Junoon 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Miu is walking to and fro in the room where Prithvi faked locking her up. Prithvi enters the room and goes in front of her. Miu gets scared as Prithvi appeared out of nowhere. Prithvi laughs and tells her that she must be joking as she can never get afraid. She was never afraid when she aimed the gun at him, she was never afraid to face and control his angst, how can she be afraid now. Instead, to say the truth, Prithvi should be afraid of her. Miu says she is afraid of Akash’s evil plans. Prithvi says that let Akash plan his evil schemes but only one plan of Prithvi is enough to trap Akash. Prithvi explains his plan in detail to Miu but in mute mode. Miu says that there is a lot of danger in this plan and Prithvi’s life may be endangered. But Prithvi says that he has a tough life and he will not die so

easily. Miu stops him and says that she will die before any harm befalls Prithvi. She asks Prithvi to rethink about this plan. Prithvi tells Miu not to worry as no one can snatch him from her. Prithvi asks Miu to look in his eyes as she will find love and trust there which will remove all her fears and apprehensions. Prithvi and Miu hug each other.
Akash is playing chess with himself and keeps on wondering how can Prithvi and Meera’s relationship change overnight. He doubts whether their tiff is for real or whether they are trying to trap him. He check-mates the king with a knight and says that he will snatch the queen i.e. Meera by defeating the king i.e. Prithvi. He determines to find out the real state of affairs regarding Prithvi and Meera.
Prithvi ties a string on Miu’s wrist for her safety when he will not be with her. He tells Meera that he always thinks that he must have done something very good in his last life to get Meera’s love in this life. All this while he was alive but Miu taught him the true meaning of love and life. She pacifies and channelises his overriding passions. The bond of her love calms down his angst. He does not want anything else in life now that he has got her, all that he wants is to keep her happy. He wants to avenge her mother’s killer but for that he needs Meera by his side. Miu says thats she is always with her. Prithvi tells Miu that their destination is not far. They have already planted seeds of doubt in Akash’s mind, now he only has to believe that their skirmish is for real, then only he will get trapped in the net that he has cast himself. Meanwhile Akash climbs up the stairs towards their room but Miu and Prithvi get the signal as they hear the sound of his walking-aid. Akash keeps on guessing if there is still some feelings left in Miu’s heart for him or everything is fake. He takes out a bunch of keys and tries them on the lock of their room one by one. He checks whether Prithvi is nearby. Prithvi tells Meera that their plan is working. He tells Meera not to worry as good always wins over evil. He has to leave otherwise their plan will get foiled. Akash keeps trying with the keys. Miu feels ominous that Prithvi is going away from her forever but Prithvi soothes her saying that it is the effect of love. Prithvi says that it is only a matter of sometime, after that they will be together forever. Meera says that she only fears to lose him. Prithvi asks Meera that whenever she misses him, she should look at the string and she will get Prithvi by her side. Prithvi says that they will proceed according to their plan. Miu only has to bring Akash to a desolate place somehow. The rest will be handled by Prithvi. He will trap him in such a way that he will be compelled to admit his crime.
They hug and Prithvi leaves, while Akash enters the room. She finds Miu sitting alone in a corner and crying. Akash gets concerned and asks her whether she is alright. Miu says how can someone be alright when her life is ruined. She says that she worshipped Prithvi as a god, loved him with all her life but in return he doubted her. And now things have worsened so much that he does not even want to see her face. Akash’s suddenly notices some red marks on Miu’s back. He tries to touch her but Miu stops her and says that she is only destined to suffer. If things continue to be the same, then she fears that she will be killed by Prithvi soon. Akash says that he will not let anything of this sort happen to her. Miu asks her to leave her alone as she trusted him blindly, but in return he killed her mother and snatched away her best friend from her. She is destined to be lonely and to suffer. She lost her mother, Prithvi and Akash too. She has nowhere to go in the world. She cannot go to her father as she does not want to trouble him. She never thought that she will be so helpless. Akash says that how can she think like this when he is with her. Meera says that can he release her from this hellish life and from the clutches of Prithvi. Akash says yes he can, he did everything to get her and can do anything for her. Miu tells Akash to take her to Rajni Masi, her mother’s best frined, only there she will get some peace. Akash instantly agrees and says from now onwards all her responsibilities belong to him. He will take her anywhere she wants to. Only he has a condition which Miu has to fulfill. Miu gets hesitant as she never thought of this and asks Akash what is the condition. Akash says if she wants to gets released from this hell of a life she must not ask questions. Akash brings her to his room and gives her a skirt and a top to wear as she used to do earlier. He asks her to get ready so that he can take her away from Prithvi. Miu reluctantly agrees and leaves to get dressed. Akash opens a file and goes through some documents. He gives a triumphant smile and says that his hatred ultimately won over Prithvi’s love. Now only one test is left and if Miu passes in it, he will fully trust her.

Precap: Akash and Miu in the car, he tells her to remove the mangalsutra as they are embarking upon a new journey and going to unfold a new chapter of their lives. So she should remove all signs of Prithvi from her.

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