Junoon 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 25th January 2013 Written Update

Prithvi sits on Temple steps as if his 7 ships sunk . Pandit comes n asks what’s the matter. Prithvi says he must have heard what Villagers are talking abt. Pandit says yes. Prithvi says he is not sure if he will be able to keep his promise.

Pandit says then, leave it n accept the fact. He is not gonna be alone whole life n may be this is God’s wish. Prithvi makes diff. faces all the time. He says not to rub abt his God’s words on him n only his word will go in his life or his DT’s. Pandit says then think if its DT’s order, think abt it twice n take decision . He leaves leaving Prithvi thinking.

Sudha shouts at DT for stopping Prithvi. After heated argument, Sudha says may be DT wishes Meera to stay with Prithvi. She leaves in anger while Lakhan thinks Biryani is ready .

Meera checking Prithvi’s clothes which were smelling bad . Sudha comes n asks what she is doing? Meera skips n asks her to sit. Sudha asks her to go away from there n she will manage the situation. Meera says she is not here to take back step but to be n fi8 the odds. If she runs away, then her dad will be in danger n she doesn’t want that. Sudha assures nothing like that happen n before she leaves this world, she wanna see her as Akash’s bride .

Meera says its not possible to look back now n now she will take her own decisions. Sudha says she didn’t knew that she became so big to take decisions on her own. She leaves leaving Meera in tears. Prithvi over hears their convo.

He asks her to come with him. When she asks where, he lies kuldevi Mandir. She asks when did he start believing in God. He says its a ritual n he don’t have answers for villagers questions.

They leave through Forest way while Lakan’s man informs him abt these two. Lakhan asks him to keep an eye on them n he will catch them red handed n calls for Panch members.

Meera asks why are the going through forest area. Prithvi says she is not allowed to go out of the village so they have to take this route. Meera asks if they have hide n go for Temple also. She ask far is it more? He says they are near. She asks What’s the necessary to go if its near? He asks mad dog has bit him . She asks if he had seen a Dr. He says her come with him silently. Both argue for sometime.

Lakhan informs the Panch people n asks them to come with him to catch them red handed. They all leave with him.

Meera asks a man how far is Kuldevi temple. He says its in village n why is she here. Meera stops Prithvi n shouts at him for bringing her without informing. Prithvi informs that he heard what she spoke with her mom n all, n she is ri8 that Meera should be with Akash so he is taking her with him.

Meera says he has no right to take decisions of her. Its necessary tht her mom must stay with her dad in her last days of her life. Prithvi asks last days??? She says her mom has cancer.

Lakhan reaches the place where Prithvi’s jeep is parked n Panch people says that he will get punished for this. Prithvi suspects n climbs the tree to see what’s going on n gets to know abt Lakhan’s plan.

Precap: Prithvi says that Lakhan must have got to know that they are eloping n Panch have accompanied them. so they must return back. To escape from seeing, he drags her into bushes ending up hugging .

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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