Junoon 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 30th July 2013 Written Update

Lakhan points the gun at Prithvi’s pic,nd says “FINISSS”,wn he gets shocked to see DB..DB tks da gun from Lakhan’s hand and throws it on da bed nd says,By showing da gun,u hv showed ur real face..Lakhan,sits on da bed and says,he dusnt show too much of anythng,nd nor does he show too less of anythng(or it cud be say instead of show),as both cud be harmful…Dn Lakhan says he came here to do da right thing..DB says He did not come here,dt he was brought here,nd dt Lakhan shud not sit infront of her next tym…Dn Lakhan says,Y did Shalu insult him by caln him servant,infront of Meera..
DB smiles nd asks wat her name is,wn Lakhan replies,Shaluji..DB smiles nd says it is Shalu Pandey,nd she does everything for a reason…If she had acted she already knew Lakhan infront of Meera,dn her plan wud

hv bn exposed…
Lakhan smiles nd says dt tonight he wud kill Prithvi,wn Shalu orders him,not to move a hair widout her order..Nd dt if Lakhan listens to her,dn he will go a long way..Lakhan luks disheartened,nd dn Shalu orders Lakhan to kip his door closed always,nd also tells him dt she will send him sine stealthily,wn he needs it,nd Lakhan gets cheered…
Lakhan points da gun at Prithvi’s pic,and says Da Meera in whom ur life is,dt Meera will be da cause of ur death now Prithvi..Nd dn again says Finisss!

Meera lukn at Prithvi’s pic,nd says dt Lakhan chacha’s enmity hd earlier got dm together,nd dis tym she is sure Lakhan chacha’s changed good crctr will surely unite dm agn…Dn Meera gets flashback of Prithvi tkn care of her in da mandir,Jharu scene,Jungle scene,nd da song TERE BIN EK PAAL DIL NAIYO LAGTA plays…
Ishwar drunk in da bar,wn he sees Meera smiln at him nd caln him wn he is in his talli state,nd da song restarts agn..Ishwar follows Meera lyk an obsessed man,nd Hudda stares shocked..
Meera smiles nd mks sure he is following her,nd sits in da car..IP gets into da car too,nd adoringly smiles at her..IP fastens seat belt,bt on turning is shocked to see dere is no Meera beside him…
Meera has fallen asleep wid Prithvi’s pic in her hand nd smiling in her sleep remembering Prithvi…
IP gets into da house in a drunk state,nd bumps into a table..
Lakhan hears da noise as he is drinking in da room,looks out through keyhole,nd sees Prithvi’s face..Lakhan,gets ready by reloading da gun,nd is about to open da door wn he remembers Shalu’s warning of not to do a thing widout her order..
Ishwar climbs da stairs,nd opens da bedroom door,nd finds Meera asleep on da bed…Ishwar locks da door,nd crosses da sindoor line,nd sits at da foot of da bed,staring at Meera hungrily..Ishwar stares at Meera’s payals..
Lakhan gets out of da room wid da gun,nd tries to open Ishwar’s bedroom door,nd finds it locked..So he peeps in thru da keyhole..
Ishwar is about to touch Meera’s feet,nd dn mks her Payal tinkle,nd smiles,still in a drunk dazed state…
Ishwar goes close towards Meera as if to kiss her…
Shalu catches Lakhan peeping,nd scolds him wat he is doing..Lakhan says he is seeing ranglila for free,nd dt she shud watch it too..Shalu hesitates nd peeps in,nd sees Ishwar about to kiss a lying Meera..She instantly gets up nd tks Lakhan away from dere..She scolds Lakhan,dt has he become shameless along wid brainless too,nd pushes Lakhan to return to his room..Dn Shalu thonks about wat she had just seen,nd says cn Ishwar be wid Meera lyk dt..Nd looks shockd nd confused nd jealous,nd decides it really can’t be wat she saw…
Ishwar holding Meera’s hand nd getn closer to her..Meera dreaming of Prithvi of mango scene,nd smilingly says Prithvi to let her go..Ishwar coming closer,wn Meera opens her eyes,nd seeing Ishwar pushes him off her..Dn she splashes a glass of water on his face,nd slaps him..Ishwar instantly comes to his senses,nd gets angry at getn slapped,nd is about to raise his hand on her,but stops himself..
Meera screams at him dt how dare he force himself on her,wn Ishwar replies dt he did not force himself on her,dt she had wanted him to come near her.Meera agn says dt papa hd askd Ishwar only to look aftr her,not to force his attentions on her…Meera is very angry nd shows him Prithvi’s pic,teln dt dis is my husband Prithvi,u r nt him..Dt da more i see u,da more i realise how good my Prithvi really is…Nd calls Ishwar Jaheel nd janwar(animal)..Ishwar gets angrier nd says since he is an animal,he’ll behave lyk 1,nd dn he asks y she didnt remove da sindoor line yet..nd orders Meera to remove da sindoor rekha agn..Meera refuses to do so nd says it shud stay dere as a reminder to him dt he cannot touch her or come near her…Dn IP warns her dt he will go nd tell her papaji bout dis,dn wat will she do..Dt she has to remove it now..Meera lukn shocked..

Precap-Meera teln DB dt y dus she tok about love nd relation wn she herself dusnt know deir values..Shalu looks jealously at da bed nd says so Meera hd a good night’s sleep..Nd da bed seemed crinkled nd well slept in,nd if Ishwar had moved too much on da bed..Meera gets angy,nd warns her to control her tongue,nd is about to slap Shalu,wn Shalu stops her..

Update Credit to: TehsinaJFJ

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