Junoon 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 7th February 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Sudha tense on knowing about Meera decision.Aakash tells her Meera does not want to leave the house her relationship, sindoor and mangalsutra are part of her life.She does not seems to have the wish of leaving.Sudha explains to aakash that this relationship is a forced one but Meera she’s keeping on her promise this is what is not letting her budge.Sudha tells only he can keep her away from Prithvi.She asks Aakash to make her remember their old sweet days,she was going to be his wife.

Aakash says he doubt strongly if ever Meera still loves him as on seeing him she should have remember him.He can’t take her away may be she does not love him anymore.Aakash says may be Meera is in love with Prithvi.Sudha tells Aakash no it is only because she’s only constrains by her

promise.She says him to try once again.aakash also is ready and says Meera loves him only.Sudha is grateful.

In Prithvi house Meera with her chain in her hand is praying to God. She says she hurt aakash a lots as he always showered both her mom and herself with love.Prithvi arrives and asks her when aakash wanted to take why she did not leave?
Prithvi tells her not to talk with God picture her path is still clear she can leave.Meera retaliates and asks who’s he to show her what to do?Prithvi asks her what is keeping her off?Meera thinks to herself really why she’s not leaving what is preventing her of doing so…

Prithvi slowly approches Meera holds her wrist and snatches the black chain he gave her as mangalsutra.He tells her he’s taking it from her.If for a city girl like her is getting any attachment with this black chain ..he breaks and throw it. Prithvi is leaving and Aakash enters(No knocking at the door)Prithvi tells Aakash to please take Meera away if possible forcefully also and leaves.
Meera tells Aakash she’s sorry to hurt her.Aakash says he’s lots hurt,and continues talking about their old days in college how they met in college and how their bond grows up and makes her remember all their old sweet memories.aakash tells her he’s here to take her back where she really belong.Meera seems not interested.Aakash asks if she still loves her and she reluctantly says yes!!!He tells her to come near him and kiss him.Meera asks him why is he saying so.Aakash asks what is wrong as they love each other.He touches her cheek and tells her to kiss her but he pushes him away saying he can’t.

saying sorry Meera leaves and go outside.Aakash holds her wrist and tells her to wait…they look at each other and Meera making him leave her stumbles and is going to fall but Prithvi holds her.They have a few second eyes lock moments,witness by Aakash.

Meera looks at aakash reluctantly and gets up.Prithvi tells Aakash why is he running after Meera are they playing hide and seek?He asks Aakash about the intensity of his love?He says it lots strong that’s what Meera calls her love.Aakash says this love will take her away,Prithvi looks down and no one will be able to stop her nor him.Prithvi says he’s saying to take her away since long.
aakash says better not to talk with this uneducated…Meera stops him saying whatever she’s doing only for her parents what is wrong in all these?She tells prithvi she understands he does not have any feelings nor does he understand any relationship their relationship also is a forced one with any significant where’s their no love, feeling or understanding,she does not have any grudge with him.

she tells Aakash but he does understand relationships as he knows about it that’s why she has a rancor with him.He knows the motive of her coming in the village she only wants her mom to see her last few days with her dad(Meera old excuses)She asks Aakash why he wants to take her away when he’s well aware.

Aakash tells her,Sudha asks him to take her away.Prithvi gets angry and tells them to deal soon with their problems otherwise he will die with all these…Prithvi leaves.
Aakash explain to Meera how can he leaves her with this uneducated person he wants her back because he loves her,Aakash says he’ll not leave her and go till she does not decide to go with him he’ll stay in the village(oops!! in this dusty village?? Your bussiness Aakash who’ll take care?) Meera is a bit shock.

Ramdhari is explaining to Meera it is not easy to live with Prithvi but to live w/o him is also difficult.He tells her their relationship is not only a bond so she’s free to take her decision.

Update Credit to: ANJU

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