Junoon 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 30th April 2013 Written Update

Rajveer is in the hotel and he goes to take Lassi just when Simi comes! They miss seeing each other (for now) Rajveer is served bina aloo wala sarson ka saag,makhe ki roti (okay I’m hungry now! ) He starts eating very slowly in the beginning,keenly watched by Simi’s dad and when he thinks that he isnt looking,then he starts gorging on the food ! Too cute! He keeps ordering more and more much to the dad’s concern! He finally finishes eating and then calls the Boss outside! Rajveer praises him for his excellent cooking and he becomes very happy! Awwe! Then he asks the waiter to bring Gulab Jamun and feeds Raj as they have become friends now! Raj takes leave and while going he tells him that he has just come from India the previous day and adds that this place is pretty weird and he mentions

that it doesnt feel so good when someone injures one’s self respect!

Raj doesnt want to say anything but on the insistence of Simi’s dad,he tells him about the Madam jee in his office who keeps troubling him! Hindustani in nature,but she thinks that she is some angel ! And he adds that Instead of helping a fellow Indian,she keeps trying to put him down! And her dad consoles him and tells him that he meets such people too everyday and whispers something in his ear and Raj tells him that he would use this secret,takes his blessings and leaves!

Back in the office,Simi is giving a presentation to discuss this market strategy when Raj’s phone rings and some Punjabi tune plays! And she is about to speak again when the phone rings again! It is his Tauji calling and the boss agrees to let him talk much to Simi’s displeasure! Tauji asks about his health and all and Raj tells him about the Hindustani uncle who gives him Indian food! Tauji becomes very happy! All the family members talk to him,there is a queue,with each and everyone of the family members ,clamouring to talk to him! Sooo cute! The other employees show their displeasure at him talking for so long and he keeps the call !

Simi asks him sarcastically if he wants to call his family members for the presentation too and he replies that if they come ,the presentation would never finish,even after a month And she continues talking,elaborating the strategy when Raj starts to eat,just like that,in front of everyone ! He interrupts her commenting on the watery soup and the Aloo Parathas which were not cooked properly (the products made by her company) and he continues that if a Hindustani eats this,he would faint !

Simi gets angry and comes to him and tells him that he liking it or not liking it has nothing to do with the company and that they have been delivering the food successfully for the past 6 months! He then tells her that he has got it ,they know how to package the food in colourful boxes but not make food properly,he then describes the Daal,the Sarson ka saag,the Aloo ke parathe which is the proper Indian food and everyone there start salivating! The boss agrees with Raj and tells Simi make some changes !

Raj goes to the restaurant again to enjoy the Asli Desi khana and thanks him for the Secret He adds that Madam ki bolti band hui when he opened his personal encyclopedia ! Lol! This guy is just too funny! And her dad congratulates him And he continues eating !

The Manager tells Simi to go to the R&D Department and tells her that Raj’s love for Hindustani food has won his heart and he wants even their food items to have that taste and he asks her to go to a workshop with him and help him with his and supervise the Chefs’ cooking right now!

Simi gets in the car to drive but Raj tells her to get up and he tells her that with Gabroo Jawaan like him,she neednt drive! She tells him that he needs to have a license and all and Raj shows it to her! She tells him that he cannot drive her car and that it is not his tractor! He gets all moony eyed about his tractor then,missing it ! They keep arguing and finally she gives in! They reach the place and he starts to sample some food ! He tastes one dish after another,finding faults with them and she asks him how they can make some changes to the dishes and he retorts that he wouldnt know since he isn’t a cook ! Simi is shocked !


Precap shows someone about to kiss Raj One of the family members calls Raj and Simi takes the phone and tells in English that Raj has gone to the washroom,Tauji hears this!

Update Credit to: sweetgal

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