Junoon 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 27th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Prithvi is wearing brown boots & crisp ironed black shirt rolled up his arms & an Indian waist coat & a dark blue jeans along with that he’s changed his hair style from long to short hair & shaven slightly rubble look & the moustache is also gone & also trying sunglasses aviators & wayfarers!!!

Shalu is eagerly waiting to see how Prithvi is going to look after the changeover.

Meera is shown telling herself that she’ll always keep Prithvi’s image in her heart & mind in the same time Prithvi has transforms into Arjun.

Scene 2

Prithvi comes out of the room & Shalu is really dumbfounded to see Prithvi changed head to toe.

Shalu tells him to see himself in the mirror coz his new identity will be with him for a good

amount of time.

Prithvi takes the mirror & goes.

Scene 3

Chachi ji is surprised to see Shalu so happy & excited & asks Shalu why is she so happy??

Shalu says that firstly she will have to answer her question that can’t a married woman fall in love again??

Chachi ji says that it depends on a person & situation but why is she asking???

Shalu doesn’t say directly but express that she’s finally feeling like a free bird & she wishes to fly & she bumps into Prithvi aka Arjun & he catches Shalu from falling.

Chachi ji some how feel uncomfortable seeing closeness between Prithvi & Shalu & excuse herself saying her feet are aching & she’s going to take rest.

Scene 4

Prithvi asks Shalu that he needs details of her husband Ishwar Pandey so that he can search him & fulfil the promise he gave her but remind her only if she’ll re-unite him with Meera.

Shalu says yes she knows the promise she gave him & assures Prithvi that once he search her husband Ishwar Pandey she’ll re-unite him with Meera.

Shalu says there’s a problem coz she has shirts, hand embroidery hand kerchief but doesn’t have her husbands photo.

Prithvi asks when & where did she last see her husband? Shalu replies last time she met her husband at home & he went out for work.

Prithvi asks didn’t he inform her before leaving? Shalu replies its not a compulsion for men to inform their wives where they are going.

Prithvi says that whatever hurdle may come he’ll find her husband just coz he want to go back to Meera.

Shalu reminds till he find her husband he won’t meet Meera coz police might find him.

Scene 5

Prithvi is walking on the corridors upstairs & Mishra ji comes & hand over passport & id card of name Arjun so that he can freely roam without police getting to him.

Scene 6

Prithvi is ready & comes out & inform Mishra ji that he’s all geared up to go out in search of Ishwar Pandey but Mishra not aware of Prithvi’s anger advice him not even think of meeting his wife Meera.

Prithvi gets angry & tells him not to mention his wife Meera’s name or else he might do something he’ll always remember all his life.

Shalu comes out with prasaad in a platter & give it to Mishra ji & asks Arjun take Mishra ji along so that he doesn’t phase any problems & also asks Prithvi to stick to fulfil the promise & explain that Mishra is only asking him to be careful from police who’s desperately searching for arresting him.


Precap:- Prithvi meets a new boy (Ayaaz of mtv roadies fame probably come for promoting his new life ok show) Prithvi asks he loves the girl so much??

Boy Ayaaz says yes he loves the girl so much that he can go to any lengths to get her.

Inspector Hudda inquiring a man & says he’s sure Shalu & her men are responsible for the bomb blast & Prithvi has escaped coz of them.

Inspector Hudda tells Meera that its quiet possible that her husband Prithvi must have worked in Shalu Pandey’s gang.

Meera is shocked.

Update Credit to: abd

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