Junoon 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 28th May 2013 Written Update

Prithvi and Mishra jee travel in a jeep. Suddenly the jeep comes to a halt and Mishra jee tells Prithvi that he is going to get pistols from one of his men nearby. Saying this he leaves and Prithvi also gets down from the jeep. He comes across the hero of the upcoming serial jaan who is etching Antara’s name with bullets on a wall. Prithvi guides him how to do it pitch perfectly. He follows Prithvi’s instructions and thanks Prithvi for guiding him. Prithvi introduces himself as Arjun and he introduces himself as Raghu. He praises Prithvi’s tip for hitting targets. Prithvi says that he has learnt hitting targets from Daata back in his village. Raghu says that he is in love with Antara. Prithvi tells him that he and the love of his life Meera are estranged. Raghu says that he will never let anyone separate

him and Antara. Prithvi takes his leave and goes back to the jeep. Hudda is puzzled about the blast and asks a constable if they have found any clue. Another police brings a man to him who makes bombs. Hudda scares him and threatens him to confess whom he sold the bomb. The man gets frightened and blurts out Lallan’s name. Hudda recalls that Lallan is Shalu’s accomplice and arrives at the conclusion that Shalu is involved in the blast. Meera arrives and Hudda asks her whether Prithvi was involved with the Pandey gang. Meera fumes at him and leaves. Hudda says to himself that Prithvi and Meera’s love seem to be true and deep and if Prithvi is alive he will surely come to meet Meera.

Mishra jee comes back with two pistols and starts driving the jeep. Prithvi asks him to take the route of Khanna Mansion to get a glimpse of Meera. Mishra jee tells him not to waste his time in searching Pandey jee and tell Shalu that he has not found her husband. Prithvi gets angry and asks him why he is saying this. Suddenly he see Meera walking through the middle of the road and coming towards their jeep absent-mindedly but Mishra jee drives on. Prithvi tries to stop the car but Meera gets hit slightly and swoons. Prithvi gets out of the car and attends to Meera. He tries to bring back Meera’s consciousness. But Mishra jee pleads him to leave the place but Prithvi is reluctant. Suddenly a police jeep arrives and Mishra jee urges him to get back in their jeep. Prithvi gets up to leave but Meera comes back to her senses right at that moment. She is still in a daze but manages to catch a fleeting glimpse of Prithvi. Prithvi and Mishra jee leave the place. Meera keeps calling out Prithvi’s name. Hudda arrives and asks the locals what has happened. They say about Meera’s accident and how she fainted. He asks who hit her and Meera says it was Prithvi. Hudda asks her whether she has seen Prithvi. She says no but she says that she has felt Prithvi’s presence. Hudda does not believe her but Meera insists. He tells Meera to get in his jeep and show him the direction where Prithvi went.

Shalu combs her hair wearing that short dress and admires her beauty. Chachi jee gets worried and tells her that Prithvi is married and is very much in love with Meera. Shalu says that Prithvi is dead for the world and he cares for me, that is why he bought this dress for me. She says that Meera cannot give any love to Prithvi, she can give him only pain. Shalu says that only she can give love to Prithvi. Chachi jee tells her that Prithvi will not even look at her, he loves Meera like crazy and so its better for Shalu to stop this madness. Shalu glares at Chachi jee and says that she knows very well how to trap a man in love and very soon Prithvi will fall for her.

Hudda and Meera chase Prithvi’s jeep. Prithvi recalls Meera’s fainting and is agitated at himself for leaving Meera in such a helpless state. Mishra jee says that very soon Prithvi will be with Meera as Shalu has promised as she is a woman of her words. And he also asks Prithvi to trust him too. Prithvi tells him that he is a betrayer and a double-faced person who is stabbing Shalu behind her back as he said not to find her husband. Mishra jee replies that he is not unfaithful and there is a reason behind his saying such. He knows certain mysteries which can create havoc in people’s lives. Suddenly he notices Hudda’s jeep approaching in the front mirror. He warns Prithvi that Hudda is coming with Meera. Prithvi tries to turn back but Mishra jee asks him not to do so. He tells Prithvi to get into Arjun’s avatar and Prithvi puts on the shades. Hudda stops his jeep, goes in front of Mishra jee’s jeep and asks him and Prithvi to come out of the car.

Precap: Hudda asks Meera whether it is her husband Prithvi. Meera stares at Prithvi and the latter removes the shades. Meera looks at him and smiles.

Update Credit to: sue_21

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