Hey guys , sorry i uploaded my other ffs but couln’t upload it as i was thinking how to create this episode and i didn’t get any good idea , i guess this episode will be boring so please bear for today and i promise next episode will be good .
Guys the votes for ridhi rakesh and ritwik asha are almost same so i am still in delema so i thought that you can imagine your favourite couple in their role , as ridhi rakesh have 1 more vote then rithvik asha so i will be creating story thinking about them but you can imagine your favourite pair.
Hopefully nobody minds…

So the episode begins with meera and arjun standing outside arjun ‘s home , a big mansion and the watchman says : saab , should i open the door?
Arjun nods with serious expressions .
The watchman opens the door and arjun takes meera inside holding her hand.
Meera before entering inside home(worried): arjun , if any problem came then …
Arjun interrupts saying teasingly : meera , the worlds biggest problem is standing by my side so why will any other problem come.
Meera gets shocked and lightly beats him on his shoulder.
Arjun(smiling) : ok , sorry baba!
Meera too gives him a faded smile.
Arjun and meera enter the home and the whole family is sitting on the dinning table as it is lunch time.
A middle aged man on dinning table(sweetly) : arjun beta , where were you?
He then sees meera with arjun and tells the middle aged lady sitting next to him slowly : your son found your daughter in law.
The lady eyes him confused and then passes a smile to meera.
Arjun to the man : dad , she’s meera , my gir….
Meera pushes his hand , he stops and bites his tongue and says : i mean my friend.
Meera to everyone : Namaste!
Everyone greets her back and a young girl about 20 years says : bhaiyaa , now come for lunch na and didi you also come.
Meera smiles and they both sit on the table.
While having food meera from under the table holds arjuns hand and he looks towards her questionably . meera indicates him through her eyes to his phone , arjun opens his phone and sees meera’s message saying : stop eating! And with it some angry smiles.
Arjun spites the food in his mouth in the plate and starts coughing , meera offers him water.
Arjun looks towards her questionably and she again indicates towards his phone.
Arjun reads another message saying : i mean first talk to your parents about us.
Arjun gives her a relief expression and says stammering: maa , did you like meera?
The lady put her face up and says smiling : if you want to marry her then say simply na ?
The old man teasing : he would behave like those children who come with a girl for atleast 10 times and expects the parent to understand themselves.

Arjun stands up from his seat and says : so you don’t have any objection.
The lady , her name is rishika : why would we have , she’s your choice so she must be the best.
Another young boy sitting there : oh ! i got my bhabhi so early.
Arjun gives him an angry expression and he keeps finger on his lips.
Arjun : don’t speak a word rehan.
Rehan nods in yes.
A servent comes there and says to rishika : ma’am , what should i keep in karishma baby ‘s plate.
Meera suddenly seems to be alarmed by hearing the name and eyes arjun with an angry look , it doesn’t look any childish anger , it seems to be a really bad expression which arjun doesn’t notice while rishika makes the plate ready .
Meera says hurridly when the servent is leaving : aunty , who is karishma , will she not meet me?
Mrs rishika looks as if searching for a reply when arjun stares her angrily just like meera stared him before which is unnoticed by meera .
Arjun (angrily): no she will not , you just meet my other family members.
Meera nods in yes unsatisfied while arjun starts introducing his family members .
Arjun : she ‘s my mom mrs rishika rathood, he’s my father mr balraj rathod, she my younger sister tara , he’s my younger brother rehaan and my bhaiyaa bhabhi , dipen and trisha have gone on a tour . that’s my family.
Meera : what about karishma ?
Arjun becomes angry but controlling his anger he says calmly yet sternly: she remains in her room only , twin sister of tara , my younger sister , you don’t need to know much about her.
Meera stares him angrily but says calmly : and why i should not?
Arjun angrily : because you already know.
Meera stares him shocked but controls herself.

Mr balraj : beta now stop discussing about us and tell something about your family.
Meera : uncle , actually i live in an orphanage, my parents died when i was young and since then i live there.
Mrs rishika smiling : so beta , let us meet your family na?
Meera looks towards her confused and mr balraj continues saying : the orphanage where you live beta .
Meera is shocked and thinks : now what shall i do ?
Meera slowly and scaredly : aunty , i’ll take you tomorrow .
Mrs rishika : no beta , we’ll come now only na , lunch is complete so lets go.
Meera is tensed and tensedly complies thinking : today , my plan shall be ruined.
Arjun thinks : oh god ! today her plan shall be ruined , then what will i do ?
The episode ends on meera , arjun shocked faces.

Sorry guys for short and boring update but promise next time it will be interesting and long too.

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  1. What plan dr such mein meera lives in orphan

    1. hey hayathi dear you’ll get to know everything soon , this is just to create confusion

  2. nice

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  3. It was good episode..

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  4. Nice episode pia n its was not that boring that u were apolozing again n again, 😉
    N thank u so much dear to send me the link…lov uh n keep it up…wil wait fr anthr update

    1. thanks neha , will try to upload soon

  5. Hi piya dearrrr, it’s very nice episode, not boring. ..arjun his hiding things from meera…something fishy…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thanks roma and the whole truth wil be disclosed in a few epsiodes and will try to upload soon

  6. Superb update priya..what’s the plan of meera ?will be waiting for next update..love u .. take care..

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