Junoon 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 5th February 2013 Written Update

Akash lifts Meera up n is shocked to see vermilion on her forehead. He then taunts Prithvi for treating Meera badly n was abt to slap him but Meera stops him. She succeeds in stopping Prithvi too.

When Meera asks why he is here, Akash asks what has she done? He says that he knew everything abt her. We see FB of Sudha calling Akash n informing abt what Meera has done n she wants Akash to take away Meera from here as there isn’t any relation btw Meera n Prithvi.

Meera apologize to Akash as she hurt him n what ever she has done to him. She says may be its destiny. Akash says when there is not meaning for the relationship then why not go with him. He won’t let Prithvi, calling him animal again, (poor guy he is struggling a lot to come out but people won’t let him) to hurt her more.


adds that Meera now must think abt herself now. He shows all the future they promised to see n how happy they can be. Must watch Prithvi’s expressions, he is in love already n felt really bad for what all Akash was saying.

Prithvi goes in n gets Meera’s baggage n asks her to leave as she can’t get good life with animal like him.

Akash holds Meera’s hand n was abt to go but Meera stops him. She says she can’t do that as her heart doesn’t allow her to do so as she is tied in relationship with Prithvi. Both Prithvi n Akash were shocked. Prithvi asks why can’t she do when their relationship is nothing but a mutual understanding for sake of her parents. He goes to DT to talk abt this.

Sudha was waiting for Akash n shocked to see Prithvi. He says that he wan’t to talk to him (DT). DT asks what’s the matter. Prithvi asks to free them from this relationship. Where there is no value for the sindoor n Mangalsutra then what’s the use. They didn’t marry under all the vedic chants not did they take the phera’s. Marriage is connected with two souls n Meera loves Akash. He is here to take her so he must send her with him.

Akash just then enters n DT shocked to see him n remembers his first meet with him. Akash apologize to him. He asks why is Meera punished for the deeds she didn’t do at all. Prithvi too asks to free them as she has taken the step to see her parents together. DT in dilemma.

Precap: Akash says vehicle is ready n asks Meera to come fast.
Prithvi self talk that now that he is free bird again. He will be alone again in home. He won’t hurt anyone again nor will he be hurt again.
Meera self thought that she has to meet Prithvi once. But she doesn’t know why she is thinking abt him n dying to meet him once.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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