Junoon 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 6th May 2013 Written Update

Prithvi continues to drive and locate Meera who is with Akash. On the way he sees some goons attack a car but he drives away. As he passes the car, he hears a woman call for help. Torn between helping the woman in trouble or follow Meera’s car, he chooses to help the woman in the car.
Shurveer Prithvi then thrashes the goons in Prithvi ishtyle. The woman (Sara) gets down the car and watches him fight. Her assistant then comes and takes her away saying “Its dangerous here”. She drives away without a thank you, giving admiring looks to Prithvi.
Prithvi finds Meera’s bangle near the car.

Akash stops his car and tells Meera that now a new chapter of her life will start. He gives her a shaadi ka joda and tells her to get dressed in it as this is the way to get away from Prithvi. He tells

her that she should follow his instructions.

He then points to the open jungle and says there is no one here so go change. Unsure what to do Meera goes to change. Prithvi continues to search for her.
Meera changes to a red saree and comes. Akash comments on how dreams come true and admires Meera looks as beautiful as he always imagined her. Meera wonders why Prithvi is so late.. Akash says they are going to get married.

Prithvi comes there and a car chase occurs. He stops in front of Akash and pulls Akash out by the collar. He tells him he will never forgive him and he will get nafrat for nafrat and then beats Akash as Meera watches on.

Prithvi then turns on Meera and blames her for cheating on him with Akash and eloping, so he is going to kill her and pulls a gun on her. Meera pleads to Prithvi, but he shoots her. Shocked Akash looks on as Meera collapses to the ground. Prithvi hits Akash who faints and then carries Meera away in his car.

In the Khanna household, Akash is unconscious on the sofa. Kiran and JJB refuses to believe that Akash could hurt anyone and do such a heinous crime as killing Meera. Akash comes to consciousness and Prithvi accuses him of killing Meera. He is shocked and asks where is Meera? Prithvi says that Akash killed Meera and Meera’s clothes were in Akash’s car and his finger prints were on the gun that shot her. RK says lets call the police. Prithvi recommends Akash confess to killing Meera and that the police should come and as they need proof, he has it. Prithvi says it now is a murder case and he is the witness to Akash killing his beloved wife.

He says he will avenge Meera’s death and the law will hang him. Akash accuses Prithvi of trying to frame him. Prithvi says no, then picks the hand cane and shows blood stains on its base and shouts “this blood is Meera’s blood when you hit her and killed her”. He continues to accuse Akash who finally shouts that this is not Meera’s blood but Sudha’s and everyone looks on shocked.

Precap ‘ Meera is in some warehouse and calls to speak to Prithvi. She asks him if Akash accepted his crime. She hears some noise and goes to look out the door . The last shot is of a hand coming on her shoulder.

Update Credit to: prem_diwani

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