Junoon 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 31st January 2013 Written Update

Meera gets shocked upon hearing strange noises from the big brown bag (BBB) that Prithvi brought. Meera thinks that Prithvi has brought an animal which will scare her. Prithvi bluntly replies that it is a human. Meera gets shocked. Prithvi says if this man stays in this bag for a few days he will realise his mistake and never think about commiting such a mistake again.

An injured lady comes running into the Meera-Prithvi residence and asks if they have seen her husband. They don’t reply. The big brown bag suddenly starts moving and making more noises the woman surprised asks what is inside. She opens the bag and finds her ‘beloved’ husband inside.

Prithvi says he deserved this punishment as no man should raise their hand on a woman. The lady says he should’ve left them alone to sort out their own problems. Meera confused, asks the lady why she is siding with the man who hurt her instead of the man who saved her. The lady replies to this by saying that she is married to him and while you support them in their good times it is a wife’s duty to support them in their bad times aswell. She also adds ‘and if possible try to change their bad traits into good traits, because the bond of marriage is very special’. The lady and her husband leave, Prithvi leaves aswell. Leaving Meera pondering about what the woman just said to her and how it affects her and Prithvi’s relationship.

Meera and Prithvi arrive at the haveli and they spot a glum Sunheri walking towards them.

Sunheri sadly looks at Prithvi whilst he maintains looking at the floor ( we actually can’t see where he’s looking because he’s wearing sunglasses) her gaze is broken when Meera asks how she is. Sunheri instead of answering asks her how she is but before Meera can reply Sunheri answers her own question by saying that she must be fine since now she is the ‘malkin’ of a house and has gotten all the pleasures in life. Meera says that she is no ‘malkin’ as she got married outside of the haveli. Prithvi interrupts their conversation and asks Sunheri when she came. She replies when everything got ruined. She dejectedly leaves to go somewhere else.

Ramdhari is pleasantly surprised when he sees Prithvi&Meera entering the haveli. After asking how he is Meera goes to meet her mother.

Meera asks Sudha if she is still angry with her. To which Sudha replies she is angry at herself for putting Meera in such a situation. Meera says if destiny has written this for her then she will have to live with it she has no other choice. Sudha says if this is the case then she will never ‘dakalandaazi’ in her life again but asks her to think about her love, which can only happen once which she has already found in Akash. Meera silently wonders to herself.

Ramdhari Singh asks Prithvi to sit down beside him and says he has something important to tell him. Prithvi says if their is any problem he will fix it right away. Ramdhari Singh shakes his head and says he needs to fix his own life instead of only thinking of others which he says is also Meera’s problem. They think about the whole world, but they need to start thinking of each other. Ramdhari Singh tells Prithvi to stop thinking of Meera as his Datta’s daughter and more as his wife. Prithvi wonders to himself aswell.

Meera comes out of the room her and Sudha were talking in to the room Prithvi and Ramdhari Singh are in. All silently look at each other.

Ramdhari takes the first step and extends both his hands so Meera and Prithvi can place their hands in his. He then puts their hands together (so now Meera’s hand is on top of Prithvi’s) to signify ‘janam janam ka saath’ (together forever).

Ramdhari Singh tells Prithvi and Meera that their fates are now in each other’s hands. He blesses them and tells them never to seperate. They leave.

Prithvi and Meera arrive outside the haveli when a particle of dust enters Meera’s eye from the folks who are cleaning the balcony above them. Prithvi scolds the workers and tries to help Meera get the particle of dust out of her eye. She first refuses for his help but then slowly quietens down and lets Prithvi handle the matter. However it is not to long when Meera gets irritated again. Prithvi tells her to stay where she is so he can get some medicine to relieve her when she trips over the stairs whilst getting the piece of dust out of her eye.

Prithvi with the help of the special home-made medicine manages to get the piece of dust out of her eye. Meera thanks him and the episode ends with them sharing an eyelock.


Worried Prithvi tending to an ill Meera.

Update Credit to: Disha

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