JUNOON – PART – 27, Hatred…

Hello guys , so here I am back with an update , sorry for the delay though ,I seriously never wish to delay but indeed end up doing it , even ready with a bad news , guys I will be going on a break from today till 22nd September , having my September exams so can’t resist really sorry guys , but please read today’s episode , promise will try to reach up to your expectations after the break , Links to previous episodes:

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Part 27:
As Meera stared at the bowl of gulab jamun’s in her hand , a wicked idea came into her mind, “ Gulab Jamun to methe hone chahiye na par agar wo……………. ( Gulab Jamun’s are meant to be sweet but if…………)
She stopped in the middle and went up to take something from a corner of the kitchen.
Breakfast table was ready and all the family members were seated on their respective seats as Tara and Arjun came down together.
“ Where were you both…???” asked Mr. Rathore from them as they were about to sit.
“ Papa , in bhai’s room , we were talking…” Tara replied with a smile.
“ ….and Meera…??” Mr. Rathore again asked looking for her around.
“ she’s in the kitchen , preparing somethi…..” Mrs. Rathore was speaking as she stopped in the middle seeing Meera come with a bowl in her hands.
She indicated towards Meera to everyone.

Meera was having a huge smile on her lips as she was staring at the Gulab Jamun’s.
Arjun stared at her , his guts warning him of something mischievous.
Meera came up to the table and kept the bowl next to Arjun , “ Oh –ho Bhabhi , don’t take tension , if you don’t want then we won’t taste it before bhai….” Tara said teasing.
Meera too smiled at her comment.

“ I know , desserts are after food but please , today for me can you all taste it before….” Meera said as she was continuously staring at one Gulab Jamun which seemed to be a bit different all this while.
“ No problem beta , we would love to taste what you made…” Mr. Rathore said with a smile.
Meera nodded and took out the spatula to serve everyone.
She served to everyone except for Arjun as he was continuously staring at her actions from the corner of his eye.
At last , she served to Arjun while he stared at her , “ Bhabhi , you should feed bhaiyaa yourself and yaa , really bad you should give him first na….” Tara again teased unknown to everything going between her Bhaiyaa and Bhabhi.

“ Of course….” Meera said as she took up the spoon.
“ I will eat myself….” Arjun resisted staring at her confused , she seemed to be too sweet to him at this moment.

But still Meera put in the whole Gulab Jamun in his mouth through the spoon , Arjun was shocked and tried to eat it when he realized that it didn’t seemed to be the taste of a Gulab Jamun, he still ate it as Meera smiled , “ ………..Arjun , tum sure hona ki tum Gulab Jamun hi kha rahe ho…???( Arjun you are sure na that you are eating Gulab Jamun only…??)” Meera said coming close to his ear , Arjun stared at her , his eyes red , “ Meera………” Arjun could only speak as he couldn’t resist more and grasped the glass of water kept near him , Meera had filled this whole Gulab Jamun with red chilli……………
“ Its really good , you are even good in cooking beta , I knew my Arjun’s choices are perfect but this much perfect and that too for a wife , Unexpected but I am happy he choose you….” Mr. Rathore said with a huge smile.

Meera smiled at him and again came near Arjun’s ear, “ I know it seems like, langgor ke hath mein angoor…”
She smiled and went to the other side , Arjun was left in a huge dilemma , he was feeling like vomiting that chilli out but he couldn’t and at the same time he needed to plaster a smile on his face.
“ I’ll just come in a minute…” Arjun said as he saw everyone finishing their Breakfast.
He ran out from there as fast as possible while Meera went behind him , they went directly to their room.
Arjun took another glass on water from there and was continuously trying to dilute the effect when Meera entered , “ Awwwwww…..I thought to play so many tricks on you but you seem to be loose by this only…..It won’t take me much to make you accept your crimes.”
“ Mrs. Meera Rathore, Yaa , you heard it right , Mrs. Meera RATHORE , that your name girl , at least respect that and stop playing these childish games , we aren’t here having some cute nok-jhok ,you know na , your brother tried to force himself on my sister , your brother is in ICU and my sister is mentally disturbed , do you really wish to play this way…??? if yes , then let me tell you , these small tricks of yours won’t effect me , Arjun Rathore , NOT AT ALL….” Arjun said as Meera stared at him totally lost in his words.

“ But Arjun , I was just saying that you seemed to be effected, even if little but you are then what will happen when Meera , Meera Rathore will enter the real game…???” She asked as she went out slamming the door behind her.
“ Not to forget , drink water nicely haan , afterall you have to face a lot many challenges Mr. RATHORE…” Meera said returning back and in a sarcastic way.
“ Yup sweetheart , I too wanted to say the same thing..” Arjun replied angrily as Meera again went out.

Giya and Mohit were staring at MeerJun shocked , “ itni nafrat..??? (So much hatred…???)” they both together asked while Meera smiled and said , “ but now only LOVE….”
“ Only and only LOVE…..” Arjun smiled as he hugged Meera from back.
“ for me , thats the best example of Haters turn lovers bhaiyaa…..seriously , unbelievable…” Mohit said still stunned.
“ Love is always unbelievable Mohit , at least for me…” Meera said as she stared at Arjun.
“ acha , what happened next , I am really excited to know how this Hatred turned into love…” Giya said distracting her.

As she was saying this , she saw two people coming towards them , a girl and a boy , the girl came behind Arjun and kept a hand on his eyes while the boy did the same with Meera…..
“who is there….leave me….” Arjun said trying to get free from her clutches.
“ Leave my bhaiyaa and di ….” Mohit said coming towards them.
The boy struck his hand with his head and said , “ bhabhi , its me…” Meera turned to find Rehaan smiling at her.
“ Rehaan , you scared me….” Meera said as she made him sit next to her.
“ Seher , at least now leave me…” Arjun said as he realized that Seher was standing behind him.
Seher left his eyes and smiled , “ Your recognized me Jiju….” Seher said with a smile as she too sat next to them all.
“ SeHaan……..you both are Seher dii and Rehaan bhaiyaa na…….???” Giya asked as she realized who they were.

“ Yaa , we are Seher and Rehaan , What have these people told you about us haan…???” Seher asked as she stared at Meera suspiciously.
“ Oh , hello , I didn’t tell them anything haan…” Meera said trying to defend herself.
“ But dii , you only told us na that…………….” Mohit was speaking when he was stopped in the middle by a hand on his mouth , It was Meera.
“ Kuch bhi……….What did I tell you , Arjun told you everything na….” Meera said indicating him to nod through her eyes.

Mohit got free from her hold and replied , “ Dii, lying is wrong, you only told us through this story na then how can I lie….Rehaan bhaiyaa, Seher dii , they told us about their and your love story , infact it is still not over , we are waiting for it to complete….” Seher smiled and stared at Meera , “ I am not so bad Meera , I know my Meera never lies , at least so you would have told the truth , leave it , where has she left , I’ll continue…”
Giya and Mohit smiled while Giya said , “ It would be interesting to know their story through someone else’s point of view , We were on the Gulab Jamun incident..”
Seher laughed remembering the incident (Meera told her everything later) and started.

So guys , as I have been loving to write in Point of view format so would be trying it on Seher and Rehaan , if you don’t like it then do tell me……

Will Miss you all………….
May God Bless You All…………….
Love You All……………………………………….
Be Happy…………………………………………………………..

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