took out her clothes and went to the washroom.

when she had left swara came out of the blanket and realized that she was vey rude.she quickly got up took out hr clothes and started waitinng for ragini to come out.
after a couple of minutes ragini came out.
swara ran and hugged her
i am sorry princess
for what
i behaved rudely with you
ahh for that you should be sorry but di god knows how will your husband manage you
you mean that i am intolerable
ok then i wont talk to you bye i am going

after swara left she started crying
when swara came out and saw her crying she smiled and went to her
why are you crying
you know di i cannot live without you
i know
so why you always say like this
i was joking
no its not done
now stop crying or else there will be a flood in this room.
they bursted into laughter and hugged each other
swara ragini are u coming or not
Di disaster has come lets go.
maa we are coming.

Maheshwari Mansion:
Laksh where were u (sanskaar stormed into his room)
Bhai actually…
i know that you were in Switzerland for past 4 months for your film shooting but you could atleast tell me and go (sanskaar said cutting him)
i forgot
then one day you will also forget that their is your brother too
no bhai never say this again i can never think even to forget you for my career i can sacrifice even my career for you.nothing is important for me rather than you.
then dont repeat this again you know you are my world i cannot even imagine my world without you.
both the brothers hugged each other.

Gadodia Mansion
all are seated at the dining table.
sumi why are my pricesses so quite
shekhar your both daughters went on you.both are arrogant
maa we are not arrogant but are proud of our father
okay so shekhar i wanna tell you something important.

yeah go ahead
today mr and mrs singh are coming to see Swara
whatt……maa i dont want to marry its too early
it isnt early and i am not asking you but telling our decision to you
dad tell maa that its too early
no swara i also think that its fine.
so swara be ready in the evening the grooms family is coming
di now get ready to go to your sasuraal laughing.
maa i am going to college she left after kissing sumi and hugging shekhar.
goodbye princess swara said while hugging her and whispers the grooms family wont be able to see me.you just see what i do.

precap:Sanskaars fashion show,swara selected for singhs son laksh meets ragini and much more

Credit to: Hurem

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