Junoon 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 24th May 2013 Written Update

Shalu charges the guards about Prithvi’s whereabouts and threatens to kill them. Chachi jee asks her to clam down and eat something. Shalu orders the guards to find Prithvi at any cost and asks a man to arrange the bottles for her target shooting. Chachi jee gets worried as she has not seen Shalu so agitated before. Prithvi arrives and Shalu stops shooting the bottles and smirks. Prithvi tells her that both of them are illiterate and this is the only bond that binds them. He says that he knows how important her identity is to her and giver her a parcel saying that he has bought this for her with her own money. Shalu opens the parcel and finds a short dress inside. Prithvi asks her if she will be able to wear it and himself answers no she cannot as it will mean tampering with her identity. Shalu aks Prithvi

to come inside as it is very hot outside.

Prithvi and Chachi jee are shocked to see Shalu come out wearing the short dress. She tells Prithvi that you were right. We both are illiterate and our identity means a lot to us. But still she wore the dress as this seems very insignificant when she thinks of her Pandey jee. She can do anything to get her love back. Changing her identity will not change her soul. She tells Prithvi that if he truly loves Meera changing his identity cannot be a big deal. She asks Prithvi to give her a confirmation whether he will change his identity or not.

Prithvi ponders about Shalu’s words and gets flashbacks of the happy times that he spent with Meera. He realizes that Meera means everything to him and he can do anything for her. In Khanna mansion, Komal tries to burn Prithvi’s clothes and belongings but Meera stops her from doing so. Prithvi searches for Shalu and finds her in the lawn. A woman who is the wife of one of Shalu’s guards comes and complains about how her husband ill-treats her and beats her up. Shalu asks Chachi jee to bring a broom and hands it over to the woman and asks her to beat her husband with it. She starts hitting him with the broom. The mans asks for forgiveness and Shalu warns him not to misbehave with his wife anymore. She assures the wife that the salary will be sent to her every month. Prithvi sees everything and recollects how in Baragaon he hit Jeevanlal’s father who used to beat up his wife. Prithvi tells Shalu that she is like him, their ways of imparting justice are similar, both of them respect women and they have the same passion of loving their beloveds. Prithvi tells her that she aksed him whom he will choose and his answer is that he chooses his love,his Meera. He is ready to change his identity.

A teary-eyed Meera makes a sketch of Prithvi. Prithvi on the other hand starts the process of changing his identity. His hair is trimmed, his moustache is shaved a bit, he puts on western clothes and wears shades.

Precap: Shalu waits outside Prithvi’s room. She gets up and smiles as the door is opened.

Update Credit to: sue

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