Junoon 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 30th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1(mithvi room)
Prithvi is sleeping & gets disturbed when Meera complaints that he has made such a mess while sweeping the floor more like a storage room rather than a home & she taunts that she never thought that she will have to live in such a messy house.

Prithvi says he never invited hee so if she wishes, she can leave.

Meera is angry with Prithvi & says come on get up from here i want to clean this space raises heteros*xual voice & asks if he heard what she said to him get up.

Prithvi gets up & asks that now he cannot even sleep till he wishes.

Meera says first make this house a fit to call a house asks him to move as she wants to clean how dirty this house it seems like a old storage room.

Prithvi says he is used to being like this as he doesn’t have the habit of seeing cleanliness around him.

Meera says he might have divided the house in two separate areas but she needs to clean both sides as she cannot live in dirty house asks Prithvi to let her clean the house.

But Prithvi becomes furious & starts to create mess, takes the broom & says its his house & i will stay the way he wants & if she has a problem she can leave right now if she wishes.

Meera says excuse me!!! House is your but equally mine too after all according to the panchayats decision, as i am your wife even he wishes cannot chuck her out of the house.
Scene 2 (ramdhari haveli)

Sudha is really sad & thinks about what Meera said to her that she won’t run away like she did to save her & she will take her own decision from now & fb.

A maid comes with food & asks Sudha to eat but she is busy thinking about Meera & doesn’t reply.

Ramdhari comes & takes the plate in & asks maid to leave & Ramdhari asks her that till will she not eat.

Sudha replies with a stubborn expression that till the time Meera doesn’t return to Akaash.

Ramdhari tells her that Meera is now married to Prithvi, but Sudha says she doesn’t know all that she cannot consider Prithvi as her son-in-law,Ramdhari says because she doesn’t know Prithvi at all.

Sudha says she don’t wish to know about Prithvi.

Ramdhari says “Sudha whatever has happened neither i wished nor you or Prithvi or Meera wished for but what happened was our fate, even if we wish we cannot change, inspite of you tried changing it 20 yrs what finally happened fate has again helped Meera & Prithvi’s lives to collide what can we do & i believe Sudha, that when fate has brought Prithvi & Meera under one roof then might be that fate teaches them to love eachother”.

Sudha looks confused as to be convinced or not.

Ramdhari keeps hand on Sudha’s hand & suggests that they both should not interfere.

Sudha gets up suddenly & says Meera their daughter & not a bet in casino game that we live her to fate & that she will not let Prithvi take control of her daughters life.

Ramdhari says that Prithvi is not a good for nothing but a person with a good heart & he’s sure Prithvi will keep their daughter very nicely, & he might be educated like Akaash but he is a gem of a person but, Sudha again says that she doesn’t consider Prithvi as her son-in-law.

Ramdhari says she might take sometime to get to accept Prithvi & Meera’s marriage & also says that before coming to conclusion judge their relationship with giving sometime & if she still thinks the same way he will never try to change her opinion but for now asks her to let time decide let then Meera & Prithvi.
Scene 3 (mithvi house)

Meera comes out of the room & sees Prithvi doing his desi workout with the bucket of hot water hung on a pulley & Meera wants to bathe & asks him to return her bucket but he doesn’t reply but when she wrestle to pull the bucket but Prithvi drops them by leaving the pulley.

Prithvi in his anger starts to use a gunny bag (bori) as a punching bag while Meera asks him how does she heats her water as there is no wood.

Prithvi doesn’t reply & he continues punching bag.

Meera tries to chop wood with an axe but she is not able to cut even a bit & Prithvi sees but doesn’t help.

Meera tries hitting the axe harder but the axe slips & rips Prithvi gunny bag & to dodge the axe Prithvi hits his head with a pillar.

Meera is shocked & Prithvi comes with the axe highly furious & Meera asusual thinks Prithvi is coming to hit her, but Prithvi touches back of his head & shows it to Meera.

Meera is sympathetic seeing his blood & asks him to wait as she gets a turmeric paste.

But Prithvi asks her to let it be & asks her to stop over using her brain & asks her to make up her mind leave as it will be good for her & him as well & sticks the axe on a log storms inside leaving Meera sad & angry.
Scene 4(mithvi room)

Meera comes in the room after bathing & wearing her earings & Prithvi is searching for something while Meera asks him what is he searching for?.

Prithvi looks in the almirah & furiously asks her where has she kept his stuff.

So Meera says his stuff was lying here & there so she cleaned it & kept it.

Prithvi asks her that “did she clean or hide it?”, then he searches in other trunks & searches in the trunk on which is Meera’s temple area.

Meera asks him not to touch her temple & tell her what he searching.

Prithvi finally finds it & Meera looks at gun & asks him what will he do with it.

Prithvi says the day he got married his brain & his gun has become rusty.

Meera looks at Prithvi while he points a gun at her & she moves to other side & Ramdhari enters in the awkward moment.
Scene 5(continuity)

Meera asks Ramdhari his he is he& touches his feet & Prithvi keeps the gun besides him.

Ramdhari asks Prithvi how come he put husband gun aside.

Prithvi lowers his gaze & apologises that he pointed his gun at him.

Ramdhari says he may be pointing gun at him but his target was someone else.

Prithvi & Meera look at each other.

Ramdhari says he knows that person cannot be considered guilty just having a gun in his hand, & he also understands that a person is guilty or not-guilty in his own eyes.

Prithvi asks Ramdhari to wait as he will bring something for him to eat & drink.

But Ramdhari stops Prithvi & says when you change your perspective it will change your opinions in future & eventually the meaning of a relationship changes, he doesn’t know what value they have for their relationship but he is sure that this house is his son-in -laws & according to rituals he cannot even drink & says he just came to give them blessings & blessed them saying that both live happily together & leaves.
Scene 6

Meera is drying clothes while Prithvi loads some sacks & gunny bags.

Meera asks what is in the gunny bags & Prithvi rudely says that whatever it may be he doesn’t need her approval or permission for him to get stuff & its his house so he can bring anything.

Meera is asuasal baffled by Prithvi’s behavior.

precap: Ramdhari talks to Prithvi that he is ever grateful that Prithvi sacrificed his life along with Meera to save him but now that they are together by circumstances he is requesting him to think about Meera as his wife & not his daata’s daughter, Prithvi is confused.

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