Junoon 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Mishra jee tells Shalu that Tiwari jee is refusing to pay the agreed amount of money for the land. Shalu calls her up and sweetly threatens him and he gives in. Chachi jee joins them and the trio discuss about finding out whether the man in the house is Prithvi or Ishwar. Chachi jee says that she is quite sure that it is Prithvi because of his innocent child-like behaviour which she saw the previous night. Shalu says that it is difficult to figure out when a tiger eats up its cub and when it protects them fiercely. Similarly, it is difficult to figure out from Prithvi/Ishwar’s behaviour that who he actually his. Sometimes he is behaving like Prithvi and at times he seems to be Ishwar. Certain acts of him are reminding her of Ishwar. Shalu says that she will be vigilant of Prithvi/Ishwars’s actions and

asks Mishra jee to keep his eyes open too. She tells them that she will try to solve the puzzle as soon as possible.

Shalu enters Prithvi’s room but the latter has gone for a bath. She takes out Prithvi’s most favourite kameez from the wardrobe and keeps it on the bed. She checks the show rack for both black and brown shoes. While Ishwar used to wear black shoes, Prithvi always wears brown shoes. Prithvi/Ishwar comes out of the washroom and finds Shalu in his room. She says that she has kept his most favourite kameez ready for him but he says that it is not necessary to wear the same kameez everyday even if it is his favourite and puts on a blue kameez. Shalu tries to button up the kameez but Prithvi/Ishwar pushes her away and says that why does she always behave in such a way even after forbidding her so many times. He then goes to the shoe rack while Shalu looks on. He stares at the black shoes for a few moments but picks up the browns ones and wears them and goes out of the room. Shalu says that this is getting more complicated as well as confusing. Prithvi/Ishwar opens the main door to find Rajiv standing there. He gets overwhelmed to see Prithvi and says that he has come to meet him. Prithvi/Ishwar does not display any emotion while Shalu tries to gauge his reaction. Rajiv thanks Shalu and Chachi jee for sheltering Prithvi and keeping him safe and asks Prithvi to come back to his home with him. But Prithvi/Ishwar says that he has pending work here, so he cannot go now. Chachi jee asks him not to worry about work and to go home but he still refuses giving excuses of work. Rajiv and Prithvi/Ishwar decide to have a private conversation outside. In the lawn, Rajiv tells Prithvi how he, Daadi and Meera miss him and againg requests him to come back home. Prithvi/Ishwar tells him that it will not be safe for him to go there and asks them to come and stay in Shalu’s mansion. He talks a bit coldly with Rajiv and even tells him not to come there anymore without informing him as the cops may follow him in order to track down Prithvi. Rajiv becomes sad and leaves after telling him that he will talk with Meera when she returs from pilgrimage about staying in Shalu’s house.

After Rajiv leaves, Prithvi/Ishwar gets in his car and drives off while Mishra jee follows him in another car. Prithvi/Ishwar sees him in the front mirror of his car. He goes to that pub and Mishra jee also enters inside. Prithvi/Ishwar takes a seat and Mishra jee also sits nearby hiding his face but keeping a watchful eye on Prithvi/Ishwar. A waiter comes and asks Prithvi/Ishwar why he is not sitting in his favourite seat but the latter dismisses him brusquely. Another waiter comes with drinks but Prithvi/Ishwar asks that what is wrong with them as they are behaving so strangely. He has not placed any order and they are serving him drinks. He orders for some soft drinks. Mishra jee gets confirmed that it is Prithvi and turns to leave when Prithvi/Ishwar asks the waiter to call him. Mishra jee goes to that table and sits down. Prithvi/Ishwar asks him what he is doing there but he says that he has come to meet someone. Prithvi/Ishwar questions him whether that someone is him only. Mishra jee asks him why he is there and he too says to meet someone. Hudda arrives with a ganna and Mishra jee wonders why Prithvi is meeting Hudda.

Precap: Shalu, Mishra jee and Prithvi/Ishwar are playing the game of cards. Prithvi/Ishwar wins and rearranges the cards again. This time Shalu wins but she seems worried and Prithvi/Ishwar asks him why she is not happy when she has won the game.

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