Hey guys please comment and tell me the pairs :
Ritwik –asha
Ridhi-rakesh or

Please guyssssssssssss tell me.
The episode starts with meera catching a local bus on road, arjun was about to come but the driver doesn’t see him and starts the bus, he runs behind the bus and finally catches it.
He sees there’s no seat and meera is sitting on a seat, he comes and stands near her holding the handle above(generally in buses for safety of the people who are standing and travelling) and bends a little down towards her and says : you left me and came?
Meera smiling : do i know you?
Arjun (opened his mouth out of shock): yaa off course you know me , i am your boss.
Meera acts as doesn’t paying head to his words and says to mr ramesh (the same uncle ) standing near her seat : uncle , please , take my seat .
She stands with arjun and gives her seat to him .

Mr ramesh to meera indicating arjun as they were standing very close : is he your brotherarjun is shocked and says hurridly : no , how can you think that way , not at all , friends.
Meera laughs and says dramatically : no uncle , he’s lying, i don’t even no him , disturbing me from the time he entered the bus.
Uncle stares him angrily and meera laughs quitly.
Arjun pinches her arm from back and says : really meera.
Meera dramatically : you stalker , how do you know my name.
Arjun angtily : you….
Then he sees that the stop where they have to get off has come and meera says to uncle smiling :uncle , i just met him today and we became friends , he ‘s not stalking , sorry i was just making fun of him.

Uncle smiles and blesses them and arjun pulls meera out of bus.
On the road:
Arjun to meera : i am stalking you na , so leave it , now i will not do that and i am going on my date with her (indicating a girl in knee length skirt top standing nearby.)
Meera with childish angry look: ok , go , i don’t care.
She then starts to walk ahead and turn once to see him and arjun from back starts to go to the girl as she was looking at him but when she turns he comes back and starts singing:
goriya re chhoriya re
tera jalwa dekha to dil huaa Milkha
baDi tez bhaage re..
manma emotion jaage re
manma emotion jaage

she turns to see and looks at him angrily and again turns to go , he starts dancing while singing and sings:

dil jagah se hil gaya re
tukDon mein nikla re dil ka chhilka
she turns and comes near him angrily and says while he’s dancing: stop it.
Arjun :
tune phenka khaa ke re
manma emotion jaage re
manma emotion jaage
Meera smiling :acha! ab bade emotion jag rahe hain ( oh!now many emotions are awaking)
Arjun smiles and she too smiles and she sings :

saiyaan.. mera desi typical saiyaan
peepal ki ThanDi chhaiya
mein naache ta ta thaiya
thaiya daiya daiya

o mere saiyaan, saiyaan saiyaan!
saiyaan.. saiyaan

arjun smiles and they both go inside the cafe and there many youngsters and then arjun goes on the stage there in the cafe and takes the mike and starts singing and dancing:

dil ki phansi hai naiyyaa majdhaar mein
sun le vistaar mein
ho luT gaya pyaar mein
ye to bata de mere jazbaat ka
itna kam raTe kyun hai tere bazaar mein

meera smiles sitting on her seat and other people in the cafe hoot for arjun and meera keeps on smiling seeing his childish act.
A girl comes on stage to arjun and says flirting : so much love , for whom , if she’s not agreeing then i am ready for such a cool person.
Arjun smiling : no i only want her.
Meera ‘s smile widens.

karke vaada, kyun na aayi
huaa dil ka jagrata
halka-phulka sa dhokha kha ke
manma emotion jaage re
manma emotion jaage

meera goes on stage smiling and pulls him from cafe’s stage singing:

tu jo mila mujhe mohalle ke moD pe
express highway ke baaju wali roaD pe
badtameez gaaDi roki seeTi maari
mujhe chheDa kiya mujhko ishaara
ashleel aaDa teDha
dekha muDa baDha bola
lakht-e-jigar mast figure
aake idhar baiTh jaa
baaju waali seaT khaali, aaja baiTh!

saiyaan.. mera desi typical saiyyaan
peepal ki ThanDi chhaiyyan
mein naache ta ta thaiya thaiya daiya daiya

he smiles and comes down happily with her while singing:

mera desi typical saiyyaan
peepal ki ThanDi chhaiyyan
mein naache ta ta thaiya
thaiya saiyan saiyan thaiya

they both reach to the seat and meeera to arjun : wah ! you sing well.
Arjun : thanks , i already know that.
Meera(with attitude) : don’t fly in air han.
Arjun smiling : yaa , i proposed you in front of everybody and you didn’t reply.
Meera smiling : ok , i can date you but further we’ll see later.
Arjun stands and dances like mad in the cafe and meera too smiles and pulles him to sit.

In present :
Giya : wah didi , he proposed you so well.
Mohit : yaa , if giya would have proposed me while singing on road like this , i would have married her on the spot.
Meera making faces : you know how much i regret that , people there teased me for 4-5 days , just because of this arjun.
Arjun smiling : i am not guily of it , i proposed you so well.
Meera (childish angry look): you are not guilty of any thing.
Arjun(sincerely and sadly) : no meera , i am guilty of many things i did in my life.
Meera looks on sadly .
Mohit : continue the story na , you again stopped.
Giya : yaa
Meera : ok , i’ll continue.
Meera : he became mad in my love and a sponser started coming to school everyday…

Fb starts : meera in dancing on “moh moh ke dagge” in a closed room with some girls and arjun opens the closed door of the room a little bit and meera while rotating sees him and stops her dance and looked at him shocked.
Meera in her mind : arjun! Now ? why?
The episode ends on arjun smiling and meera coming towards him angrily .

Please guys choose out of these pairs , pleaseeee:
Ritwik- asha
Kritika- karan
Ridhi- rakesh
Pleaseeeee do comment.

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  1. Piya its just awesome i think rithwik asha

    1. thanks hayathi and even thanks for your suggestion , i will count the votes and will disclose the pairs on part 6

  2. Nice episode n song.I like ridhi n rakesh in meera n arjun roles.

    1. thanks lakshmi and thanks for suggetion too , i will count the votes and will tell the pairs on part6

  3. Ritwik asha

    1. thanks cutiee , will disclose pairs on part 6

  4. I vote fr rithvik asha by the way nice episode

    1. thanks aditi and thanks for suggetion too will disclose the pairs in part6

  5. super episode but i don’t like three pair sorry if iam hurt you iam imagine my favorite pair.

    1. hey swara dear no problem but dear sorry i can’t even put abeer and amaya as you know i want a pair who have acted on screen , please tell me any of your favourite onscreen pairs other then them , i will put them in option

  6. Wowwww, awesomeeeeee, hilarious episode…I’m having sooo muchhhhhh funnnnn while reading this amazing story… very refreshing n unique…wonderful musical treat…loved it very much. ..keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thanks roma and i will try to upload next part soon but you know schools are starting from mondy so will not be able to upload regularly really sorry for that

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