JUNOON – PART – 32 , Our Journey Begins…

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Episode 32(Our Journey Begins):
Meera’s POV:
I brought the First aid and started bandaging Arjun’s head , it was paining , his closed eyes indicated it , I tried my best to be as soft as possible. I was soon done with first aid and so I left him , wait a second , what I was doing? I was concerned for him……..how can I be??
“ Thankfully it isn’t a big injury…….but what had happened??” Tara asked me while I looked at Arjun.
“ Bhai fell while saving Bhabhi along with bhabhi…………” Rehaan said interrupting.
“ Oh , I should have guessed , you both…..madly in love….” Tara said as she walked away from us , I had a realization that Arjun actually saved me ,he is good….I kept thinking when suddenly I realized that he was going , “ Arjun….” I called from back.
“ Now what??” He asked confused.
“ Thank you….you saved me….” I said going up to him while I saw Rehaan and Seher laughing from back , these both are mad.
He looked at me and kept staring at me for sometime time making me uncomfortable , “ Oh , It was for my own self , if you get hospitalized like your brother then from I’ll take my revenge…”He replied as he left wearing his goggles , I kept looking at him going….shocked.
“ What….” I heard Seher say from back who just stopped as turned.
“ what??” I asked raising my eyebrows while she passed me her fake smile and said , “ Nothing…..enjoy…..” I looked at her confused and then moved back upstairs but not before being stopped by Ma.
“ Meera , pack your bags haann….” Ma said while I looked at her and nodded smiling.

The Next day
Arjun’s POV:
“ Meera………..” I shouted as I was standing on the door waiting for her to come.
“ Coming…….” I heard her voice and so went to sit in car while Rehaan was on driving seat.
“ Bhai , I hope you are going to enjoy……” Rehaan said while I passed him a glare.
“ What should I say bhai? Should I say that I hope you fulfil your revenge or something like that…….Ii can’t bhai….” Rehaan bursted at me.
“ Ok , then don’t say anything……tell everything to your bhabhi….” I said as I looked outside towards the house , I saw Meera coming from inside.
She was wearing a red saree and looking really beautiful in it , I had an automatic smile on my lips as I saw her, she took Ma’s blessing and then gave a hug to Seher who had arrived to bid her bye till now.
Then she sat in the backseat.
I was suddenly brought back from my thoughts as she talked to Rehaan , “ Rehaan should I ask Ma for your and Seher’s Honeymoon tell…” She laughed while Rehaan blushed.
“ Bhabhi……first get us married , then do anything….” He said blushing while I hit him on the back of his head.
“ Don’t dare think to marry Seher…..”I said angrily to him while he looked at me confused.
“Leave that , start the car , we’ll miss our flight…..” I said and he started the ignition.
He started the car and I saw Ma, Papa and everyone wave hands to us , I smiled as I looked towards them and imagined Karishma standing in the middle of them waving me bye.

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