JUNOON – PART – 33 , Party Time !!!

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Part 33-Party Time!!!
Arjun’s POV:
He started the car and I saw Ma, Papa and everyone wave hands to us , I smiled as I looked towards them and imagined Karishma standing in the middle of them waving me bye.
I was suddenly pulled back from my thoughts as Meera tapped my shoulder , I turned my eyes to her raising my eyebrows questionably while she smiled.
“ Weaving plans to disturb me?” She asked while I smiled.
“ I have other things to think , you are not always important for me…” I turned my eyes back towards the window only to find my Imaginary Karishma gone , now it was only my family.
I turned my face forward.

After 20 minutes:
We were at the airport now , Rehaan took out our luggage and handed it to me , he gave a side hug to Meera and walked to sit in his car.
“ Flight is in 1 hour , check in now , I’ll wait till it takes off…” He told me as he crossed me while I nodded , I and Meera moved towards the flight.
We checked in and sat in our allotted seats in the flight.
Soon the flight took off.

“ Bhaiyaa , your honeymoon must have been a blast na??” Giya asked with a pleasant smile.
“ Even I want to know , you didn’t told me much Meera…” Seher complained while Meera smiled.
“ I’ll tell today na…well that was the time when our hatred grew deeper , very deep…” Meera looked Arjun with slight tears in her eyes.
“ We both started hating each other so much that even the face of other one got our blood boiling…” Arjun said as he remembered something.
“ What…but you had started liking each other by then na….” Mohit asked confused.
“ Yes but that love vanished completely in our Honeymoon…so much happened…” Arjun said while Seher stopped him.

“ Go with the flow Na Jiju…” She said while Arjun smiled.
“ Ok , I’ll continue…” Meera said as she started.
Meera’s POV:
We landed in Goa and took a taxi to the decided Hotel , we weren’t talking to each other now , I was in my own thoughts and so was Arjun.
As we entered the hotel room , I sat on the bed.
“ Out of house…I won’t throw you out of room now so you can sleep on floor…” I warned him while he looked at me and then sat on the other side of the bed.
“ No Way , either take half bed or sleep on floor…” He said as he placed his luggage in the middle of us.

I stood up and placed my luggage too on the bed and then sat up comfortably dialling Seher a call who wasn’t picking up.
“ Well , I have a party here tonight so get ready by then…” Arjun told me while I looked at him confused.
“ You are inviting me to a party…secondly , we just landed , which party…” I asked while he smiled.
“ Its Arjun , Arjun Rathodd , I have friends everywhere who love me a lot , I decided party in Goa already , secondly , you’ll have to come or else I’ll call Ma and tell her that you are behaving weirdly…” He ordered me.
I got up and moved towards his side of bed , “ See , you can’t scare me…” I said pointing my finger at him.

He held my finger and looked at me , then smiled , “ Meera , you need to come or else I’ll tell Ma that you are not interested in coming and that you seem to be forced and then…”
“ I’ll come…” I told him as a plan popped up in my mind , I walked back to my side of the bed smirking.
“ Party time Arjun…you’ll enjoy…” I thought as I sat down and again started dialling a call to Seher.

It was evening and Arjun was leaving the room , “ I’ll be waiting…Hope you come or else…”He said as he opened the door.
“ I’ll come…” I cut in middle with a pleasant smile while he looked at my face , he was shocked by my smile, well I’ll give you more shocks Sweetheart.

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