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Junoon 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 5th March 2013 Written Update

P – Prithvi; M – Meera; A – Akash; D – Dadi; B – Bua; S – Sanjana; K – Kiran; Ay – Ayaan


D gives left n right to RK for keeping away P from the family. RK apoligize. D declares that P will stay there from here on n she also assures P that he will get all those he hasn’t till date. This doesn’t go well with K n she shows her unwillingness but D manages the situation. P says D is trying to unite family n K is speaking of breakup. M too happy to listen all this. He asks Ay to get the glue n put on K’s legs so that she won’t run away from there. P asks D to have food n they all leave.

On dining table, P asks if the DIL’s won’t serve. RK says its not that but they treat them equally n there are servants to serve the food. K

was staring at him while M & A are surprised. P lifts sandwiches with fork n was playing with it while S asks D to arrange for a teacher for him as he doesn’t know how to eat with fork n knife. P says when God has given hands to eat, why to eat with forks.

P gets up from his chair n checks for what he want n goes near D where the items were, gets his chair n pushes B’s chair . All were shocked to see him doing so while P in his own style having rotis with some curry M staring at him n feeling bad as everyone aren’t liking that. P asks everyone to have food instead of staring at him. K leaves from there n A follows to convince her.

Later S talking over phone to her BF n informing she will reach in couple of min. P stops her n asks her to sit at home n not to go with her BF. S shouts at him for interferin in her matter. P shouts at her n explains that the boy’s intentions are not good n bhagaofies her. S informs him over phone n he says he will teach P a good lesson.

Next morning, P checks his hair n wonders what happened to his hair n searches for hair oil. He thinks nothing is of use there n goes to get them. While he returns to his car, someone throws a slip with pointer arrow. P checks all around n reads the slip. It says that this is not his place to live n must return to his village or else he will shoot with a gun next time.

M asks A abt P n there he comes. She asks where has he been n he replies gone to get some stuff as there aren’t anything of his use. A asks abt the pointer arrow in his hand. P says someone has dropped that to dhamkaofy him to leave the city. He says they don’t know that P won’t fear for such things n he is born n grownup stubborn in btw guns. M worries while P leaves.

Arti going on n all were giving one after other. M & A does it n D gets P to do that who was reluctant but comes for her happiness. She distributes prasad to all n asks P to take so but he says he never believed in God but she just made him stand in front of him. D explains him that if not God some person whom he believed to be God. P says they have abandoned him but D says he is not seeing the good instead n its a new morning for him. P is taken aback. He stares at M.

Precap: M assures D that P will have prasad n will follow the family rules too.
P checking in kitchen n he sees prasad all over

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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