Hey guys sorry for late update and guys actually i know here are many ritwik- asha fans reading my ff , so guys i wanted to tell you that an ff on pavitra rishta is started by someone named janu and i really liked its start so you can read it because it is about purvi and arjun , here are the links to her ff:


so guys just wanted to tell you so that you can read , ok so here ‘s the next episode of my ff.
The episode starts with meera trying to hide behind mrs reema and the girl tries to see her while meera rotates around mrs reema and she tries to follow her which results in a comic situation.
Suddenly mrs reema holds the girl and says
Mrs reema : seher , what are you doing beta ?
Seher excitedly : maa … see meera , she returned after so many ….
Meera gets shocked and opens her mouth while mrs reema stops her from saying and says smiling looking towards rathodd family : seher , meera (she pulls meera towards front ) i know meera returned from arjun’s house after 2 hours but it is not that she returned after years , why are you so excited?

Seher looks on shocked while meera gets relieved and says happily : seher , you know arjun’s family agreed , now we will marry and you are my best friend so you have to dance the most , ok na
Mrs rishika smile and so does the whole family but seher looks on shocked , rehaan keeps looking towards seher all this while and seher feels someone seeing her and turns to rehaan , she too smiles and gets mesmerized seeing him while they both share an eyelock…
Hmm hmm hmm…. la la la……
Hey hey hey….. aah ha…….
Subhan allah, subhan allah, subhan allah – (2)
Valle valle, valle valle, valle valle
Chand sifarish jo karta hamaree deta woh tumko bata
Sharmo haya pe parde gira ke, karnee hain hamko khata
Jidd hain abb toh hain khud ko mitana, hona hain tujhme fanaa
Chand sifarish jo karta hamaree deta woh tumko bata
Sharmo haya pe parde gira ke, karnee hain hamko khata

Meera sees them and gets worried while arjun thinks looking towards meera while smirking : you feel you are saving yourself but actually you are saving me future mrs meera rathodd.
He turns his face away while meera thinks : i’ll destroy you arjun rathod and i am thankful to you to give me the idea as to how i will destroy you (and now sadly ) but if now seher falls for rehan then ….
She then turns her face away while seher and rehan get to their senses and get shy seeing others around them , seher tries to go but suddenly falls due water splashed on the ground there but rehaan saves her which is again followed by an eyelock
Valle valle, valle valle

Teree ada bhee hain jhonkewalee chhu ke gujar jane de
Teree lachak hain ke jaise dalee dil me utar jane de
Aaja bahon me karke bahana hona hain tujhme fanaa
Chand sifarish jo karta hamaree deta woh tumko bata
Sharmo haya pe parde gira ke karnee hain hamko khata
All notice them while arjun gets angry and touches rehaan’s shoulder and rehaan makes seher stand and puts his head down in embarrassment.
Mrs rishika to mrs reema : now we may leave (now to seher ) beta you ‘ll surely come in meera –arjun’s weeding na , i want all people who are close to meera in the weeding .
Seher nods smiling still suspicious.
Rathodd’s are leaving when rehaan turns and throws a piece of paper towards seher and seher notices and picks it up and sees a phone number , she smiles looking towards rehaan who too smiles

Subhan allah, subhan allah, subhan allah – (2)
Hain jo iraden bata du tumko sharma hee jaogee tum
Dhadkane jo suna du tumko ghabra hee jaogee tum
Hamko aata nahee hain chhupana hona hain tujhme fanaa
Chand sifarish jo karta hamaree deta woh tumko bata
Sharmo haya pe parde gira ke karnee hain hamko khata
Jidd hain abb toh hain khud ko mitana hona hain tujhme fanaa
Seher thinks : he’s very fast …

While rehaan thinks smiling: seriously , maa is right , god always does wrong with good people like meera bhabhi and now seher too….
After rathodd’s leave meera to mrs reema smiling: thanks but who…
Mrs reema points towards mrs pavitra roy who smirks and meera smiles seeing her , mrs pavitra points towards outside and goes while meera too follows her .
Outside :

Meera smiling : thanks maa , you saved me .
Mrs pavitra smiles and holds her chin while smiling and says : not me , but you are doing everything my daughter , you know na you have to ruin that rathodd family .
Meera feels uncomfortable and says : maa , i don’ have to ruin rathodd family.
Pavitra is shocked and stares at her angrily and presses her chin and says angrily : did you said anything?
Meera tries to get free from her grip and says : maa , i have to ruin that arjun and his sister karishma , not the whole family , please leave me , its hurting.
Mrs pavitra leaves her chin and says sternly : don’t get pushed in emotions as i will not leave you if you forget your revenge.
Meera eyes her angrily : maa , its my revenge and i too love my brother very much and i am not doing this as i am afraid of you , i am doing this as i love my brother .
She turns angrily saying this and gets shocked to see seher there .
The episode ends on her shocked face.

Hey guys hopefully you are enjoying the suspense.

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  1. interesting

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  2. Nice episode.

    1. thanks lakshmi

  3. So she want to take revenge on our love boy

    1. hayathi you can so but you know our hero is also not dudh ka dhula , and thanks for reading

  4. Hey pia nice bt dont get it, when arjun knows that meera is nt orpahan or does he know???
    Lil bit confused yr

    1. hey neha thanks dear and dear arjun knows that meera is not an orphan and but is pretending to not know and yaa his family doesnt know anything

  5. Awesome episode, SeHaan eyelocks and song was really very sweet. ..what a shock, meera taking revange from arjun…Twist …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thanks roma for your constant support and many more twists awaiting

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