Junoon 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Scene 1 {Temple}
Prithvi brings Meera to temple but does not come inside the mandir with her, Meera gives the platter filled with ritual items to pandit [temple priest], Meera wonders why Prithvi isn’t coming & looks at him but he goes back to sit in his jeep.
Priest tells Meera that he is happy that both the newly weds have come together to perform this ritual & hopes they continue to do good work together the way they helped a woman today, does his prayers & tells Meera that Prithvi might look tough from outside but is a man with a good heart & he hopes things will be alright between them soon, blesses them they live happily together. Prithvi gives a horn then Meera goes & sits in the jeep. Mithvi leave.

Scene 2 {Ramdhari Singh Haveli}
Sudha gets a FB of Prithvi promising her that before fulfilling her promise he has some responsibilty for Daata {Ramdhari} so he cannot risk Daata’s life to fulfil his promise which he gave to her. Sudha is thinking about Meera staying as Prithvi’s wife & is worried that when all this will get over & when Meera will reunite with Akaash .
Ramdhari comes & asks Sudha if she spoke to Prithvi about Meera & have met them.
Sudha says she does not want Meera to live a life imposed & forced upon her. Ramdhari says they cannot undo whats happened in the past but he wants her to also understand that past cannot change her present with him.
Sudha says that she is not thinking of her future but does not want to see her daughters life ruining coz she could never see Meera’s future with Prithvi.
Ramdhari tries to make Sudha understand that Prithvi is a nice person not the way she is judging if you’ll take time to know about Prithvi she will be happy coz Prithvi can even die to protect his loved ones & its difficult to not love him.
Sudha says she doesn’t want to know about Prithvi as she just wants Meera to leave him & get married to the person whom she loves & the person who’s waiting for her daughter that’s it & asks Ramdhari not to favour Prithvi infront of her coz only Akaash is the one for Meera & storms away leaving Ramdhari feeling sad.

Part 2
Scene 3 {Mithvi’s home-Funny scene}
Meera is searching for food & groceries in kitchen & blabber to herself that How come Prithvi lived all alone as he doesn’t have any sense of shopping & now she’s so confused as to what to cook because there one item but other ingreidient is missing she shouldn’t have sent Prithvi to shop for grocery items as he has no sense at all & she finds a {Chameli-}oil flower extract & asks herself what does she do with this oil.
Prithvi comes & asks her what is she blabbering & Meera complaints there is nothing to cook. Prithvi tells her he will go & shop but Meera asks him to let it be as she very well knows how a good shopper he is & that she will also come along with him.
Prithvi refuses to take her with him & tells her that he will manage all the shopping & bring everything as if they went together again both have to act like real married couple & takes the jute bag & leaves Meera says everything oh God I hope does not bring s truck full of things this time .

Scene 4{Market area}
Prithvi roams in the market here & there & is highly confused as what to buy & how much & looks at other women shopping for veggies & grocery & thinks in his mind that what ever he needs he can see everything other than what he is looking for goes to vegatable wendor & picks up a bottle gourd(Lauki) & wonders to buy it or not [lol] & luckily he finds a woman he knows & calls him Bhabhi {Sister-in-law} & she asks him how is he & what is it?? Prithvi tells her he is a sticky situation as he does not have any idea how to shop for grocery & in what quantity so Babhi tells prithvi that is why a man after getting married should hold his wifes Pallu {Sarree fall} & makes fun of him & says she will help him grocery shopping for his home asks him to come.

Scene 5 {Mithvi’s home}
Meera is in her room when she gets a call from Akaash but doesn’t answer fearing that what will she tells Akaash & specially about her & Prithvi’s sudden marriage & cuts the call, Prithvi’s sends a man to deliver grocery items to Meera & he informs that Prithvi asked him to give all the grocery items to her. Meera asks in surprise that did really Prithvi buy all this on his own so the man replies that yes Prithvi brother has become very intelligent after marriage as even today his wife asks him to bring a needle he would take entir month to bring it but Prithvi brother is smart he shopped for all the stock for a month & they leave.

Scene 6 {Temple}
Prithvi comes to meet Pandit & tells him he wants to talk so pandit asks him to wait as he will talk after his work gets over so Prithvi says he wants to talk as its very important he is now a family man & is fo rced to shop for grocery so Pandit makes fun of him that wow that is great as now you have changed into a resposible man who helps shop for his wife so Prithvi but tells him its just shopping is making him feel the pressure but just wait for the future when he will have to wash his kids nappies & dry it out in the sun when it will be real responsibilty.
Prithvi asks him not to make fun as no one has born yet who can change him he tells Pandit that he doesn’t wish to continue his so called relation with Meera & asks him to give him an idea so he can get out of this mess & give him a solution that he can both save Ramdhari from villagers & also take Meera out & leave her safely to her fiance Aakaash.
Pandit seriously asks if he really knows what he is wishing for. Prithvi says he cannot take this anymore & wants to get out of this problem as soon as possible so Pandit tells Prithvi to share his problems with the Panchayat & do not disclose anything from them maybe they will solve this problem.
Prithvi gets an idea & runs to sit in his jeep & goes away.

Part 3
Scene 7 {Ramdhari & Prabha’s room”}
Ramdhari is getting ready & Prabha helps close the bottons of his jacket but stops so Ramdhari says he know in what state & dilemma.
Prabha says its in her habit for years to help him get ready.
Ramdhari says she doesn’t need to hesitate as her importance in his life is the same as before.
Prabha gets emotional & cries while Ramdhari asks her to calm down.

Scene 8 {Outside Haveli}
Ramdhari is sitting with the Panchayat memebers & discussing issues about when Prithvi comes in his jeep & gets FB of what Pandit said to him & Ramdhari asks Prithvi to come & sits & Prithvi tells he has not come to the haveli to meet his Daata but a Panchayat head so Ramdhari tells him okay he can say whatever he wants.
Prithvi says he had got married to Meera just because Panchayat members & Villagers wishes but he demands to asks if his wife is free to go out of the Village or not?

Scene 8 {Continuity scene}
Panchayat members ask Prithvi what does he exactly means & Prithvi tells isn;t she free to go out of this village
Ramdhari tells Prithvi why not as Meera is an educated girl & can go where ever she wishes to go but Lakhan says but Brother usually when girls go out they come back to their husband’s house & asks Prithvi that is he making n excuse of takening Meera out & make her escape from here?
Prithvi looks disgusted with Lakhan.


Precap: Prithvi is drunk & blabbers that may be Panchayat members have decided not to give permission to his wife to go out of the village but he will now take a decision on his own that he will take his wife out of the village today despite the panchayat’s judgement & holds Meera’s hand while she is shocked & Prithvi is pulling her says “Come”.

Update Credit to: abd_20

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