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Part 26:
SeHaan broke their hug, tears were escaping their eyes continuously.
The fragile relationship of their love that hadn’t even started was destroyed in a day , in a day MeerJun’s cute fights took shape of a actual fight, if it was only about MeerJun , SeHaan knew they could solve it but no , it was about their siblings.
“ meera loves aarav alot , from childhood she cared for him like a mother “ seher spoke as tears were still paving their way out of her eyelids.
“ karishma too seher , she is the princess of our house , everyone considered her their doll, Tara always used to get jealous of her…” rehaan said as he remembered some of his childhood moments with karishma.
“ they won’t ever listen to us…..” seher said as she realized that convincing MeerJun is not at all easy.
“ i would , at any cost , i would make them listen to us ……..” rehaan said keeping his hands on seher’s shoulder.
“ i trust you , we will do anything to make them walk on the correct path , they need to do it , not for themselves , not for us but for their respective siblings.” Seher said as she held his hand.
Seher took her hand to his mouth and wiped his tears, she smiled among her own tears , “ Mr chipko , you look good only with a smile , not with these tears…” she said.
Rehaan too smiled and nodded.
Arjun was walking in the corridor, anger boiling inside him , meera too was walking just a few steps behind him , she too was in her own thoughts as she continuously thought about seher’s words , her words echoed in her ears , she felt like she should run away but she knew she couldn’t, once taken the path of revenge , we can’t go back so easily , she knew she dug two graves when she decided to take her revenge , one was for herself.
She walked up increasing her pace as some feeling clustered her from within, like she was a devil , like she was running someone’s life, when life doesn’t get a right path to walk on , we often increase our speed to run away from ourselves so did she.
In her thoughts she never noticed arjun and banged into him , arjun was pushed forward by this slight hit and turned to see the person , he saw meera , he was about to shout when meera who just wanted to run away said still in her own world, “ i am sorry…” she walked away to her room even faster saying this while arjun kept staring her , he didn’t knew why but her sorry made him feel bad , like someone whom he had wronged was apologising to him, that was indeed right , he was the one who wronged meera , she wasn’t at fault anywhere in all this but…………but she was wronged , he knew this from deep within but refused to acknowledge the fact , his love for karishma refused to make him feel guilty, refused to surrender to the small corner of his heart that still wished to leave this path , this path of revenge.
Meera entered her room and, her phone suddenly started ringing , she went up to the receiver and saw the name , it was her mother , her discomfort increased seeing the number and she hit the phone hard and it fell on the floor shattering into pieces.
“ when people aren’t able to vent out their anger on anyONE , they do it on anyTHING” arjun said coming inside the room picking up the shattered pieces of meera’s phone that he witnessed in front of his eyes.
“ arjun , please don’t disturb me, i am not interested …” meera said turning to other side as she didn’t wanted to initiate a fight now.
“ well , i would have but i am interested in doing the things in which you are not interested so i am sorry i can’t..” he was saying when meera closed the door and locked it from outside and went out.
“ meera open the door, listen………..” he shouted yet again but no use , afterall this time there would be no lizard outside.
Meera walked in the corridor angrily , she couldn’t find peace anywhere , she hated this filling of despair that filled her but she couldn’t do anything…………ANYTHING.
She was walking in the corridor but she didn’t knew that the house she is living in currently is not a 4 people house but has a lot many residents.
“ beta………..” she heard from backside as she was walking.
She turned to find Mrs rishika walking up to her and saying , “ where’s seher….??”
“ ma…..she’s gone…..” meera said trying hard to smile as much as she can.
“ oh , i thought to talk to her………..ok leave it , today you have to cook something special, have you decided what you will cook…????”
Meera stared at her blank , “ COOK…??”
“ yaa beta , you know how to cook……..right…??”
Meera’s face glittered up , “i love to cook ma……..i would cook something for sure…….” she said as she realized she was told to cook.
Cooking was her favourite hobby , she used to love doing it , mostly she only used to cook food in her home but from the time she went to London to study , she couldn’t cook there , it was like a stress buster for her and the best medicine of what she was passing through at this moment.
She entered the kitchen and was told everything by Mrs rishika.
Mrs rishika went out passing on the whole kitchen to her.
She was glittering up , her face having a charming smile…………..
Tara was walking past MeerJun room when she saw it closed from outside , “ bhai’s room closed , why , if bhai is in office then too bhabhi must be there then……..” she thought as she heard a sound of something fallen from inside.
She went up to the door running and opened it , she found arjun inside sitting on his bed drinking water , she sound was produced due to the water’s jug fallen down , “ bhai , you are inside then why was room closed…….???” she asked confused.
Arjun who was waiting for meera to open the door was out of words. “ fight with bahbhi….???” tara asked naughtiness rising in her eyes.
Arjun nodded in a yes while tara sat next to him and said , “ bhai , you fought with bhabhi the next of marriage itself, really bad of you…..”
“ i didn’t fought , she did…” arjun resisted back.
“ whatever but bhai keep her happy, my bhabhi is the best bhabhi in this world…”
“ oh , you know much about her….”
“ yup bhai , i know , ok i am going , resolve you fight soon…” she said as she walked out.
Arjun stared at her going out and thought , “ sorry tara but our fight can never be resolved.”
His moist eyes can be easily seen as he thought these words.
Meera saw the things in the kitchen , her sad face now glowing .
“ what should i make….???” she asked herself keeping a finger on her chin.
“ i will make gulab jamun…..” she thought with a smile.
She started preparing the batter and then frying the gulab jamun’s , within 1 hour she was done with the work.
She eyed the plate of gulab jamun’s in her hand, “ aarav used to love the gulab jamun’s I made….” she thought with a smile.
Suddenly at the thought of aarav she came to reality , out of her world of cooking, she saw the plate of gulab jamun’s in her hand.
She thought something and smirked.

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