Junoon 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 31st July 2013 Written Update

Ishwar kicks at the sindoor line and tells Meera,dt he had asked her to remove it,so Y she had not yet..Meera replies dt she wnt remove it,and dt dis is a reminder for him to stay away from her..Ishwar says she has to pay,and dt also in cash..Dt shud he now go to papaji nd bring him here to show da sindoor line…Meera is shocked,and stares at Ishwar who is standing with arms folded…

Meera removes da line of sindoor,as Ishwar looks on..After removing it Meera stares daggers at IP nd warns him again,that just because she has removed the line doesn’t mean,that the line between them has been removed..Meera warns Ishwar not to come near her ever again,and that she still sleeps with a sharp knife under her pillow…Ishwar stays quiet and frustratingly moves his hand through his hair..

Dadi has

brought tea for Papaji nd herself…Papaji tells dadi dt he hd mentioned about kids to Meera yesterday,nd dt b4 she cud reply,Lakahn had interrupted dm..Dadi says dt maybe dtz y Meera is late at waking up today morning…She has already started thinkn bout kids taking part seriously..Papaji says dt mom,u’ve already become a dadi,nd now its my turn to become a dada too…Meera enters da room in a hurry,nd apologises for getn late in waking up…Wn dey say its alright,nd dey tok bout Meera nd Prithvi’s decision on tkn kids..Meera is about to bypass da topic,wn Ishwar comes nd says dt he agrees wid Papaji..Ishwar puts his arms around Meera’s shoulder,in a husbandly way,and stares into her angry face,nd says dt he was just tokn bout dt to Meera last night..Papaji nd dadi r happy…Ishwar also says dt he has already thought up names for their kids,and Meera givs him angrier looks,and tries to remove his hand,but Ishwar holds it..Papaji nd dadi dn also tok about sending Meera nd Prithvi on a honeymoon…Dt y dusnt she nd Prithvi go to Baragaon,now,as it will both be a honeymoon nd also a visit..Meera dusnt say anything and removing Ishwar’s hand runs away from da room…Papaji cals Meera nd says he dusnt know wat happens to dis grl smtyms..Wn dadi says,he is thinkn bout becumn dada,nd yet dusnt get it wn a girl is shy…Ishwar smiles wt deir conversations…

Shalu is filing her nails nd think bout last night’s scene where he had seen Ishwar getn cozy wid Meera through da peephole..Nd still can’t believe how her Ishwar can want Meera..She thinks how cn Meera let Ishwar come near her evn..she also thinks wat she hd seen must hv bn a mistake of her eyes…She decides dt Meera must be trying to seduce her Ishwar..Thinking dis she evn hurts her finger..

Lakhan enters,nd cals Shalu by name..Shalu gets angry dt how dare,Lakhan call her by name,dt only 1 person cn call her by name,nd da rest cals her bahuriya..Lakhan cals her bahuriya sarcastically nd asks her wn will he do his work,nd dt Y is he wasting his time,wn he cn just kill Prithvi..Shalu scolds him sayn dt was he born b4 his time came?Dt everything shud be done in da proper tym…She warns Lakhan dt he has been brought here to do her biddings,nd not da odr way round..Nd dn scolds Lakhan 4 peeping last night agn..Shalu tels Lakhan to kip an eye on Prithvi,but not da barrel of a gun..
Lakhan is angry at having to listen and take orders from a mere woman..

Meera putn on sindoor thinkn bout Prithvi putn it on her maang,by da jungle mandir..Shalu comes nd taunts her dt da sindoor color is always red no matr whose name’s sindoor u wear..Shalu asks Meera dt whose name’s sindoor is she wearing..Meera gets angry,nd says dt she always wears da sindoor of her lover’s name..Dn Shalu asks who is dt lover..She had thought that Prithvi was her Ishwar,but now it seems Ishwar is Ishwar…Meera replies dt dose who have black marks on deir face,always sees marks on da mirror..Nd dt Shalu herself dusnt know a thing about love nd realtion,so Y is she tokn abot dm evn..Shalu gets angry,nd says wat does Meera know about her love nd her husband,dt she always taunts her..It is she,Shalu,who knows everything about Meera nd her husband Prithvi..Shalu dn looks at da bed,nd says da bed is crinkled is it due to Meera’s movement..Or was it Ishwar’s,wn Meera warns her to control her tongue,nd raises her hand to slap Shalu,but is stopped..Shalu warns her not to raise her hand on her ever agn,as she is Shalu Pandey…Meeera’s soft weak feminine hand might get torn,nd sayn dis she leaves Meera’s room..

Ishwar driving to some destination,nd gets flashbacks of last night.Nd looks frustrated nd tortured..He cals up sm1 nd says to kip da factory deeds ready nd dt he is on his way..
Ishwar stops da car as he sees a guy standing on the middle of the road…Ishwar gets down,nd walks upto him,nd Lakhan turns nd points a gun at Ishwar..
Ishwar says,even dog can call himself tiger,if he has a gun in his hand,but to press da trigger,u need a liver(courage),nd dt is not sold in markets…

Lakhan laughs putn da gun down nd says,dt ur talkn style is still same Prithvi..Ishwar luks startled..Lakhan says u can still stop a gun by putting ur finger in the barrel wid ur words…Ishwar says dey r atleast good enemies…Lakhan says he didnt cum here for enmity,dt he has come here for forgiveness,dt hdnt Meera told him dt she has forgiven him,nd also both Prithvi’s nd Meera’s father has forgiven Lakhan too..Ishwar looks evn more startled…Lakhan says dt his mistakes wnt be forgiven if Prithvi dusnt forgive him,and also Anjaam wnt be reached..Dt Prithvi shud either forgive him,or shoot him..Ishwar says dt if Meera has forgiven him,dn it’s da same as him forgiving Lakhan,nd is about to leave,wn Lakhan stops him..

Not like dis,says Lakhan..Forgive me by sayn my name.Nd Ishwar is startled nd uncomfortable..Ishwar asks Y dus he hv to tk his name,wn dey both know each odr,for such a long tym,nd r aamne saamne..Lakhan says Prithvi shud forgive him like he used to in Baragaon,by sayn,Dere brother Lakha,i forgive you..Ishwar relaxes,nd says Lakha i forgive you..Nd Lakhan is happy,bt Ishwar hands him da gun nd says,next tym u point a gun,u wnt be forgiven..Remember dis,dnt repeat da same mistake..Lakhan luks shocked..

Precap:Ishwar driving to smwhere nd Lakhan following him…Ishwar goes to da jungle nd is tkn out treasures from da ground…Shalu wid Mji cals Lakhan nd asks him where he is…Lakhan tells her he has followed Ishwar into da jungle..Shalu kips da phone,nd tells Mishraji dt Ishwar must have gone to the jungle for a reason…

Update Credit to: TehsinaJFJ

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