Junoon 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 26th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with P sitting in lounge n A says to M that he bought something special for the spl night they are going to spend. P is like grrr omg he was staring at them so angrily n want to kick A M says that’s very lovely dress. A sees P says he didn’t realise n says they are going for dinner date so don’t get them wrong. P says they are getting married so why will he feel bad.

A n M winks for their plan to be working. A says her to get ready by 9 n meet at Garden resturant n M says she can’t wait at all. P & A’s sis comes down with mini dress (what’s it called) talking over phone. P stops her n asks didn’t her parents teach how to dress up n she has wore a kids dress . she shouts at him saying he has no right n inturn he must change. She leaves n P fumes.

P takes

bath n just comes out n was shocked to see M in mini dress He was def. mesmerized by her beauty but turns his head. M asks how she is n P says ask the person for whom she dressed. He asks her leave as she is late. M says he won’t be angry as he loves her. P’s expressions again changes .

P comes to M n says he can’t give her fake praises n he don’t like to lie either. P turns back n M smiles for her plan working. P asks is she didn’t leave yet. M says there isn’t any car but she leaves.

M standing for taxi n two drivers stop n start fi8ing. P comes n bhagaofies them n drags M to sit in the car. He asks her to guide for the venue. He was making all faces while M was going on with her bak bak. Then A calls her n asks if Crocodile has fallen into trap M replies n says he will be late by an hr?? n what’s that imp. meeting n she can’t be for much time n asks him to come fast n there A was smiling for all this.

They finally reach the venue n M says A will be later by an hr but till then she must be alone. Its ok if she must wait n she is sure A will be back but if not she must return in this dress. She goes inside angrily n waiting for him. P enters n M was happy asks the waiter to lit the candles. M thinks he is worried for her n this is the proof. She asks waiter to call him but he leaves leaving M disappointed.

M was abt to leave but A calls n asks her to wait for some time. She was abt to leave but she sees that fire has caught n shouts for help. P too sees from mirror n returns back. He finds M n jumps in n just catches hold of her before she could fall down. O re Piya BG song … He says that he won’t anything happen to her n lifts her n takes her out. Aww he was continuously staring at her all the way

Precap: P makes M comfortable on bed but she was holding his collar Accidental kiss happens n P was all confused n staring at Meera.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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