Junoon 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 8th February 2013 Written Update

Meera in deep thoughts while cooking. Sudha n DT arrives but she doesn’t even sense abt that. Sudha taps Meera n say that they are here to free her from all promises. She left the village for saving her from the child marrige but fate has something else. but today Akash is her to take her n she asks her leave with him.

DT asks if he can talk to his daughter alone n Sudha nods n leaves. DT says its not easy to stay with Prithvi nor it is easy to leave him either. She has sacrificed for sake of them but he wishes their relationship to be maintained always. Today she is free of taking her own decisions. He explains relations will be maintained with heart n not by mind. He leaves thus.

Akash in the bazar n aksing for something to eat n the shop owner offers tea n biscuits. Meera comes with

food but Akash was not willing to listen or go with her. She then makes him eat in his car. Akash feed her but she doesn’t eat. He tries to make her remind all the past things. But Meera was reluctant. All his efforts go in vain as Meera won’t react to what he asks or reminds. He says until Meera responds to his questions n doesn’t willing to go with him, he will be waiting there in front of the house.

Prithvi arrives n was taken aback seeing Akash in his car. He entes house saying they made his house a drama company (nautanki ka… something ) n starts searcing in kitchen for food but was empty. He asks if she didn’t cook any. Meera asks if he didn’t had any. He replies no. She says she thought he might had food but Prithvi ask if she didn’t had any thing too nor did she cook. She says she did cook but she had given that to Akash.

Prithvi rushes to Akashn they both argue n have a fi8 n this process he was abt to get hurt due to some iron rods while Meera shouts n asks him to be careful. Both Akash n Prithvi were shocked. Prithvi leaves. Akash was feeling bad for that.

Meera shouts at Akash for fi8ing with Prithvi. Meera shouts abt Prithvi near Akash actually she was praising him thinking she was actually explaining him that Prithvi has no sense at all. Akash stops her n says that he doesn’t want to listen any more Ramayan of Prithvi. He gets their album and asks he can’t find that love in her eyes n why. He asks if she loves him. She reluctantly says yes but Akash says she is lying n she is falling in love for Prithvi. He calls Prithvi jungli. Meera was shocked.

Precap: Prithvi asks Meera why she want to be with him who can’t love her not there is any love in the relation. Meera asks what she should do. Akash expects her to come with him n he want her to go away. What she wants no one wants. She is dilemma who to be with, the one she loved or the one fate has sealed a relationship. Prithvi says they have no relation btw them at all.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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