Junoon 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 4th July 2013 Written Update

Mji,IP sitn in hotel,wn Hudda walks in wid ganna..Hudda asks wats happening(dnt actually remember da exact words)..IP says Thanedaar saab i cald u as I’d to file a complaint against Mji.Mji lukn scared,nd asks IP/DB,wat kind of joke is it?Nd Hudda says complaints r filed at thnas nt outside..Dn Hudda asks Mji,how did his so calld gunga nephew start tokn?IP/Arjun givs a shocked look at tense Mji..IP/Arjun quickly regains his composure,nd says he ws treated in a good hospital..Nd smiles at Mji,who relaxes..Hudda asks IP/arjun,wat is his complain?IP/Arjun says Mji is recently doubting him too much,nd dt also wid everythng..Hudda snaps sth lyk does he think his time is so unimportatnt,dt he is here to listen to evry1′s sob story..IP/Arjun says he ws joking,nd if it is about imprtnt stuffs,dey cn tok elsewhere..Hudda

thinks “So u want me to meet u elsewhere,IP?Got it.”Nd leaves..IP/Arjun gives his cold drink to Mji nd says i just came here for a cold drink,nt to meet any1 nd leaves…

Insaaf crap in DB house..DB mks sm dumb guy marry sm stupid grl,wn she asks if any1 else has complains..Wn Mji says dt he has..Nd DB indicates evry1 to leave..
Mji recounts da incident at da hotel,wn DB says dt she ws right,,Dt dis is IP..But Mji replies he is still confused..As IP/Arjun did not sit on IP’s usual place,or tok to his men,nd nor did he drink IP’s wine..

DB says either IP is more clever dan dm,or dis is really Arjun..So now dey hv to go ahead wid deir 2nd plan..
IP/Arjun playn wid gun nd targets Mji..Mji asks him to put it down startled,,IP/Arjun says y is mji so scared,da gun is empty wid an evil smirk..Mji says lets play wid sth else..DB cums in nd says gud idea..Nd tries to tk da gun from IP/Arjun..IP/Arjun givs DB ugly nd irritated sort of look nd removes her hand from da gun,nd DB’s smile falters..IP/Arjun leaves wid da gun..
DB says Mji dt dey’ll play teen patti as ut ws IP’s fav game nd he always won it..

IP/Arjun returns nd wn DB declares playn teen patii,IP givs both DB nd Mji wary nd knowing luks..DB asks IP/Arjun to deal da cards..Mji nd DB both sees him dealing card just lyk IP..Nd wn dey r sure it is IP,as he wins da 1st hand,dsn DB wind da game wid 3 aces(i think so..)..
Dn DB’s face falls nd IP/Arjun asks y is she so sad,wn she won?As it shud hv bn him da sad 1 as he lost..DB dusnt reply bt luks confused nd disappointed..

Precap-IP/Arjun gets down from his car nd gets angry at a thelawala who hs bn blockn his road,nd mkn him late..IP/Arjun raises his hand to slap da thelawalawn a beautiful hand,clasps his nd stops him..Nd IP/Arjun turns his expressio changing fron irritation to shock..Nd blowing hair is shown of a woman in saree,bt her face view ws blocked by IP/Arjun’s raised arm…

Update Credit to: TehsinaJFJ

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