Junoon 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Meera is standing in front of the mirror wearing the top and long skirt and she prays to God that their plan against Akash works. She worries about the condition about which Akash mentioned and tries to guess what it could be. Akash enters her room and is mesmerized to see Meera dressed like the earlier times. He tells her that she has changed totally, the old beautiful Meera is back. He says God knows what spell Prithvi cast upon her that she fell for him, it seemed that the moon was eclipsed. But now everything is just fine and the moon is back to shining brightly in the sky. He only has a small condition which she has to fulfill. He shows her the divorce papers and asks her to sign on them. Meera gets shell-shocked to see the divorce papers. Prithvi is driving his car and wonders that in the spur of the moment

he involved Meera in the plan but now he muses whether it was a wrong step and gets worried for her. He tries to call her but is unable to connect to her and thinks what the matter is. Miu is totally astonished but Akash asks her what is there to be shocked. She wants to go away from Prithvi, then what is the big deal in signing the papers. A tensed Meera looks on and Akash says that he knew that Meera will never be able to say no to Prithvi, even if she wants to. So he already made all arrangements and made the papers ready. Meera thinks that in order to make their plan successful she must sign the papers but some mere papers cannot separate her and Prithvi ever. Akash makes her hold the pen and she signs. Akash is super-elated and cannot hold back his smiles. But he notices that Meera is worried and asks her why is she looking tensed. She should be happy. Meera replies that she is afraid of Prithvi but Akash says she has nothing to fear as before her ex-husband comes they will leave the house.

Meera walks towards the car but she feels worried. She tells herself that she is trusting Akash and going out with him but God knows what is cooking in his evil mind. She wonders why is she hesitant, why is she unwilling to go with him, why is she worried more and more for Prithvi. She wonders whether everything will work according to their plan. Akash makes her sit in the car and drives off. Prithvi is waiting inside his car and keeps glancing towards the road to check whether Akash’s car is coming. He suddenly spots the car and thinks that Meera has done her bit, now it is his turn. The car takes a sudden bend and speeds off. Prithvi wonders where the car is heading to and follows it. Meera doubts Akash’s intentions and asks him where they are going. Akash answers that they are going far away. Meera wanted to go away from Prithvi and hence sought his help. So she must not ask questions and leave everything on him. He will take her to a marvellous place. Meera thinks about calling Prithvi but Akash takes away her phone and switches it off. Meera feels a premonition that something is wrong. She has to inform Prithvi anyhow about their whereabouts. Prithvi is driving his car and is determined that he will not leave Akash today but he is unable to trace them. He tries to call Meera but finds her phone switched off and guesses she is in trouble.

Meera thinks that they have come away very far and she must inform Prithvi. She feighns that she is thirsty and wants to drink some water. Akash asks her to wait for some time and then stops in front of a nearby shop. He asks her to listen to him carefully and says that the highway is very risky and accident prone. She must not come out of the car, she must stay in and stay safe. While he goes out to buy the bottle of water Meera takes out Bittoo’s phone which she took with her and tries to call Prithvi avoiding Akash’s prying eyes. Prithvi is still driving, searching for them. He prays to God for the first time in his life to keep Meera safe. He prays to God that Meera has great trust in you and pleads to God not to break her faith. Meera calls him and Prithvi asks her if she is alright. Meera says yes she is and asks him if he is alright too. She tells him that she cannot understand Akash’s intentions. She informs him that they are at the Delhi-Gurgaon highway, she has sent Akash outside but he can come any moment and asks Prithvi to come fast. Meera notices Akash coming and cuts the call. Akash looks through the window and stares suspiciously at Meera. Meera looks scared but he laughs and gives her the water. Akash asks her what has happened, why is she worried. They are starting their life anew and she must only think about the future. He asks her why is she still taking her past with her and tells her to remove her mangalsutra as it reminds him of Prithvi. Meera falls in a dilemma. Akash asks her whether she still has a soft corner for Prithvi and himself replies no. So she must remove it and throw it. Meera removes the mangalsutra while saying to herself that she is removing the mangalsutra but not because of Akash. It is more precious to her than her life. It will show Prithvi the right way and lead him to them. She throws it on the road and they drive off. Prithvi arrives at the spot, gets out of the car, looks around and finds the mangalsutra. He picks it up and senses that Meera is in danger. He gets in the car and drives off.

Akash tells Meera that this is what is called a nice and romantic long drive with him and her alone. He wishes that the time freezes in this frame, she has come back to him, he loves her so much and asks her if she loves him or not. She replies she does. Akash says that they have confessed their love for each other and tells Meera not to leave him ever. Meera wonders where Prithvi is, did he find the mangalsutra or not and prays to God. Akash thinks that after trying so hard he finally got back Meera and he will take her away so far that Prithvi will not be able to find her ever. Akash tells her that it is not fair of her to remove the mangalsutra and keep the bangles and asks her to throw them too. Meera removes them and thinks that Akash has invited his own death by asking her to throw the bangles. Prithvi will reach her with the help of the bangles.

Precap: Akash stops the car at an isolated spot and hands over a bag to Meera. He tells her to wear the bridal dress which is inside it. Meera is shocked and wonders what to do. Akash is then shown standing outside with his back turned towards Meera and turns around.

Update Credit to: sue21

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