Junoon Is My Passion (kanchi) Episode 1

Helo my lovely sweeties. I hope u guys ok. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.

Let’s start

A royal mahal is shown. All body guards r standing evey where with sword .

Pandit -Rajkumar veer I got all the girls for maharaj aliance

Veer -ok pandit ji asked them to make a line and I will decide who will marry bhaiya

Pandit -ok rajkumar veer.

Pandit asked girls to line up. Girls line up and veer cums. He saw girls

Veer -no they r not matching to bhaiya. Sorry Girls.

Girls went. Veer went near pandit

Veer -pandit ji pliz find some other for bhaiya

Pandit -rajkumar veer pliz tell which type of girl who want for maharaj.

Veer – Her hair should be long and beautiful.

Otherside a girl long hair is shown.

Back to mahal

Veer -her eyes will be passionate

Her eyes is shown.

Veer – Her lips should be smooth like a rose petals.

Girls lips r shown

Veer – if she smiles all winds and everything should be stopped.

Girl smiles

Veer – she will be strong and a warrior princess.

Girl is fighting with bodyguards. Her sword fells down .Body guards cums near her. Girl ducks and picked up her sword and looks at them angrily. And fight back.

Veer – she should have everything like anger, love and most important her junoon would be her passion.

Pandit -rajkumar veer do you really think this type of girls will be in this world.

Veer -pandit ji my bhaiya is out of the world maharaj so there will be someone who is made for my bhaiya

Pandit -ok I’ll take ur leave .

Veer -ok pandit ji if u find that type of girl. Pliz tell me.

Pandit -ok

He left. Veer thinks

Veer -where r u. Wat will be ur name. Pliz cum fast in my bhaiya life.


Girl fights with bodyguards when a old man stop them.

Man – Listen u r not a ordinary girl u r a princess. Leave ur junoon rajkumari.

Girl – Bapusa I can leave anything but I can’t leave my junoon. Junoon is my passion.

Man -maharani Jaya pliz cum and ask ur daughter to stop her nonsenses. I dnt knw who will marry ur daughter.

Girl – maasa tell bapusa I’m rajkumari Sanchi. If I signall all rajkumar will make a line.

Bapusa – rajkumari sanchi ok tell me who will marry u. I have bring rajkumar from out of the world.

Sanchi -bapusa u dnt have to worry my rajkumar will be cuming and will take me with him in his horse.

A boy is ridding a horse.

Jaya – rajkumari sanchi pliz dnt dream high

Sanchi -maasa it’s good to dream high

Bapusa – rajkumari sanchi wat type of rajkumar u want.

Sanchi closes her eyes.

Sanchi – he should be a brave rajkumar. His junoon will be more then my junoon. He should love his junoon.He will be not my love but he’ll be my junoon.

Jaya -rajkumari sanchi. I hope u will find ur junoon quickly.

They went sanchi sits in swing.

Sanchi -where r u. Who r u. I’m waiting for u.

A boy gets down from horse. He is tall. Handsome.

Back to mahal

Veer -wat bhaiya went alone. U could have a told me.

Man -rajkumar veer maharaj went as a ordinary person.

Veer – ok be ready we r leaving. Bhaiya I’m cuming.

Precap : Kanchi first meeting. Their fight.
Veer looks at them.

Veer – I found ur would be wife bhaiya. This is the princess I’m looking for u.

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  1. Nyc,,strting.. Cntinue soon..

  2. Aafiya

    Wow.. Superb starting… Awesome and beautiful.. Please post as soon as possible… Take care….

  3. Shining

    Please please continue this FF. It looks great

  4. Anee

    plz plz plz plz postttt soooooonnnn..ashuuu.

  5. Negisanyukta

    OMG such a wonderful starting.Just loved it yaar.????
    In ur story,Kaveer as brothers too good yaar warna show mein toh sautan ban rakhe hain….waise mujhe nahi pata male mein sautan ko kya kehte hain.Chalo choddo mujhe kya karna….And,????
    After reading this,i become a fan of ur writtings.
    Keep writting dear.????

    1. Shivaniiii

      And after reading ur comment i became ur fan!!! Hahaha sautan part is too good!!! Even i dont know male main sautan ko kya kehte hai!!! ????????

      1. Negisanyukta

        Ye sirf aapka aur mera sawaal nahi????
        Male mein sautan ko kya kehte hain??
        Country wants to know…????
        Male ko jo bhi kehte ho…..par woh sautano ki tarah cat fight toh nahi karte honge.

  6. Riyarocks

    Ashu dear, such a lovely episode….u know what…I was imagining all the scenes… veer’s description for sanchi…sanchi abt kabir…just enjoyed reading this article a lot…luv u sweetie…bye…tc

  7. Shivaniiii

    Beatiful and amazing dear ashu. Ur deas are out of the World!!!!!! Loved it rom bottom of my heart!!update as soon as possible. Luv u! Bye. Tc

  8. Anu88

    So so amazing and interesting start yaar……love u ashu dear…….

  9. Niyaaa

    Totally loved it.. nd infact we all r missing kaveer bonding.. as sanyu ne kaha dono sautan bane hue h per.. nd mujhe bhi nahi pata ki male m sautan ko kya kahte hain??btw ffs are just outsatand8ng i loved royal lovv story…. ?? thank u so much for an amaz new ff by u.. Lovvv u ?? bye gud ni8 tc

  10. Its so unique and amazing

  11. Awesome start….Ashu …..lovely one….love u dear ? ? ?

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