Hey guys , i came back with my junnon but you know less comments on my previous update so please do tell me if it is getting boring.
So let me start with my episode…
The episode starts with meera turning and finding seher.
Meera thinks : oh , she listened to my and maa’s conversation , what will i do now.
Seher comes to her shocked and says sweetly : meera , why you lied to them , its so bad to lie na.

Meera says shocked and sadly and stammering; ac.. actually… actually….
Seher (sweetness mixed with anger): what actually , you lied to them that i just met you 2 hours before , do you even remember that i am meeting you 2 years , you went to London and yaa you are not an orphan.
Meera gets relief and thinking ; thank god , she didn’t hear anything.
Meera then smiles and says :seher….. actually you know i have some reasons to do this .
Seher (confused ): which reasons .. (to pavitra) see aunty she’s lying and marrying , aunty what is she upto???
Pavitra eyes her angrily and about to say when meera interrupts saying : seher , i’ll tell you everything after this weeding i promise , but pleaseee don’t ask me anything now , i can’t anwer you and can’t even lie to you , you know this well so please help me , you trust me na , i can’t do anything wrong.

Seher eyes her with a tear in her right eye and says : i trust you even more than i trust myself , you are my only support from childhood , we met in school and you … you are everything for me.
Seher then hugs meera while meera hugs her back and smiles.
Meera then rubs seher’s tears and says : now stop crying and go , i am coming in a second.
Seher nods and goes . after seher goes.
Pavitra angrily : don’t come too close to this seher , i don’t like her.
Meera eyes her shocked and says : maa , she’s my best friend , i am meeting her after 2 years , how can you say that , pleaseeee you can do anything but don’t tell me to break my friendship with seher , i know very well that she cares for me even more than you do…
Meera leaves saying this while pavitra eyes her angrily and she too leaves.
In present :
Arjun : you were such a drama queen na !!!
Meera glares and him and says : just shut up ok na .
Giya teasing : bhaiyaa , didi has still not agreed to your marriage proposal.
Mohit (childish anger) : oh hello did will have to agree
Giya and meera glare and him and he keeps a finger on his lips and arjun says teasing: meera , you know how to control people …
Giya teasing : yaa bhaiyaa , you would be knowing it better na .(indicating about their marriage life)

Meera and giya then give each other a hi-fi while laughing and arjun stares them angrily.
Arjun angrily : oh hello , giya do you want to listen to our story or not?
Giya stops laughing and nods in yes while meera still laughs , meera sees him and keeps a finger on her lips and says teasing : continue .. continue…
Arjun : and in my house rehaan was trying to fix himself with seher…..
Flashback ;
Arjun is in his room and angrily takes a lamp and tries to break it when he hears footsteps and stops .
Rehaan enters the room and sees arjun sitting on his bed .
Rehaan comes to him and says tensed : bhai , you na , you didn’t even look back and say bye to bhabhi , how would she feel ???
Arjun teasingly says : rehaan , i didn’t do it , but you turned (raising his eyebrows) for whom??
Rehaan gets nervous and says : bhai no .. no… no… no …. i didn’t turn for seher , i turned for bhabhi
Arjun eyes him smiling and says ; when did i say seher????
Rehaan bites his tongue and says tensed : bhaiiiiiii!!!!!!
Rehaan (childish anger): but bhai , you seriously didn’t turn , you know bhabhi loves you so much , it is visible in her eyes , you should not do like that.
Arjun thinks angrily: love , my foot , she …. she can never love me , i know very well..
Arjun then says sternly : rehaan , go prepare for functions with tara , you know na maa fixed the engagement tomorrow only and marriage after 5 days so do preparations , you say yourself as your bhabhi’s lakshman na..

Rehaan then says with childish anger : bhai , you always behave like this , i am going but just for my bhabhi….
He gets up to go when arjun says with a smile and teasingly : you forgot to say that you are doing this to impress seher.
Rehaan gets nervous , he then smiles and turns and sticks out his tongue to arjun and goes while arjun laughs at his childish actions .
Arjun thinks : i’ll never ,let this infactuation of yours for seher turn into a love rehaan as this will only spoil both of your lives…
He thinks this .
In present :
Mohit getting his finger out of his lips : oh so rehaan loved seher ???
Giya (excited): yaa , did they marry???
Meera (smile and sternly ): you’ll get to know everything with the story so don’t worry and wait , ok…
Giya and mohit nod as she spoke sternly.
Arjun (childish anger ): tum to bacho ko dara he deti ho you just scare children)
Giya and mohit giggle while meera looks at him shocked.
Meera (angrily): you….
She starts running behind him while he runs.
Meera angrily : arjun , wait you….
Arjun teasingly sticks his tongue out while meera catches him and beats him lightly.
Arjun teasingly : ahhhhhhhh…… tumne to mujhe maar hi dala(you almost killed me)
Meera angrily : shut up ok na.

Giya (smiling): i just don’t know how you both fell in love ..
Mohit (excited): now you both just continue pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………
Arjun sits and says : acha yaar , ab main sunnata hun(ok now , i’ll speak)
Arjun : and then our engagement day came . ….

Precap : in past :
meera getting jealous , is it love or acting?????

Guys please do comment if you like as it motivates me….
A quote from me for our hero , heroine:


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  1. Superb episode dear. They r doing all this for revenge ,what’s their past. Nice quote dear. Will be waiting for next update. Love u ??..take care…

    1. thanks lakshmi and yaa you are corret they are doing it all for revenge and their past will be revealed soon , i’ll try to upload soon…

  2. What both r acting unbelievable yaar

    1. yaa , i know hayathi that its unbelievable but you’ll get to know the reason soon

  3. Its really entertaining wid al of the suspense lying with their revenge n love drama….nice quote…keep it up pia

    1. thanks neha and suspence will be over soon and thanks again

  4. Awesome, wowwww, superb episode, so lovely n cute…rehaan n seher developing feelings for each other but the mystery of meera n arjun is making me curious to know what is their past n the reason behind this revange…the fun talks between giya, mohit n meera, arjun are very entertaining. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. hey roma a big thanks dear , there past will be soon revealed and dear next part is already upload you can find it on:

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