Junoon 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 29th May 2013 Written Update

Hudda’s jeep stops behind Mishra and Prithvi who is nervous. Hudda asks them to step out. Mishra asks Hudda what happened what did I do, Im going with my nephew and am getting late. Hudda responds let me see him. Mishra responds that you can’t stop us just like that. Hudda responds ‘ A lady in my jeep believes he is her husband and I want to look at him.
Mishra says I am getting late, so hudda says fine go. As Mishra turns to go to the jeep, Hudda shoots the jeep tyre. Meera is watching all this from the jeep.
Hudda asks Prithvi to step out. Meanwhile Mishra secretly dials DB who hears the convo where Mishra warns Hudda the location where they are, is not safe. Db gets angry that they got entangled with Hudda. She loads a gun and goes to rescue them. Mishrain tries to stop her. But she

sits in an open jeep and goes.

Hudda insists that Prithvi step out and he finally does – with a new BG score – Hudda says oh this is your nephew. What is your name? As Prithvi does not answer . Mishra says he is dumb since childhood.

They call Meera to come. She walks towards him with memories of Prithvi’s face flashing in front of her. She stops in front of him and looks at him.
Mishra is worried. Hudda asks is he your husband Prithvi. In tears Meera is silent. Hudda says take off your glasses, which he does and she smiles in recognition ” tu meri chahat plays in the BG ” Hudda asks again and Prithvi silently indicates to her to say no by shaking his head.

Just then Shalu comes there. Hudda see’s them and is sure that they are all connected in a conspiracy since DB too has comes there. He asks Meera how long will your silence talk, identify him and say he is your husband.

At Prithvi’s indication where he shakes his head, she says ‘No, he is not my husband’. Angry hudda says why did you waste my time after insisting he is your husband. DB is happy and comes over to them.
She wishes Hudda and tells him her stupid weak auratwala dialog. She says Meera wouldn’t be convinced till she sees with her eyes if he is her husband or not.
She asks Prithvi if he is ok, then she asks Hudda why he stopped her people and spoiled her jeep. She will have to spend and have it repaired. She then introduces her self. Hudda asks where her vegetable cart is? Shalu asks him to come on the side where she can talk to him.
With them gone Meera tries to come close to him and Prithvi raises his hand silently and stops her. Meera is surprised.
Hudda asks db why did you come so far for an insignificant thing. There is something else. She gives him a letter to read at which Hudda is shocked and asks her how she got it. She says people in glass houses should not throw stones at others and that she is not so weak for a woman

She then tells Mishra get in the car and asks Hudda if he plans on leaving Meera there, so Hudda tells Meera he’ll drop her home. Sad Meera turns away from Prithvi and walks away in tears.

Prithvi is very sad and Mishra sees it. Meera turns and looks at him a last time and gets in the police jeep.
Driving away, Mithvi look at each other, and Prithvi wonders how he is is in such a position where he is so helpless that he could not hug Meera even tho she was in front of him.
Shalu sits at the back and mentally says look at me I am your future now.

Prithvi calls Meera but doesn’t talk and she cries on the phone that I know its you Prithvi though you are not talking to me. DB tells Mishrain that Meera is his past and she is Prithvi’s future. Hudda is listening to some recording and swears that he will finish what DB has started.

Update Credit to: diwani

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