Hey guys , i am really happy that its my 10th part but guys now i am really getting very less comments so i guess my ff is very boring , guys is it so then please criticize me if you want but today is my 10th part as well as engagement of our merjun so please guys pleaseee comment.
So lets begin with the episode…

The episode starts with fb starting:
in orphanage , in seher’s room :
seher is making meera ready while arjun is standing at a corner watching meera continuously.
Seher to meera smiling : meera , let me drink water , you just apply this kajal yourelf..
Meera nods with a smile.
Seher drinks water while meera applies kajal angrily staring arjun through the mirror .
Seher sees meera through the mirror and opens her mouth in shock .
Seher comes running to her and snatches kajal from her hand.
Seher worriedly : you.. meera do you want to look devil in your own engagement , see its kajal or have you painted you face with black colour???
Meera gets into her senses and sees her face and gets shocked , she bites her tongue while arjun also gets into his senses and laughs seeing meera in the mirror.
Meera looks towards her arjun angrily from the mirror itself and says to herelf: mood to yahi hai(i am in mood of looking devil devil)
Seher listens but doesn’t hear what she exactly said so she says suspiciously : did you said anything??
Meera nods in no.
After some time :
Seher makes meera ready , meera is wearing a golden lehenga with transparent dupatta , matching golden jewellery with a beautiful mangteeka , she’s looking very pretty.
Seher is wearing a pink plazo with matching earings with very less makeup , she too is looking gorgeous.
Arjun (not interested): if you are ready then can we leave??
Meera and seher nod in yes.
They all leave.
In rathodd mansion’s hall :
Meera , arjun and seher reached there while arjun went to get ready.
Meera and seher are being introduced to different people by mrs rishika.
Rehaan comes down in a black sherwani with peach colour scarf , he’s looking dashing but his all looks go in vain when he sees the simple yet adorable seher , he keeps looking towards her when he was about to fall from stairs but seher notices it and runs to him and saves him in nick of time.
Seher laughs at him while he smiles seeing her mesmerizing smile.
Seher leaves him and goes.
Arjun comes down wearing a blue sherwani with peach scarf , all girls in the function keep looking at him .
Arjun goes to talk to meera but meera keeps going to some other place without letting him speak even a single word.
Meera thinks angrily : i seriously don’t want to see this devil’s face , now why he’s following me??
Arjun thinks while chasing her : why is she not stopping , now what happened???
He was thinking this when he sees a girl staring with like she’ll eat him.
He smirks and goes to her.

Arjun smiling to the girl : hi beautiful , you are looking gorgeous you know…
The girl smiles and says : i thought its your engagement today but you are flirting with me???
Arjun smiles and says : nothing like that , its not mine but my younger brothers engagement , actually are you a friend of meera …
The girl : you seem younger and thank god its not your engagement , we can talk now and yaa i am shreya your meera bhabhi’s collage friend..
Arjun thinks : meera and my bhabhi …
He laughs quitly thinking this while meera sees them talking and thinks angrily : why he’s getting so close to shreya , he was proposing me as if he will never see towards any girl after that….
She stares angrily at them
Arjun turns a liitle and sees her , he smirks.
Hejust pulls shreya in a hug while meera is now fuming like a volcano and she rushes to them angrily.
She pulls arjun out of the hug and tells shreya angrily : hey shreya , he’s my to be husband , arjun , i guess you both became friends .
Shreya sees arjun smiling and understands the situation that he does it to make meera jealous.
Shreya smiling : no .. no we met now only , ok you both continue i am going.
She leaves saying this while meera eyes arjun angrily.
Meera to arjun angrily : oh , so i guess you are bored with me so looking for a new girl .
Arjun smiles and says : meera … why are you thinking like this, you were ignoring me so i thought to talk to her….
Meera angrily says : oh , so get engaged to her only.
She leaves saying this while he laughs unknowingly looking at his childish anger , he then remembers the truth and thinks : no arjun , you can’t fall for her , she just deserves anger not my love.
He leaves saying this.
Meera stands near rishika and seher .
Ridhika says to seher and meera smiling : you both go and dance na , after all its getting boring now.
Seher nods smiling seeing towards rehaan who too smiles while meera doed not agree.
Rishika says : no problem beta , seher you dance.
Seher nods and goes.
The light of the hall goes and spot light falls in the middle where seher is standing.
Aa aae…
Jiska naam jigar pe lagaaye chot
Jis ke jaane se bum phate! atom bomb ?
Ho jaaye bisphot
Aashiqon ki hai shaamat, ya.. aafat hai
Chaand baby hain aayi, qayamat hai.. haaye!

seher keeps standing and then starts her dance.
Aashiqon mein jiska title Titanic
Oo aashiqon mein jiska title Titanic

she goes and rotates around rehaan while he smiles .
Muaah kinara dikha kar ke dooba de gaya
Jhalla, mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah aa aa..
Rehaan then joins seher and dances with her , seher smiles and

Humne samjha tha golden jublee jise
Haaye samjha humne golden jublee jise
Rehaan then kisses seher on cheeks in between the dance without anyone notices him and seher is left shocked .

Oh Woh tu matinee dekha kar ke chuma le gaya
Jhalla mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah aa aa..

rehaan then dances on the song.
Mehfil sajjano ki.. gentlllle-man’o ki..
Mehfil sajjano ki gentleman’o ki hai..
Beuda koi ho jaaye to aaye maza
Nazron se peene mein kya gunah hai
Bakhuda kaise peete ho rooh afshan
Jiss lover ki khabar paperon mein hai
Dil ki breaking news uss ko sunaaye koi
Kaise nazar ki kamar ka ratta lage
Iss ko meri geometry dikhaaye koi

Seher gets out of shock and dances on:
Jhalla mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah
She then drags meera and takes her , meera starts dancing looking angrily towards arjun:

Kya bataayein jis ko sanam maan kar shab bhar mare
Haye jis ko sanam maan kar shab bhar mare
Woh kameena subah hote phurr ho gaya
Jis ko mohabbat ka teacher kehte rahe
Woh phateecher ik lessun mein phail ho gaya
Kaske jean-pant gentleman jo bane
Raat bhar paijame se ladta raha
Hum jagaate rahe, dil jalate rahe
Woh jamai rajaai mein lagata raha

Arjun laughs at her childhood actions and thinks : i am seriously not romantic meera , i just get romantic for the people whom i hate.

Meera , seher and rehaan then dance together.
Jhalla mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah
Jhalla wallah wallah wallah

Arjun too joins them and then the couples dance on(meera doesn’t see arjun):
Mera hero mera aashiq mera majnoo mera sayiaan
Mera balma wallah haye, mera jhallah wallah haye haye
Hero aashiq jhalla wallah, saiyaan balma jhalla wallah
Jhalla jhalla jhalla wallah

Meera then turns and finds arjun , she goes from the dance floor seeing him while the song ends.

Arjun thinks : now i’ll have to convinse her.
He then starts dancing on:
ishq haay
teri aankho ke matwale kaajal ko mera salaam
zulfon ke kale kale baadal ko mera salaam
he then goes near meera and tries to take her to the dance floor, meera resists angrily:

ghayal karde mujhe yaar, teri paayal ki chankaar
soni soni, teri soni har adaa ko salaam
salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq, salaam-e-ishq

he drags meera to the floor while seher and rehaan too join them:

teri mastani anjani baton ko mera salaam
rangon mein doobi doobi raton ko mera salaam
khabon mein kho gaee main, deewani ho gaee main
soni soni, teri soni har adaa ko salaam
Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq, salaam-e-ishq – 2
Meera smiles at his crazy dance and then she too dances while rishika comes to dance floor and dances with meera on:
teri haaton vich mehndi ka rang khila hai
Tujhe sapno da changa mehboob mila hai
Meri banno pyari pyari, sari dunya se pyari
sse doli mein tu leja dolya
Ishq .

Arjun then takes meera from mrs rishika and dances on:
Teri meri nazar jo mili pehli baar
Ho gaya ho gaya tujhse pyaar
Dil hai kya dil hai kya jaan bhi tujhpe nisaar
Maine tujhpe kiya aitbaar
Meera then hugs him and dances on;

Main bhi to tujhpe mar gayi
Deewanapan kya kar gayi
Meri har dhadkan betaab hai
Palko vich tera khaab hai
Jaan se bhi pyari pyari jaaniya ko salaam

Rehaan then sees towards seher and dances on:
Main tere ishq mein do jahaan vaar doon
Mere vaadein pe karle yakeen
Keh rahi hai zameen keh raha aasmaan
Tere jaisa duuja nahin
Seher then dances on :
Aise jaadoo naa daal ve
Na aoon main tere naal ve
Jhuti taareefein chor de
Ab dil mere dil se jorde
Jo abhi hai dil se nikli uss dua ko salaam
Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq, salaam-e-ishq

They all dance together as couples on:
Rab se hai ilteja maaf karde mujhe
Main to teri ibaadat karoo
Ai meri soniye na khabar hai tujhe
Tujhse kitni mohabbat karoon
Tere bin sab kuch benoor hai
Meri maang mein tera sindoor hai

Saanson mein yahi paighaam hai
Mera sab kuch tere naam hai
Dhadkano mein rehne waali soniye ko salaam

Arjun then goes to rehaan and tells him something, meera is left confused while rehaan takes seher and they both bring rings.
Meera smiles while arjun makes her wear the ring with the song:
Teri aankho ke matwale kaajal ko mera salaam
Zulfon ke kale kale baadal ko mera salaam

Meera then takes the ring and makes arjun wear it on :
Khabon mein kho gaee main, deewani ho gaee main
Soni soni, teri soni har adaa ko salaam
Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq, salaam-e-ishq
Rehaan and seher eye each other and they have an eyelock while the song ends:
Ishq hai…

All clap at the marvellous performance presented by the 4 of them.
The episode ends on arjun meera keeping their fingers with engagement ring together while the screen widens at the rings.

If there are any silent readers pleaseeee coment.

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