Junoon 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 28th February 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Sanjana calling her father who rushes downstairs follow by JJB and Meera.
They ask her what is the matter that she’s screaming and what happened? Sanjana says she can no more tolerate Prithvi.
JJB also says how come Prithvi will decide whom they have to meet or not.
Meera tries to clear the situation saying that Prithvi is from the village and he’ll take time to understand and adjust to city life.
Sanjana tells her off that she has no right of talking so as she’s not the DIL of the family yet.
RK tells Sanjana off that Meera is right and she has all the right to talk in their family matter.
RK decides to make Prithvi busy with something in the future.
Prithvi is in his room thinking about Meera only and decides to put some salt

on his wound.. but unfortunately it does not burn and he asks himself why he’s not able to forget Meera?

Meera is in her room and is happy on RK decision.She thinks to herself she cannot tolerate Prithvi humiliation.
She takes her first aid box and enters Prithvi room.He was sleeping and she very lovingly with the background score running dresses his wound.
She was going to touch his head but leave.When she closes the door Prithvi gets up thinking there was someone in his room looking at the bandage he understands and then sleeps.
The next morning Prithvi is waiting for the milkman.RK wishes him good morning and he also tries to talk in english and says” Go-od Marning” he asks what so superb with this morning and RK handles him an envelope he thinks it is a love letter on behalf of his dad.
After he opens he’s not happy as there’s a membership entry in a fitness gym.He says enough which he merits.
He goes and take along a bill where it is written that RK is transfering half of his property to Prithvi name.Rk receives a call at the same time and goes to attend it.Meera asks Prithvi what is all this and he says big people big house but no words…
Prithvi says RK runaway and aakash standing there feels bad.RK holds his shoulder at the same time.

RK tells him he’s right here he’ll not runaway merely for transfering these properties to his name.He tells Prithvi he went to attend a call of Kiran and was trying to make her understand to get back home as he promised him in the village that he will get the love of the whole family.
Meera is extremely happy (sweet sweet smiles from Meera).
RK asks him where’s the paper and he handles Rk the paper and the pen as he begins to sign Prithvi slightly looks back at Meera who’s smiling.
Aakash is a bit unhappy and he snatches the property paper from RK who asks him why and what is he doing.Prithvi gives a smiles while Meera turns serious.
Aakash tells RK that Prithvi merits more than 50% of the property as he suffered a lots in his childhood he did not live a luxurous life as they live so his share must be much more.aakash assures to make an another property paper with a list longer for Prithvi.Prithvi is shocked.

Prithvi is in his room saying that RK and Aakash are so different they are not hurt easily and Meera comes saying because they only know how to spread love.whatever they did they prove their love for him.He’s the one who cannot see love for him.
Prithvi says he can’t see but she sees love everywhere.Meera tells you are saying something but your eyes is saying something else.He asks what and he says he wants to be loved.
Prithvi tells her .

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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