JUNOON – PART – 30 ,The Rise Of Love…


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Episode 30 (The Rise of Love):
“ No Meera , I don’t know about any other person but I trust Aarav , He can’t do something like that…….Meera , he is your brother , i trust him……………” I said because i really did……I really trust him , atleast that he can’t do anything like that.
“ But Seher , Karishma , I met her today…she is so innocent….” Meera told me tensed.
“ I don’t know about that but Aarav….he can’t do anything wrong…..” I told her as I held her shoulder.
Meera thought for a while , she held my hand and nodded , “ You are right Seher…..Aarav , out Aarav can’t do anything like this , I know that…thanks for making me remember the truth……”
“ But honeymoon…..” I asked interfering.
“ I have decided….we’ll go…..after my revenge hasn’t yet started , maybe goa will it give it a start….” Meera replied , her revenge twinkling in her eyes.
“ Wow honeymoon…….Romance….” Giya said interfering.
Arjun held her ear and looked at her , “ No romance…only revenge….” He said like a child.
“ Arjun…leave her……” Meera held Arjun’s hand.
“ Naughty girl…..” Arjun remarked as he left her ear while Giya giggled , Arjun too started laughing.
“ By the way Giya….I was just thinking , even our Honeymoon is pending…….” Mohit asked with a smile.
Giya looked at her while a blush stained her face.
MeerJun laughed at both of them while Mohit too realized what he spoke and blushed really hard.
“ Love and its games….” Meera remarked.
“ OK , let me continued now……” Arjun stopped all the laughter bustling around.
Arjun’s POV:
Truly said by someone, “The flame has no culture, no pity, no mind, yet it consumes whatever it pleases. Its only criteria is if it can take it and reduce it to ash or something molten and foul, then it will. The flames burn hot, short and violent, with no care what will be left behind and so does a feeling of Revenge….My revenge had similar motives”
I returned to home at night , everyone was having dinner and I sat with them.
Meera smiled as she looked at me , but I knew something deep was hidden behind that smile that was only for the world , not for me.
She served me food and as I looked at the plate remembering morning’s incident, “ Don’t worry , No chillies….No spices….” She whispered in my ears.
I looked at her , her wicket smile still on her lips.
I got up while everyone looked at me , “ Papa….I have some work…..” I said leaving the place.
Meera’s POV:
“ But you came just now….” I heard Papa whisper as he left.
“ Don’t worry Papa….I’ll take the food for him….” I assured Papa as I took the plate and left for our room.
“ Jeena Mushkil Kar diya hai Iss Ladki Ne…….” I heard Arjun speak up angrily fron inside as I was standing at the door of our room.
“ I didn’t do anything today…..its all you….” I came inside angrily keeping the plate at a side.
“ You know what , your presence is only the problem with me…….” Arjun replied without looking towards me.
“ Ok , then let me give you a simple idea , go from here , to police station , tell the inspector that you are responsible for getting Aarav Roy beaten up to such a condition that he is in ICU, you in jail…….put of my sight….” I angrily replied back as he turned.
“ He deserved it….” He held my shoulder’s tightly.
I got free from his hold and moved towards the other side, “ Whatever , time will tell and you need to see my face till then…….”
I left the room angrily.
Arjun’s POV:
I looked towards the plate of food kept there , I was indeed hungry and so I grasped it and starting filling my stomach with the tasty food , it didn’t seemed to be cooked by Ma , Ma’s food’s taste was different , I knew it but this one too was very tasty.
Meera’s POV:
As I looked inside the room , I saw him eating , he was looking cute but why was I finding him cute………I shouldn’t……………he’s an enemy…….well the food was cooked by me….

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