Junoon Is My Passion (kanchi) Episode 2

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Let’s start

Sanchi and sitting in swing when rajkumari pragya and rajkumari isha cums.

Pragya – Didi let’s go

Sanchi -where rajkumari pragya

Isha – In mela every rajkumar will there and who knws u will get ur junoon there.

Sanchi -no I’m not going there

Pragya – ok rajkumari stays as a rajkumari. But didi u r our sis. Can’t u cum for us.

Sanchi -my decision is final

Isha -leave it pragya di she doesn’t care than y will we care for her. She doesn’t have guts to cum.

Sanchi -excuse me u r talking with rajkumari sanchi and ur elder sister.

Pragya -we knw that and we know that u dnt have guts to go with us.

Sanchi -enough is enough. OK I’m cuming not becz u told but becz i have guts.U guys will now knw my junoon. So be ready for punishment.

Pragya -didi u will punish us

Sanchi -ofcourse I will. U challenged wrong person. U guys didn’t knw my junoon so far now I will show u guys wat is junoon. U challenged rajkumari sanchi. I dnt feel pity on people who challenges rajkumari sanchi not even my sister’s. I promise I will make this trip memorable and last trip for u guys.

Sanchi went left rajkumari’s tensed.

Pragya – I dnt know wat she’ll do with us.

Isha -hmm today I saw in her eyes. It clearly shows junoon is her passion. Now wat will happen to us. Maasa and bapusa can’t stop her not even god. Pliz god send someone who can control her junoon.

Otherside a boy walks with attitude.

Sanchi pragya and isha goes near palquei .

Sanchi -where r u going my lovely sisters

Isha – didi we r going in palquei right

Sanchi -no we r going in Horse and I’ll ride
Thats final

Sanchi was ridding horse rushly. She was enjoying but prasha was scared. They gets realived when they reached in mela. They gets downstairs and starts to walk.

Sanchi saw a beautiful idol . She went near stall.

Salesman – rajkumari sanchi cum

Sanchi -how much for these

Salesman – rajkumari sanchi this is already sold .

Sanchi -so wat I want that one.

Salesman – rajkumari sanchi u ask that rajkumari.

Sanchi – excuse u knw whom u r talking to.

Salesman -I’m sorry rajkumari.

Sanchi -it’s ok

Sanchi was going somewhere when she bumped with a boy. She was on top of him. Her hair was on his face. She moves her hair. Boy face is shown. She gets up and looks at him. She went and brought a stick. Boy looks on. Sanchi went to stall and destroyed everything.

Sanchi – jo chiz rajkumari sanchi ko pasand ajati aur use nhi milti to mein use barbad kar deti. Jo chiz meri nhi toh mein kisi aur ko bhi nhi ho sakti chahe woh insan ho ya chiz.

She removes her necklace and gives to salesman.

Sanchi -this is the price of the things which I destroyed.

Boy – impressive.

Sanchi was when boy holds her hands. Sanchi looks at him angrily.

Sanchi – how dare you touch me. Who r u

Boy – I’m Kabir

Sanchi -so wat u r an ordinary boy not maharaj Kabir.

Kabir smiles.

Sanchi -leave my hand u have to pay for this

Kabir – uff too much junoon. I like that.

Sanchi -be in ur limit

Kabir – i dnt have a limit. Junoon doesn’t have limit.

Sanchi -oh being an ordinary person doesn’t suit u to show ur junoon.

Kabir -u didn’t saw my junoon by now

Sanchi -as if. Y I’m here talking with u.

Kabir -i dnt knw.

Sanchi – u dnt knw about junoon.

Kabir -i knw better than u rajkumari

Sanchi -leave my hand

Kabir left her hand. Sanchi glared at him.

Sanchi -never show me ur face u ordinary boy. Or u have to bare my junoon.

Kabir -oops I’m so scared

Sanchi – better be and never talk like u r prince. Better changed ur attitude.

Kabir – ok rajkumari ji now go I’m tired of talking with u. Pliz never saw me ur face.

Veer was looking at them.

Veer -wowwww this is the girl is made for u bhaiya . The way I wanted. Their junoon will make them one.

Sanchi – u have to pay for this ordinary boy.I will show ur standard.

Kabir -no u have to pay for it rajkumari sanchi. I hate u.

They leave in different directions.

Precap : Sanchi challenges Kabir for sword fight.

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