Junoon 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 27th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Prithvi saves meera carrying in his arms, (junoon music plays in backround) & he takes her to the car & feels attracted to her makes her drink water & tries asks a waiter where is the near by hospital & waiter tells him the way but when he seems unsure of place then he decided to take her home directly.
Scene 2

Prithvi brings home & servant asks what happened so he says Meera has fallen unconscious & seeing Meera in Prithvi’s arms, Komal bua asks Prithvi that what is going on & why is he carrying Meera in his arms & Prithvi says he likes to roam carrying Meera in his arms (lolzzz) & asks can’t she see Meera needs a doctor as she unconscious asks to call the doctor but Komal bua again without helping asks

how Meera fell unconscious so Prithvi says instead of asking question can’t she help him call a doctor standing idle & staring at face won’t help his situation.
Scene 3

Prithvi brings meera to her room & make her lay down but
suddenly Meera started to blabber help!!!help!!! & Prithvi accidently falls flat on Meera & accidently Meera’s lips touch his cheeks. <3<3<3 Prithvi is almost confused about his feeling & just then Akaash comes & asks what happened to Meera when Prithvi says there was fire & he saved her on time & scolded him why didn't he come when Meera was waiting for him & asks Akaash very intensely if something had happened to Meera then?? Akaash give him a look & Prithvi realise to not show his concern & Prithvi says its last time that he has done something for Meera & he expects Akaash to take care of her & leave seeing Meera getting back conscious. ------------ Scene 4 Akaash asks Meera how she is?? Meera gets up & tells she is fine & also says he was right about Prithvi that he has feelings for her. Akaash is sad & Meera asks that is he unhappy for her? so Akaash says its not that he is unhappy for her but sad thinking that was he less worthy or undeserving that they got separated. Meera says he should never think that he has got separated coz its him after Prithvi who is the reason of her happiness coz he holds a lot of importance & its just fate which brought her close to Prithvi & even she never knew how & when she started to have feelings for Prithvi & she will never be happy loosing her best friend & support in him & Akaash is little releaved. --------- Scene 5 Prithvi paces around thinking about Meera that because of her he will go mad & he didn't have anything to eat & goes to kitchen search for food & comments that these city people eat only vessels & is irritated & opens the refrigerator & finds nothing finally finds banana kept on top of refrigerator & just when he was eating he hears some voice saying "no one is watching please give me a kiss" & Prithvi goes out in curiosity & sees boy trying to kiss her sister & Prithvi asks her sister who is the boy??(Chichora ladka-indecent boy) & argues with her sister Sanjana she should be in her limits & fights with his sisters boyfriend who wanted to kiss & he gives advice to Sanjana to wear decent clothes & learn some decency but boyfriend tries to tell Prithvi to let them be & back off but Prithvi asks what is he saying? boyfriend calls him illiterate & pushes Prithvi & says he told him to back off. Prithvi hits the boy & Sanjana tries to stop but the boy runs away fearing him. ------ Scene 6 Komal comes to Meera & asks Meera about Prithvi & Meera's relationship & how did she end marrying Prithvi leaving Akaash & from when Prithvi came he made their hall a village wrestling ring. Meera explain that Prithvi is a very loyal & trustworthy person & request Komal bua to be patient & little accepting, & then Prithvi will even give his life to protect his own people. Bua says she is surprised that she knows Prithvi very deeply, just then Sanjana shout & call her so Komal runs to Sanjana. ---- Scene 7 (junoon romantic version track plays) Meera is concerned looking at Prithvi's wound but Prithvi doesn't let her help & storms away & Meera is sad. Precap:- Sanjana complaints to her father about prithvi.. Rajeev asks will she tell him what exactly what did prithvi do..Sanjana says now prithvi will decide who can come inside this house & who cannot…meera says maybe Prithvi misunderstood her boy friend & when they will accept Prithvi they will have better understanding of him but Sanjana says she will never accept him & taunts Meera that she is not yet a daughter-in-law to interfere in their matters.

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