Hey guys , your opinions were good but many problems arised in my mind after reading them so let me clarify :

Janu : dear rakesh vashish will suit this role but you know meera is very bold girl and i have seen kirthi Nagpur , she’s not suitable for this role so sorry for that dear but dear you gave me an idea what about rakesh and riddhi of maryada , janani also liked the idea and she told that they are real couple too thats why and dear i guess rakesh vashish and kirti Nagpur will also not suit each other , hope you understand.

Jwala : dear totally opposite in your case the girl will suit but the boy is too sweet and you’ll see in coming episode that my hero is an angry young man as this is a flashback story but dear they both will look good as mr. Ramesh ‘s son and daughter –in-law so i have decided that hope you don’t mind.

Swara : dear abeer and amaya would be good but you know i want a pair that have already performed together and i even guess that they both will not suit each other sorry dear hope you understand .
Guys i got two pairs in my mind
One is Kritika karma and karan kundra and
Other is ridhi , rakesh

Please tell me out of them or any other option too .
So mr.ramesh’s son and daughter in law will be mere rang me rangne wali pair samridh bawa and pranali goghare.

The episode begins with uncle and his family getting shocked seeing arjun proposing meera as uncle told his family about the divorce.
The family gets ahead and meera says : uncle…
Uncles daughter in law (her name is giya) : you both are arjun bhaiya and meera didi.
Arjun and meera nod.

Uncle’s son(his name is mohit)(in an awkward way) : then you both are divorced?
Arjun and meera again nod.
Giya to arjun: why were you proposing her after divorce?
Meera : the story is really very long.
Giya (excited) : but we would love to listen to it.
Meera smiles and says : whole story ?
Giya and mohit nod yes.
Mr ramesh : beta , you all talk , we just go and come.(they don’t want to disturb the two pairs of husband –wife in their conversation)
They both go.
Arjun : so the story begins with ….

Meera stops him and says : i’ll tell .
Arjun looks at her like an angry child and meera smiles with a please expression and he gives in and she starts.
Meera : the story started with the day we first met face to face. We met thousand times before that but that day we met face to face.
FB starts :
a man is going somewhere talking on phone and he hits an old couple(same uncle –aunty in present) standing there and his phone falls and it breaks , he starts yelling at the old couple saying they have to pay for it. The man : why are you standing in the middle of footpath , you hit me and my phone fell, you willhave to pay for it.
The old man , mr ramesh says : we didn’t hit you , you hit us and standing on footpath is not wrong but you didn’t see us .
The old lady , mrs ramya : yaa son, leave it , its nobodies mistake.
But he doesn’t listen and hits that old lady and she fall on floor.

A girl stops her scooty (activa) a little ahead and looks at the scenario through the rear view mirror , she’s wearing helmet so her face is not seen and chewing something continuously. She gets down from her scooty and removes her helmet , she’s none other than meera, she’s wearing a royal blue colour , plain floor length anarkali and see that people are watching the screnerio but nobody is helping the old couple.
She walks towards them
Jugneo plays.
Haan… Mitthe Paan Ki Galori

Lattha Suit Ka Lahori
Fatte Maarti Phillauri
Jugni Mel-Mel Ke, Kood-Faand Ke
Chak Chakote Jaave…

She reaches them and acts as she didn’t see and steps on the mans foot.
The man winces in pain.
Man : what you did , don’t you have eyes.
Meera(dramatically) : oh hello, mister why standing in middle of footpath, can’t you move?
Man(angriliy) : i was talking to these people
Meera : so what, you were standing in my way , so this will happen even next time as according to you also standing on footpath is a crime na?
She winks at aunty and uncle and smiles naughtyily.

Maula Tera Mali
O Hariyali Jungle Wali
Tu De Har Gaali Pe Taali
Uski Kadam-Kadam Rakhwali
Ainve Lok-Laaj Ki Soch-Soch Ke
Kyun Hai Aafat Daali

The man sees all that and tries to slap her but meera holds his hand saying : don’t even try mister.
Meera(angrily) : get lost , the person who doesn’t know to respect elder doesn’t have any right to stand here , i was just explaining you in your language . other people also stare him angrily and the man gets afraid.
The man then goes from there angrily.
Tu Le Naam Rab Ka, Naam Sai Ka

Ali Ali Ali Ali
Naam Rab Ka, Naam Sai Ka
Ali Ali Ali Ali
Meera then says to the couple : i don’t know why youngsters feel they can behave anyways with elders, sorry aunty i know it is wrong really sorry
Ramesh and ramya raise their hands to bless her and she smiles but her smile fades seeing blood on ramya’s hand. Sharf Khuda Ka, Zarf Khuda Ka

Ali Ali Ali Ali
Sharf Khuda Ka, Zarf Khuda Ka
Ali Ali Ali Ali
Ali O… Ali O…
Chali Wo… Re Chal Chali…
Chali O… Ali Ali Teri Gali
Wo To Chali Ali Ali
Teri Gali Chali Wo
She says : aunty , blood is coming out , come , i have first aid in my scooty
She then takes the couple to her scooty.
O Jugni O… Patakha Guddi O..
Nashe Mein Ud Jaaye Re Haaye Re
Sajje Khabbe Dhabbe Killi O
Patakha Guddi O…
Nashe Mein Ud Jaaye Re Haaye Re
Sajje Khabbe Dhabbe Killi O
A man is seeing her from his car , he removes his googles and sees her. He’s arjun.
Maula Tera Mali
O Hariyali Jungle Wali
Tu De Har Gaali Pe Taali
Uski Kadam-Kadam Rakhwali
Ainve Lok-Laaj Ki Soch-Soch Ke
Kyun Hai Aafat Daali

Tu Le Naam Rab Ka, Naam Sai K

Ali Ali Ali Ali
Naam Rab KAli, Naam Sai Ka

Ali Ali Ali a
Maine To Tere Tere Utte Chhaddiyan Doriyaan (x4)
Arjun smilingly says : what a girl
Meera then goes to a school on a scooty.
The watchman of the school building stops her saying : you are late.
Meera(dramatically) : please bhaiyaa ,
The watchman : but….
Meera again dramatically : bhaiyaa please , i really need this job , apni behen ki problem ko samjho na(please understand your sisters problem)
He lets her in and she jumps happily saying thank you.
Tu To Paak Rab Ka Baanka
Bachha Raaj Dulaara Tu Hi

Paak Rab Ka Banka

Bachha Uska Pyara Tu Hi
She ‘s going inside when a teacher stops her saying : the time for coming for interview was 9 not 9:30 you’ll not give the interview.
Meera(worriedly) : but…
Teacher : no but-what , watchman why did you let her in , there are already so many girls for this single position of dance teacher of the school and you let one more in , send her out.
And the watchman drags her afraid of loosing his job , she keeps resisting saying ma’am please but he sends her out.
Malik Ne Jo Chinta Di To
Door Karega Wo Hi
Naam Ali Ka Leke Tu To…
Naach Le Gali Gali
Le Naam Ali Ali
Naach Le Gali Gali
Le Naam Ali Ali
Ali O… Ali O… Ali O…

Tu Le Naam Rab Ka, Naam Sai Ka
Ali Ali Ali Ali
Naam Rab Ka, Naam Sai Ka
Ali Ali Ali Ali

O O O Ooo… O O O Ooo…
She sits in shed of a tree outside the school and looks towards sky saying : kya yaar bhagwanji?(what god?)
Then arjun passes by wearing his googles and meera doesn’t see his face only his back, arjun sees her and says to her : come inside.
Meera(sadly) : but they won’t allow me.
Ajun(sternly): i said come.
He goes inside and on the way talks to the teacher and the watchman.
She moves towards them and they let her in .
She goes inside happily dancing.
Jugni Rukh Peepal Ka Hoi
Jisko Pooje To Har Koi
Jiski Phasal Kisi Na Boyi
Ghar Mein Rakh Sake Na Koi
Rasta Naap Rahi Marjaani
Patthi Baarish Da Hai Paani
Jab Nazdeek Jahaan De Aani
Jugni Maili Si Ho Jaani

She sees many girls standing there and prays to god saying : if you let me till here , please help me ahead also , she then waits and at the end she’s called inside.

Tu Le Naam Rab Da
Ali Ali
Chhal Khalle Rann Chali
Naam Rab Da
Ali Ali
Har Darawaza Ali
Le Ke Naam Rab Da
Ali Ali
Chhal Khalle Rann Chali
Naam Rab Da
Ali Ali
Har Darawaza Ali
Sai Re… Sai Re…
Maine To Tere Tere Utte Chhaddiyan Doriyaan (x6)
O O O Ooo… O O O Ooo…
She enters inside taking gods name and the episode ends on her tensed face.

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  5. Awesome, marvellous episode loved meera’s caring n daring nature….rakesh n ridhi suits better for this couple. ..loving this story very much…song fits perfectly with her nature n arjun looks cool guy…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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