Junoon 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 31st May 2013 Written Update

Rajiv says that he has arranged the puja so that Akash and Prithvi’s souls can rest in peace but Meera stops the rituals saying that Prithvi is alive. Komal taunts Meera saying that she has become mad in grief and being a widow she wears sindoor and mangalsutra, thereby tarnishing their image in the society. Meera tries to convince Rajiv that Prithvi is alive but in vain. Rajiv says that this is the reason he wanted to shift to Mumbai as Prithvi’s memories will always haunt Meera. Meera refuses to listen and announces that she will never leave the place. Shalu and Chachi jee are in the kitchen. Shalu asks Chachi jee that why does Prithvi not understand that he is more good-looking than Meera and complains that men are stupid and do not understand anything. She cuts onions and gets flashbacks of all those

moments when Prithvi proclaimed of his love for Meera. She was about to cut her finger absent-mindedly but Chachi jee cautions her. She tells Chachi jee that she has thought of a plan that will work as an eye-opener for Prithvi and confides her plan to Chchi jee. But the latter refuses to be a part of the plan and asks Shalu that why is she involving herself in all this when in the first place she brought Prithvi to find Pandey jee. Shalu, in a sweet tone but having menacing undertones, tells Chachi jee that she has to listen to her plan as she can never say no to her and Chachi jee complies quite unwillingly and helps her with the cooking.

Mishra jee disapproves of Chachi jee’s being involved in Shalu’s evil plan thinking of the consequences. But Chachi jee says that Shalu has full right to be happy in her life and she will definitely help her in her mission. Prithvi is standing in the roof buried in deep thoughts of Meera when Shalu comes and interrupts. She asks him to taste onion pakoras which she has cooked. Prithvi takes a bite and starts coughing. Shalu offers him water and asks him why he is upset, he must be thinking about Meera. Prithvi replies that we think of those who are far away from us but Meera resides in every breath of his. Shalu starts coughing hearing this and Prithvi gives her the water. He asks her where they can get clues about Pandey jee’s whereabouts. This irks Shalu and she says that she knows that Prithvi is in a hurry to finish his job as soon as possible so that she can go back to Meera. Infact, she has seen the same love in Meera’s eyes the other day. She was afraid that Meera will identify him as Prithvi but she was wrong and they both can read each other’s silence so well. Prithvi asks her how did she outsmart Hudda to which she answers that she showed Hudda some clues provided by Pandey jee against him which made him back out.

Hudda and a constable drink together. Hudda vows that he will lay such a trap for Shalu that she will not be able to excape it ever. The constable asks him how Shalu outsmarted him which makes Hudda furious and he vows to beat Shalu in her own game. Prithvi tells Shalu that he will keep her word and find Pandey jee and then go back to Meera forever. Shalu says that she will also keep her promise to unite Prithvi and Meera. She wants to meet Meera and gift her some ornaments but Prithvi says that she does not need to do all that. Chachi jee rushes in and says that she got a phone call informing that Pandey jee is coming to an old kothi. Shalu pretends to be elated and cannot believe her own ears. She says that she must go to find Pandey jee and asks her men to take the car out. A man standing in Shalu’s garden calls Hudda and informs him that he has seen Shalu in a car with a well-built and tall man. Shalu gets ready to go but Chachi jee warns her that last time also such a misleading phone call came and she went in search of Pandey jee and was attacked. So she will not let her go this time. Shalu tells her that her husband is more important to her than anything and she will go at any cost and leaves. Chachi jee tries to stop her but Prithvi assures her that he will accompany Shalu. Shalu goes towards the car but Prithvi calls her and says that he will also go with her. Prithvi asks her to get into the car and and he himself sits in the driver’s seat.Shalu smirks and thinks to herself that from today Prithvi and Meera’s journey ends and from today Shalu and Arjun’s journey starts.

Precap: Prithvi and Shalu drive in the car, it has become dark, the latter is lost in her thoughts. Prithvi asks her which way shall they go and she tells him to take the left. Meera prays to God to keep Prithvi safe as she feels ominous about something bad happening to Prithvi.

Update Credit to: sue_21

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