Junoon 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 24th January 2013 Written Update

Lakhan, Ramdhari Singh and Prithvi are at the panchayat. Prithvi asks just like other women why can’t Meera go out of the village. Ramdhari agrees with Prithvi and states that Meera is an educated girl and she has full right to do what she wants to do. Lakhan disagrees with both men and says to the rest of the panchayat that the women who do go out of the village, have to come back and take care of their husband’s home. He also adds that instead of keeping Meera in the village is he not making up plans so she leaves. Prithvi (angrily) then says if she wants to go to the city for work, what’s bad in that? Lakhan says that what if she wants to break the marriage as soon as she gets to the city? He then turns to all the panchayat members and says they all took the decision together that after marriage Meera would stay in the village. Lakhan also says that by letting Meera out of the village wouldn’t other working women get influenced into going into the city to do work. After much arguing and thinking on what to do the panchayat finally concludes that Meera will not go out of the village much to Prithvi’s disappointment and Lakhan’s delight. Prithvi tells Ramdhari Singh that he should’ve understood and he was expecting that he would help him. Ramdhari S then says that more important than the father-daughter relationship the panchayat’s rules and regulations are the most important. Prithvi leaves whilst it looks like Ramdhari S regrets his actions.

Lakhan gets annoyed at Sunheri (correct me if my spelling is wrong) when she comes back. He quickly changes his tone in speaking when he sees Sudha coming. He tells Sunheri in a very sarcastically sad voice that the panchayat + Ramdhari Singh has given the decision that Meera and Prithvi will stay in the village. Sudha gets upset on hearing this. Lakhan tells Sudha to go and argue with Ramdhari Singh as to why he cannot let Meera out of the village, he says maybe he will agree and if that doesn’t work there is always the option of running away with Meera again because Prithvi has fully given up with the panchayat. Sudha gets shocked upon hearing this and thinks to herself if Prithvi is worth trusting. She leaves.

Sunheri closes the door and asks if that is Meera’s mother. Lakhan nods and laughs at his own plan. Sunheri tells him that because of Meer and Sudha her and her mother have had to face alot of things. Lakhan says that she need not to worry as he will do something and get them out of this village. Sunheri to herself say that she will wait for the day where that witch Meera will leave and Prithvi will once and for all become her’s. ()

Prithvi comes in drunk and starts revealing his feelings to a cow. He asks the cow how is going to fulfill his promise. In the midst of all this Meera comes out and some villagers stop by to look at Prithvi, some villagers come up and taunt Prithvi for being drunk. Prithvi grabs one of the villager’s by his ‘towel’ (can’t remember the hindi word) and asks if he is married. The villager replies that he is. Prithvi asks him if his wife is allowed to go out of the village. The man says yes. Prithvi, lets go of the man and then annoyed at the panchayat’s decision asks why he is not allowed to take his wife out of the village. Meera widens her eyes, indicating him to stop talking as soon as he looks at her. But, Prithvi (as if giving a matrimonial ad) tells the villagers to look at her worried face. He then repeats again, that the panchayat isn’t letting her go out of the village. He says they must request the panchayat for everything; if they want to go to the market-ask the panchayat, if they want to got the mandir- ask the panchayat. Meera, after having enough of his antics tells Prithvi that it is now time to go inside. He say’s he won’t and he will take Meera out of the village, today!

He starts to walk out dragging Meera with him much to the villagers awe. Meera manages to get her hand out of Prithvi’s grip and shouts that she has had enough. Prithvi asks if she is saying this? and Meera says this is a wife telling a husband. He smiles upon hearing this.

Meera pushes Prithvi towards the hut and then apologises to the villagers about Prithvi’s behaviour. They leave.

Drunk Prithvi and pushing/tired Meera make it to the hut where she orders him to sit quietly so she can close the door. Once that is done, Meera asks why he behaved like that infront of the villagers. Prithvi just goofily smiles

Meera continues to ask him questions (e.g what’s wrong with you?, why are you quiet now? etc etc.) however he keeps losing his balance (even though he is sitting down) causing him to fall on Meera. Prithvi finally somewhat answers by first pointing to himself and saying ‘pati’ (husband) then pointing at Meera and saying ‘patni’ (wife) then pointing to the sky and confusedly saying panchayat. With that, Prithvi falls onto the bed. Meera laughs sarcastically aswell as exasperatedly at Prithvi’s antics and puts him to bed after much effort.

The next morning arrives and Meera is shown opening all the windows much to Prithvi’s dismay. Who flinches at the sunlight coming in, he wonders to himself if Meera has gone crazy (how crazy can she get, Prithvi?) Meera continues to work around the house and after not getting an answer to his questions he finally gets up and goes outside to wash his face.

Whilst washing his face outside a villager comes along and asks if he is okay? Prithvi retiliates saying if he has gone mad/is drunk. The villager laughs and says he was the one that was drunk last night. Prithvi asks if he has gone mad (again) and the villager says that he has never seen a husband who cares for his wife as much as he does (he actually says joru ka ghulam/patni bhakt- but my hindi as well as english are not doing to well today and I can’t remember the english translation ) After getting narrated all of last night’s acts Prithvi angrily tells him to leave otherwise he’ll break his teeth. The man, whilst laughing runs away.

Prithvi enters the house again and quietly asks Meera what happened last night as he does not remember (Junoon title track plays in the background). Meera does not reply and continues working. Prithvi grabs her hand and says he’s asking her a question. To which, Meera takes her hand away and says does he really not remember of if he’s just acting. He replies he was just drunk and does not remember.

Prithvi gets annoyed and asks Meera if he is going to tell him, she say’s she will not tell him. He stomps off towards the door at where him and Meera share an eyelock. He asks her once again if she is going to tell him to which Meera again replies that she won’t. He suddenly comes running (it looks like he is coming to slap Meera) in fright Meera says he will tell him. But, Prithvi suddenly smacks his hands together and says he was just getting rid of the fly which was buzzing around her. After a moments of silence, Prithvi says that since she said she was going to tell him, she might as well tell him what he did last night. Meera agrees and start with you created a huge commotion last night. Meera says that he wanted to take her out of the village and was challenging anyone who stopped him from doing so. Prithvi shamefully turns away from her. Meera continues to shout and says what was the point in making a promise when he knew he wouldn’t be able to fulfil it. Prithvi finally tired of Meera shouting folds his hands and says alcohol is such a thing that even if he tried to keep his mouth shut all the things in his heart would be revealed anyway. He says that he will definetely fulfil his promise. Meera says that there is no need in doing that and she is going to go tell her mother about the marriage. Prithvi grabs her by the hand and tells her there is no need in doing that. He promises the next time he drinks he will not make such a commotion. Meera says that he can stop making a ruckus but will not stop drinking- she adds that it is bad for health. Prithvi annoyed, asks her who she is to tell him all this to which Meera smartly replies his Wife!!! she leaves and the episode ends on Prithvi’s annoyed face.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: RICOPUNK101

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