Junoon 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 8th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Prithvi & Meera are in the warehouse/gowdown & Prithvi tells Meera that now its the time to welcome their guest.

Prithvi takes out his pistol & promises Meera that he’ll make sure Akaash gets punished for his evil deeds & both hug (junoon tune plays)

Scene 2 (Sara khan plays Shalu bihari girl)

Shalu tells her house incharge Mishra that what do i do Mishraji afterall i am a woman & still i have to protect myself coz these 14 bodyguards are good for nothing & i am such a weak soul & i have been loaded with such a big business & also my husband (name-Ishwar) also has gone missing & she’s left alone to take care of his responsibility & that guy did the job alone of these 14 bodyguards who get paid 15 thousand” & ask

Mishraji to find out the guys whereabouts who saved her from danger & also says she sensed the guy is related to baragaon village.

Mishra says yes i will like a good servant. (guys i found Sara khan very irritating).

Scene 3

Rajeev calls the inspector to be easy on Akaash as he’s not a professional criminal & also asks them to find out about Prithvi who’s gone to search for Akaash & warns police inspector about Prithvi anger & asks him to treat Prithvi with patience.

Inspector assures he’ll do as he has requested.

Kiran & Komal curse Prithvi for all the problem & Komal says “if they had not given Prithvi so much freedom then Akaash would not have got into such a problem.

Rajeev request them to keep calm & let him handle this situation & not worsen it.

Scene 4

Prithvi & Meera are hiding from Akaash & somehow Akaash gets there & asks Meera to come out in open so that he kills her coz if he could not get her so he won’t let her live to get closer to Prithvi & he asks if not her then he could kill Prithvi & then Akaash warns Meera if she didn’t come out he’ll kill Prithvi.

Meera tells Akaash to stop playing hide & seek games & surrender himself to police so that he could atleast repent for his sins.

Akaash says like a psycho that Meera you dumped me & got married to Prithvi but he will not leave her & make a choice whom to kill first If he killed Meera he will have to kill himself coz he cannot live without Meera & if he killed Prithvi then Meera won’t choose to live & then too he’ll have to kill himself & Prithvi comes behind Akaash & says what if he killed Akaash coz neither will Meera & he will have any regrets.

Akaash turns & Prithvi hits him blue & black dodges him to get Meera to hide & Akaash asks his goons to search Prithvi.

Scene 5

Prithvi bashes the goons & leave Akaash without any goons.

Akaash then again searches Meera & sees Meera standing somewhere hiding & he shoots & suddenly it hits bullet at a mirror in which he saw reflection of Meera.

Scene 7

Prithvi comes & Akaash points a pistol at Prithvi & asks goons to catch hold of Meera but Prithvi tells Akaash that he has killed all his goons & gives an ultimatum that he better surrender or else it won’t be good for him.

Scene 8

Shalu is doing pooja & keeping diya at bungalows entrance & her house cook comes (lady who seemed wife of Mishra but not sure) comes & asks what lunch to cook in dinner time? so Shalu laughs & says cook whatever she wishes.

Shalu asks Mishra that did he find out about the guy who saved her so Mishra replies yes i found out the guys name is Prithvi & he is originally from baragao & Shalu says in a very sickening way that ask people of his village that they take care of Prithvi coz he has to come to her.

Precap:- Prithvi & Meera confront Akaash & Meera point the pistol towards Akaash & asks him to let go off Prithvi coz he was aiming his pistol towards Prithvi & suddenly Akaash fires his pistol & shoots Prithvi but Meera pushes Prithvi away to save Prithvi.

Update Credit to: abd

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