Junoon 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 9th January 2013 Written Update

Episodes starts with Lakhan telling Meera that if Ramdhari is guilty so is she of running away from what she had promised panchayat members so even Meera is equally worthy of punishment.

Lakhan wink & gives a sign to one of his men to attack Meera.

Villagers are about to attack both Ramdhari & Meera with stick & stones but just then our man in dhoti lolzzz our Prithvi Rambo singh enters & gives high kicks & fights with stick.

Prabha is crying & Lakhan watching as though some entaintment but looks pale seeing Prithvi effortlessly protect Meera.

Prithvi asks Ramdhari if he is fine. Ramdhari says yes & fellow hits Prithvi but Meera suddenly comes & pleads.

Meera folds her palm & tells the villagers that she is requesting humbly not to harm her father & that what her mother had left incomplete years ago she will do it.

Meera tells the villagers that if they want her to get married to Prithvi so she will do.

Ramdhari is very sad & Prithvi is shell shocked. Prabha & Sunehri are confused. Lakhan is not happy coz if it happen his plans will fail.

Prithvi asks Meera if she gone mad & is she lost her senses.

Meera chooses not to say anything.

Lakhan watching all this claps his hands & says look at the hero of our story referring Prithvi as the hero that hero who should know about the issue has no idea.

Prabha is trying to let herself free from a goon.

Lakhan shouts & inform Prithvi that Meera & he were married when they were children & this the reason why Sudha who was against panchayat orders escaped taking away to Delhi & tells Prithvi that now he has to stay with Meera as her husband after getting married his entire life.

Prithvi initially doesn’t believe & shuts Lakhan’s mouth & asks Ramdhari what is Lakhan saying?

Lakhan says Ramdhari won’t tell him anything & tell him coz Ramdhari is caught red handed when he was sneeking away to help Meera escape again hints his goon to react.

So one of the person shouts that Meera & Prithvi has 24 hours & if they didn’t get married then even he doesn’t know whom they will harm.

Prithvi is shocked & in utter disbelief & stands like a statue.

Meera says she will do whatever they wish for but now let them go. All are crying.

Meera declares that soon she will marry Prithvi as per their wish & pleads all not to harm Ramdhari she will do whatever she has promised them.

Prabha & Meera help Ramdhari get inside the haveli all get inside except for Prithvi who is still in state of shock.

All the villagers leave.
Scene 2

Lakhan is sitting in the storage gowdown & talks to his goon that if Meera & Prithvi really got married his plans of becoming head of panchayat will get over & also his plans of defaming Ramdhari.

Lakhan tells the goon to kidnap so that villagers think again Ramdhari is trying to help Meera escape then he might get his place.
Scene 3

Ramdhari is resting on the couch while Meera helps with Ramdhari with his blanket.

Ramdhari asks why is she worried about him as she should think about her life & about her mother.

Meera tells Ramdhari that she has got a chance to stay with her father after so many days how could she leave him in a crisis & if he had got hurt badly.

Ramdhari blessed Meera & tells her to re think over her decision & not think about villagers & him.
Scene 4

Meera thinks about Akaash & look at her photo & apologisez & talks to Akaash’s photo that she might not get together in this life but next lives to come she will marry him.

Meera gets ready & goes out but two men of Lakhan kidnapped her help of chloroform.

Haveli’s loyal servant sees this happening & runs to inform Prithvi who gets fb about Meera telling she will marry him.

Prithvi goes running after getting the news & Ramdhari along with Prabha also get going.
Part 2
Scene 6 (will edit later guys not slept whole nite zzz time)

Goons drive Meera in the jungle & then put her in a pit, while plans to cover her in the pit by the sand but wild wind start to blow.

Prithvi theme song plays & he fights the goons blue & black.

Saves Meera calls her eh ladki lolzzz

Meera gets up & thanks Prithvi.

Prithvi answers that he saved her coz she is daata’s daughter.
part 3
scene 7

Ramdhari & Prabha come & Lakhan also comes with the panchayat members.

panchayat members start to fire Ramdhari with accusation that he was again trying help Meera get away.

Prithvi asks the panchayat members to stop.

Panchayat members needed a solution.

Prithvi after sometimes says there is a solution he takes out his rudraksh bead chain & ties it to Meera’s neck & applies indoor with his blood coming out of his hands.

Every one are shocked.

Update Credit to: abd

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