Hey guys here’s a summary of the story in the form of song and also of the coming story of my ff as i can’t write a full episode for the time so thought to give this , hopefully you enjoy it….

The screen starts with a girls voice laughing and saying : suna hai mohobbat karne wale aag ke dariya bhi paar kar jatte hain!!!!(i have listened that the people who love even cross rivers of fire)
Then a boys voice laughs and says : haan , kar jatte honge par hum to nafrat karne wale hain na !!!(maybe , they would do but we hate each other na)
Then the screen starts with the faces revealed and they are arjun and meera sitting on a higher place near a river.
They look towards each other angrily followed by an eyelock.
Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena
Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena (x2)
They remember their life together and in their eyes few scenes are shown .
The scenes :
Meera dancing and arjun continuously staring her.
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Meera , arjun walking in the school corridor when both are smiling.
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Arjun dancing on the road , in the cafe and proposing meera .
Main tenu samjhava ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui yon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhawa ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Arjun proposing meera for marriage.
Mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpe meriyaan saaha
Meera crying and hugging arjun.
Jeena mera.. hoye
Hun hai tera, ki main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhawan kee
Na tere bina lagda jee

The scenes end while the song stop’s while they both get out of their dream world .
Meera says : how much you hate me ?
Arjun touches a pendent which seems to have a photo , he caresses it and says : jitna mein apni behen se pyaar karta hun !!!(i hate you that much which percent i love my sister )
Then meera turns her face towards the river and arjun holds her hand.
Meera turns towards him and they both eye each other almost crying.
Ve changa nahion keeta beeba
Ve changa nahion keeta beeba
Dil mera tod ke
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
Naal tere jod ke
Meera again turns her face away while arjun says : aur tum(and you).
Meera says : jitna mein apne bhai se pyaar karti hun !!!(that much percentage , which i love my brother)

Saying this she suddenly pushes arjun in water while arjun is holding her hand , she doesn’t try to get her hand free(it seems as if she wants to die with him) and they both go in water.
The river is seen where suddenly arjun gets his face out of water and sees here and there.
Arjun (screaming ): meeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….
He again puts his head in water getting no response and after some time , he again gets his face out holding an unconscious meera in his hands , he is not crying but tears in between that water are coming from his eyes while he’s eyeing meera continuously.
Tenu chadd ke kitthe jawan
Tu mera parchhanvaa
Tere mukhde vich hi main taan
Rab nu apne pawaan
He walks towards the less deep water and comes outside the river eyeing meera.
He places her there and she suddenly opens her eyes a little and sees him , they have an eyelock while it seems that their eyes are asking questions from each other.
Meri duaa.. haaye
Sajda tera kardi sadaa
Tu sun iqraar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Suddenly they get out from this trance and arjun tries to lift his head as he was too close to meera but his pendent gets attached to a similar pendent in meera neck and the photos inside them open and revealed to be in arjun’s pendent it is a photo of arjun and karishma(his sister ) , in meera pendent it is of meera and a boy (arav of itna karo na mujhe pyaar).
The screen statues as they both eye each other still very close and the pendents are open.
Main tainu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Note : hey guys, some of you may get confused so i want to tell that it is not an update of actual story but just a glimse in my story , hope you like it.

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