Junoon 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 7th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Datta Apologizing to Miu in front of all villagers. Miu and data spends a lot of emotional sequences together. Now Miu announces to all villagers that she will fulfill all the pending responsibilities of Datta Dhakur. Bhakan enjoys the whole sequence a lot and Prabha and Suni remained shocked like in previous episodes.

Now the scene shifts to the haveli… into the storeroom, miu herself seems confused that how her videos and photos from cell phone got leaked…??.. Suddenly Dabbang gets into the frame, he forcefully takes her inside the haveli. Miu tries a lot to get rid of him, but she couldn’t. Prithvi takes her into the guest room. He then leaves her in the guestroom and says to her that sh’s his datta’s daughter so that she must stay there from now onwards. Miu seems surpsied at Dabangg’s performance. Lakhan who was talking in phone in the angan sees this and suddenly gets into the room and asks Prithvi to take her out of the room. Prithvi stops him and says him that, as she Datta’s daughter, she has the right to live inside the haveli, but Lakhan forcefully tries to take her out of the room. As Lakhan is trying to force Prithvi out, Prithvi pushes him out of the room and warns him that it’s better for him to not harm her at all.

Now by hearing the shouting of Lakhan and Prithvi, Datta reaches the scene and ask them what is going on? Suddenly Prithvi answers that she was arranging a room for Miu inside the haveli and Lakhan tried to stop her. But suddently Datta questions Prithvi that who asked him to take Miu inside the haveli. Suddenly Prbha enters the scene and says that she said so for Prithvi to arrange a room for Miu. Ramdhari gets shocked and remains speechless. Prbha says that if Miu is Ramu’s daughter the she’s her daughter too.
Now all the characters remain silent and Miu seems very tensed and worried. Now scene shifts to the guestroom where Miu stays now. Prabha gets in the room and asks Miu that can she change the bed covers and all in hat room. Miu heartfully givers her the permission to do it and asks her that, whether hates her as she has entered into Prabha’s life.

Prabha says that actually she herself and sunheri have entered into the life of ramdhari and she’s the wall between ramu and sudha actually.. Prabha also says that she seemed miu’s tears as her father was insulted in front of the panchayat. Prabha asks miu to show her love towards her father and dont ever hide it from him.

Miu now remains in state of shock.. and she sets out to the mandir for getting some relief. On the way she sees lakhan talking with one of the member of panchayat that the panchayat must choose him as the next sarpanch. Miu thus realizes that lahan and bhabhi is behind all these drama.

Now she confesses God about the incident she saw about lakhan and requests god to show her a way of relief. suddenly rithvi reaches there and says her that he didnt expect that she will go till this extend to prove herself. and she has insulted not only datta but the whole village too. he also adds that the situation of village will go worse if some other person will be appointed as the next sarpanch. He then says that whether she’s datta’s daughter or some ordinary girl but her feelings towards her will remain the same (NAFRAT).

Now in the next morning datta the panchayat forms inside haveli and datta gives out his resignation, but suddenly miu stops.

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