Hey guys this a love story and i just thought it , it doesn’t have any actors of any show but guys , i will be introducing characters when the story will go on and so for each and every actor , even smallest role you can suggest me actors and actresses , i will take the one which seems perfect for the role and do suggest me changes and your objections if you don’t like anything.

So the story starts with a courtroom and two people are sitting in front of a judge.
Judge : is this divorce happening with your families consent as no family member of yours is here?
Meera : sir , i am an orphanage and arjun….
Arjun looks towards her questionably.
Meera getting close to arjun and in his ear speaks : jab shadi yeh kehkar huyi hai toh divorce bhi aise hi hona chahiye na .( if marriage happened by saying this then divorce should also happen by saying this only )
Meera to judge : and arjun ‘s family has no objection.
Then the judge gives them divorce papers and they sign .
When the judge is about to sign it .
Judge : when you both don’t have any problem with each other , why divorce.
Arjun : actually , i’ll surely tell you soon .
Judge : we may not meet soon gentlemen .
Arjun : we will surely as i have to make marriage certificate , without marriage certificate its worst .

Meera remembers an incident and laughs and seeing her laughing arjun also laughs .
They both then go.
Judge then thinks : marriage certificate , now only divorce and soon marriage and such a happy couple it is , why they take divorce , youngsters are just , what to say , they do anything like marriage is a game , today marriage tomorrow divorce and then next day marriage .
The peon calls him and he gets out of his thinking.
Then meera and arjun come and sit on a bench outside court in a park type of place , meera is sitting quietly and sadly and arjun staring her . arjun then breaks the silence that filled the atmosphere .
Arjun : uncle , aunty did wrong na?
Meera (angrily and sadly ) without looking towards him: i don’t want to talk about them .
Arjun : but they are your parents .
Meera : they lost this right .
Arjun then mums but a voice comes from back calling beta.
Meera recognises the voice and says : uncle app
The uncle , mr , ramesh is an old man almost in 60 s .
Mr ramesh : you both here , that too together .
Arjun smiling pointing towards meera : my ex-wife.
Mr ramesh’s face ‘s happy expression changes to sad one and he looks questionably towards them.
Meera hitting arjun lightlyand smiling : nothing uncle , he’s funny na.
Arjun smiling : really , i am very funny but its true.
Mr ramesh sadly : today was my son’s marriage , we did a court marriage as girls parents were not agreeing for marriage but i am really sad for you both , that was your first meeting , you both married and even divorced after that.

Meera ‘s face expression changes to serious one and
Meera : uncle , leave it na , how’s aunty .
Mr ramesh : she’s fine , inside with my son and daughter in law , let me call her.
He then goes .
Arjun : jhoot bole kauva kate (if you lie , crow bites)
Meera looks at him angrily saying : so what , you know he felt so sad.
Arjun : ok , ok sorry , but let me make him happy .
Meera (confused ) : how ?
Arjun gets on his knees , plucks a flower from nearby bush and says : i love you meera , will you marry me ?
Meera takes the rose and beats him with that saying :phir se… (again)
Arjun angrily still on knees : ooooooo , of course , you only said ,we’ll marry again after divorce .
Meera changing direction of her face and smiling : when ? i don’t wana marry you .
Arjun stands up and holds her shoulders and turns towards him and sees him smiling .
Arjun : you…

Till that time that uncle with his daughter in law and son and wife came there and saw everything, they were puzzled as uncle just told them about arjun and meera ‘s divorce and now arjun proposing meera.
The episode ends on his shocked face.

Guys please tell me actor for the role of meera and arjun , and uncle’s son and daughter –in-law
A cute –pair for lead , meera , arjun and a supporting small age pair for uncle’s son and daughter –in-law
And guys mr ramesh and his wife is played by (ragini’s dadaji in swaragini and abhi’s dadi in kumkum bhagya )

You can even suggest me roles for the judge.

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  1. wat abt kirthi Nagpur (siddi of parichay ) and I don’t know his name I think it is rakesh vashisth( maryada serial ki aditya ),just my opinion like it ,piyali?

    1. hey dear janu ,
      your opinion about hero is good i saw his photos he will suit but dear meera is a bold character so sorry but kirthi nagpur will not suit , i also saw parichay and liked her acting in it but dear sorry she will not suit for this role
      dear you gave me an idea
      what about rakesh vashishh and riddhi (heroine of maryada)
      and also another option arohi, arjun of kitni mohobbat hai.
      please give me opinion dear
      which one you like

      1. yes I agree that will be fine ,riddi and rakesh ,because they ate real life couples it will be more realistic

  2. Samridh Bawa ( Leeladhar Chaturvedi) Pranali Ghoghare (Radha Leeladhar Chaturvedi) from mere rang main rangne waali willl make a cute pair

    1. hey jawala dear heroine is good but hero is too sweet for this role so sorry but can you please choose from above mentioned pairs , pleaseee dear .

  3. Nice story piyali.

    1. thanks lakshmi

  4. i think arjun character is suitable for abeer and meera character is suitable for amaya.

    1. hey swara dear , i like your opinion but will they look good as pair ???
      i just have a doubt

  5. Why they want divorce and marriage god so much confusion

    1. hey hayathi dear you’ll get to know soon as this is a flashback story so soon you’ll get to know

  6. It just like a prank with judge

  7. Cute…arjun arohi will be good pair. ..

    1. thanks roma and you can even read the next part , just to inform you dear that it is uploaded .

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