Junoon 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 30th May 2013 Written Update

Meera drives away with Hudda thinking that I know its your helplessness to stay away or u would have hugged me as soon as u saw me. I am sure u will come to meet me soon.

Db is pacing and Mishrain comments that db is looking worried, angry Db retorts ” I saw Meera and she is not worthy of Prithvi”
Mishrain says Prithvi loves Meera a lot and tells her to get a hold of herself. Angered db says that Meera is Prithvi’s past, and she is Arjun’s present as she saved him.” Was Meera able to save him does Prithvi realize it? So she goes to make Prithvi understand that she saved him and not Meera so its her he should be grateful to.

She enters Prithvi’s room, see’s him standing with his back to the door and starts talking to console him that he should not cry nor be sad. She understands

his sadness. She claims b’coz she came on time and handled Hudda the situation was controlled. He is safe now due to her and warns that this situation never happens again. She knows he loves Meera but the fruit of patience is sweet and after he meets Meera after a “long time” he will appreciate it and tells him to be careful and leaves. Prithvi stares at her perplexed.

Mishra and Mishrain talk outside – he asks why she is worried, so mishrain says db has again fallen in love and with Prithvi this time. {So how many times has this happened}

Angry Mishra asks her does she know what she is saying? How can db do that as the love beteen Prithvi and Meera is very deep, strong and pure. Nothing can come between them. They communicate without the need for words and understand each others silence. Today though Meera recognized Prithvi, she denied knowing him without Prithvi saying anything. The bond of love between them is strong and true. {I’m a fan of Mishra from now on}

Mishrain says that db never got true love and she wants true love for her and if its Prithvi she wants then thats what she should get. Mishra shouts and says don’t try and make connections where there are none. Prithvi has only one name in his heart and that is Meera.

DB again has the cc installed and hears Prithvi complain that he can’t make his heart understand that tho meera was in front of him, he could not hug her. He picks the cell and calls Meera but does not speak. DB watches on the cc. Meera recognizes his silence and requests Prithvi say something. Even if u don’t say anything, I know its you. Promise me you will come to meet me. At his silence, she says I understand your indication. I know u will definitely come to meet me..

Hudda had Meera’s phone tapped and hears the message and says this call had to come. Shalu, Prithvi Meera – you all have taken panga with me, now watch what I’ll do with you all. {Jai Hudda baba — go after db, we r with u}

Db tears all flowers in her room since Prithvi did not listen to her. Then she goes to cook.

Meera is happy that her confidence won and tho he is far away, she happy. She then fills her head with Sindoor and dresses her self in the mirror smiling and remembers the last itme he put sindoor in the jungle.

She thinks she should tell RK and he walks in then. He tells her he does not want to live there any more as everything reminds him and bothers him. So he will windup his business and they will all move to Mumbai. She tells him that she met Prithvi and he is alive. RK thinks she is talking in shock and humors her that he will talk later. They have a gruha shanti puja downstairs for everyone and come soon.

Prithvi wonders how he can meet Meera or break his promise to db that he will not meet Meera till her work is done. Mishra stops him and reminds him his promise.

Angry Prithvi asks why of all the girls in all the streets of Delhi, did Meera come in front of them. She lives in his heart and heartbeat and she has the right to know his truth. He tells mishra not to worry as Prithvi always keeps his promise and will fulfill both.

Meera goes down. They show the gruha shanti puja in progress in the garden (seeing that for the first time – garden ke shanti key liye tha kya?) Kiran wants the prayer does first for her son. Then they ask the next son’s name and jjb gives Prithvi’s name and RK agrees that he organized it. Meera says “no, my husband is alive and this puja cannot happen.” {Puja mey dadi was missing }

Precap – Shalu says she will make such a plan for trapping Prithvi. Hudda says DB thinks she is too smart, I’ll make a plan she can’t get out off.
Db gets a call and she runs out. Mishrain tells Prithvi that someone called that IP is in some kothi and she doesn’t want db to go alone. Prithvi says don’t worry, I’ll go with her.

Update Credit to: diwani

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