Junoon 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 6th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1(haveli)

Akaash asks Ramdhari to let go Meera free from her forced marriage with Prithvi.

Sudha & Prithvi are eager to know what Ramdhari has decided.

Ramdhari with a heavy heart tells that if Meera’s happiness is with Akaash she is free to go.

Prithvi is hiding his sadness, Sudha is happy.

But Ramdhari says in one condition that Meera will have decide what she wishes to go with Akaash or stay back with Prithvi.
Scene 2(mithvi room)

Meera asks herself that what is happening to her, why is she restless even thinking about leaving this house & why is she so nervous, when she only got problem & difficulty in this house. Gets fb of Prithvi telling her that he is not used to all the cleanliness & also its

his house & will keep it the way he wishes & when he pushed Meera out of the room.

Meera says “why is this (m.s=mangal sutra) seeming so important when she never even wore it once maybe this is not just a piece of ornament for a woman but a bond between a married couple, this (M.S) had forced her to have a relationship with Prithvi but why is she not able to break the bond.
Scene 3(mithvi room)

Akaash comes to Meera & says Ramdhari has given permission to go.

Meera asks what her father said to him.

Akaash says for her father, only his daughters happiness matters & has given her the liberty of making the decision & her father has left the decision on her.

Meera gets fb of Prithvi making her wear the (M.S) & when she scolded Prithvi for drinking & when she wakes him up to clean & when Prithvi pushes Meera out of the room while he was drunk & when Prithvi asks where is all his stuff? Meera replied his stuff was lying scattered so she organised it.
Scene 4(some field)

Prithvi is all alone thinking in his mind that from now no one will be there to fight with him or stop him from doing what he wishes & no one will become ill because of him & neither will he become ill coz of someone & from now he wi himself knock on his door & he himself will open the door for himself & he will be all alone just alone & is deeply sad.
Scene 5(mithvi room)

Meera still thinking about her decision.

Akaash asks does she wish to take her Goddess idols(moorti) if she wants keep it & asks to come soon as he is going out to open up the car to load her luggage & goes.

Meera asks herself that should she meet Prithvi for the last time or not & says why is she thinking about Prithvi why she wants to meet him.

Meera comes out & tells Akaash that she cannot leave like this & if she left Ramdhari will have to face humiliation & also her parents will again separate.

Akaash says but even by her staying here she is not giving anyone happiness & reminds that Sudha who is unhappy to see her daughter unwillingly staying with Prithvi & asks her to think as not many days her mother has to live but now by coming along with him she can give her mother all the happiness coz her mother is only bothered about her happiness not & asks her not to over think & leave this place with him.

Meera standing still & has her (M.S) clenched tightly in her hands Akaash kept calling her but she doesn’t listen.

Prithvi comes & there is an awkward silence.(junoon track bg music plays) mithvi look at one another & Akaash notices something between both.

Meera still confused.

Prithvi asks why she did not leave as yet?

Meera asks while tears in her eyes that does he wishes she go away.

Prithvi sternly replies yes. Meera looks at Prithvi & her (M.S) & cries.

Akaash why she wants to carry the (M.S)& that she doesn’t need it hereafter & tries to take it & throw but Meera stops him & there is a dramatic pause as Prithvi wonders why is Meera so sensitive about a mangalsutra (M.S)

Akaash asks Meera as to why she stopped him from throwing it away when she is leaving everything behind then then why is she got hold of it & standing still & reminds her that its the same (M.S) which forced her in an unwanted relationship & by staying her she is spoiling her life & because of this (M.S) which caused distance between them & asks her to throw it away & come along with him, Akaash commands Meera that she is going away from this place.

Prithvi asks when she came first in the house she never wore the (M.S) then why is she carrying it in her hands & why doesn’t throw & when they are not bonded with this (M.S) then why doesn’t she go with Akaash.
Scene 6

Akaash says “i am asking you again & for the last time are you coming or not?”

Meera questions herself in her mind that when she never wore the (M.S) & is surprised at herself that why she is got attached with it.

Akaash is really angry & leaves in his car.

Prithvi wants to stop & even Meera doesn’t wish to upset Akaash but he leaves.

Prithvi is shocked that why did Meera let Akaash go away & why she go?

Prithvi asks Meera what did she do?

Meera replies she herself doesn’t know why she stayed back & when she removed the mangal sutra & never even wore it but she has no idea why today she is not able to detach it from herself, & asks Prithvi to answer why she did it & why this mangal sutra has become precious for her asks Prithvi to answer all these questions coz she doesn’t have any answers myself & Prithvi stands mum.


Precap: in mithvi room – Prithvi comes near Meera & says this black thread is the reason that a city girl has got sudden respect for it then—Prithvi snatches it from her & says he will make it easy for her & rips the mangal sutra & Meera is hurt.

Update Credit to: abd

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