Hey guys , actually i forgot to tell you about who is playing which character so here are the roles:
Mr . balraj rathodd – DURGAPRASAD MAHESHWARI OF swaragini.- his character will be of a typical business man who understands his children well.
Mrs rishika rathodd –ANNAPURNA MAHESHWARI OF SWARAGINI.- his character will be of a house wife who takes care of her children well
Ms tara rathodd – TARA OF YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI.- a bubbly girl and is arjun’s sister
Ms karishma rathodd – BHAGYA OF UDAAN- a quite girl and is arjun’s sister
Mr rehaan rathodd – REHAAN OF QUBOOL HAI . arjun’s brother and loves his family a lot .
The roles which will be introduced soon are :
Mrs pavitra roy – RAZIYA BI OF QUBOOL HAI / DADI OF SWARAGINI.(meera ‘s mother )- is a manipulative lady
Mr ravi roy : GUFFOR SIDDAKHI OF QUBOOL HAI .(meera ‘s father ) – is same like meera ‘s mother.
Ms sehar : SEHER OF QUBOOL HAI .(meera ‘s friend ) an orphan and really loves her only friend a lot.

So other characters will be introduced with the story.
The episode starts with the present where giya says excitedly: bhaiyaa who is karishma ?
Arjun : i’ll tell you later with the incidents.
Giya nods and says : didi now you tell n a what happened next and why were you worried when arjun bhaiyaa’s papa was telling to meet the orphanage people?
Meera smiling : because i never lived in prphanage.
Mohit and giya are shocked while meera smiles and says : i had to take them to orphanage with me…..
Fb starts :
Meera gets out of car and all the rathodd family is standing in front of an orphanage while meera and arjun are tensed.
Mrs rishika(smiling) : beta , lets go!
Meera nods in yes hesitantly and they all proceed and enter the orphanage .
Mr balraj : beta , we’ll meet the warden , where is she?
Meera hesitantly points towards the reception while everyone smiles and mr balraj smiles and goes ahead to the receptionist .
Mr balraj : can we meet the caretaker of this orphanage ? my son and that girl (pointing towards meera who hesitantly sees him with a forced smile ) want to marry so we want her response .
Meera in her heart thinks : pleaseeeeee god save me if i am right pleaseeeeee , i need your help , pleaseeeeeeeee god.
Whiel meera is saying this a lady is watching the family from a distance and hiding and smirks, her face is shown and she’s meera ‘s mom pavitra.

The receptionist smiles and says : oh meera ! yaa , you can meet mrs reema she’s just like a mother to meera and she only took care of her all these years.
Mr balraj smiles and calls them all saying : come beta , to mrs reema.
Meera is suddenly shocked and arjun takes her holding her hand while the others go behind balraj.
They reach a room and they all enter it and a lady is sitting there.
Mrs rishika : Namaste ! actually…
She was about to say when the lady stops them and says smiling : meera … beta , who are these people , are they arjun’s family ?
All family smile while meera and arjun look on shocked and meera nods shocked .
The lady mrs rima smiles and says to mr and mrs rathodd : have a seat ,
When they sit
Mrs reema smiling : meraa is just like my own daughter , a very smart and intellectual girl , is pure at heart and i bet your family will be very lucky to have her as your daughter in law.
The whole family smiles while arjun and meera are shocked .
Meera thinks : i and pure at heart ,my foot , thank you god for saving me but if seher comes now then i’ll be surely gone.

mrs rathoodd say : i know don’t know why god punished such a good girl by not giving her parents but i promise i’ll surely take care of her once she marries my son.
Mrs reema smile and say : ok then i’ll have to send her to your home but am really happy she’s getting such a good family.
After some talks the whole family procedded towards leaving while arjun is still in shock and meera is smiling victoriously .
Out side mrs reema’s cabin.
Rehhaan smiling : i got my second bhabhi , i am so happy , bhabhi i promise , i’ll be you lakshman.
Meera smiles and thinks : am i doing right with these people?
She suddenly wipes out these thoughts and thinks : concentrate meera .. concentrate.
Rehaan is jumping in excitement when he suddenly bump into someone.
She’s a girl and her books fall .
The girl sitting down for collecting her books and her face is towards down( says angrily) : can’
T you walk properly.

Rehaan sits down to help her and says smiling : sorry!
She suddenly puts her face up to see him and he gets mesmerized seeing him while she says : its ok , but don’t repeat it.
He smilingly nods and the girl suddenly notices meera and gets shocked seeing her.
Meera too gets shocked seeing her and tries to hide behind mrs reema (in a comic way –trying to cover herself with her saari’s palu)
The girl goes behind her smilingly saying : meera !

The episode ends on the the girls happy face and meera face hiding behind mrs reema’s palu.
So guys hopefully this episode wasn’t boring one.

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