Junoon 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Rajeev & Komal bua are sitting together & Meera comes there to give him his medicines & Komal bua gets a golden chance of taunting Meera about Prithvi that whatever happened with Prithvi was fair & God delays in justice but never denies justice ever & coz Prithvi was responsible of Khanna family’s loss so eventually he had to get punished for his sins.

Meera replies with assurance that Prithvi is still alive coz her life is connected with Prithvi & maybe they both are two different people but she & Prithvi are one souls & so she beliefs firmly that nothing has happened to her Prithvi.

Rajeev asks Meera to sit & listen to what he has to say to her & Meera sits & Rajeev says that how much ever bitter the truth is but we all

have to accept the truth eventually coz denying the truth can only give a false hope but fact remains that truth never changes & he understands it is difficult for all of us to accept the truth but we have to somehow accept it.

But Meera still says she beliefs that if her love for Prithvi is true one day Prithvi will come & meet her.

Komal bua is irritated with Meera & Meera goes away crying.

Scene 2

Prithvi sees fb Shalu explaining him that ‘if he went out the police will arrest him & danger is lurking outside for him & Prithvi also sees fb of Meera giving interview on news channel that ‘leave me alone’ to reporters.

Prithvi think in his mind that he knows that Meera must be going through a very tough times & also she must be really troubled by his death news & talks to himself that after seeing Meera so sad his heart has become heavy & enough is enough he will go to meet Meera now.

Prithvi tries to escape & also snatches pistol from a goon guarding main door & threatens one of two goons to let him free but Shalu comes & stops Prithvi & asks “what is he doing? & if this way he’ll shoot then Chachi might get disturbed while sleeping & outside people might think theres something scary happening inside & they too might get disturbed, what’s the need as she has keys to open the lock & explains that she has not locked it coz of him.

Shalu opens the lock of the main door & blabbers the same thing that “what to do i, need to lock for my safety coz i am a weak & helpless woman & need to safeguard myself on my own”.

Prithvi says he is going to meet his wife so Shalu replies that she knows he’s going to meet Meera, his wife & his wife must be worried after watching his death news on news channel but she has a request that he better not go like this & insist to take her car keys for his safety & comfort.

Prithvi is confused about Shalu’s intentions.

Scene 3

Shalu gives keys to Prithvi but he refuses sternly saying he doesn’t need it.

Shalu says a poetry that “someone is sighing in your remembrance,

someone remembers you in every breath,

death is a reality it will come one day

but departing with you someone is dying every second.” (sorry guys for translating it so badly)

Mishra is confused with Shalu’s behavior.

Shalu tells Prithvi that she understand the pain when a loved one goes away & every second gets difficult & police won’t understand his pain so for his wife & his safety take the car keys & he’ll quickly reach to meet Meera.

Prithvi finally takes the keys & return the pistol to Shalu & leave (Junoon chorus plays) & Mishra asks why did she let Prithvi go.

Shalu stands quietly watching Prithvi go & suddenly points the pistol towards a goon & in a second says ‘take this pistol’.

The goon gets scared for a second & Shalu goes inside.

Scene 4

In the Police station a constable comes & standing near inspector Hudda while he drinking tea & then he says to the constable that they should get to work & asks to bring Ishwar Pandey’s file so he can complete the case & shut it once & for all.

Constable brings the file & inspector Hudda reads the file & is thinking something & asks the constable that what was the name of the two convicts who died in the blast so constable says one guys name was Prithvi & other guy was Triloki, this triloki is Ishwar pandey’s gang member & automatically Shalu’s person & is there a connection between Shalu & this bomb blast which took place & to clear things we need to meet Meera madam once again & asks the constable to get his Jeep ready.

Scene 5

Prithvi is coming to meet Meera in a car (junoon title track plays) Prithvi gets fb of the romantic & tough times he spent with Meera.

Back in Khanna house Meera is walking to & fro restlessly & Prithvi comes to Khanna house & talk to himself that ‘Meera your Prithvi is back for you & hereafter nothing can keep us apart’.

Scene 6

Shalu turns on the news channel & is about to eat mangoes & Mishra ji comes & Shalu asks Mishra to come & share what’s in his mind & share it coz never a person should keep things inside & quickly say or else he will have stomach ache.

Mishra asks the same question that why did she let Prithvi go freely coz now he’ll never return & all their efforts they took with difficulty will all go waste.

Shalu replies that Mishra ji in matter of 1 hour Prithvi will be inside this house.

Mishra ji is surprised by Shalu’s confidence.

Scene 8

Prithvi is watching Meera walking in her room & is about to go inside but sees some one coming & hides behind bushes.

Inspector Hudda goes inside Khanna house & Prithvi runs away & look at Meera sadly that he could not meet her.

Meera is thinking in her mind that “please Prithvi come to me soon coz i am waiting” & a door bell rings & Meera is hopeful seeing inspector Hudda & asks if he found Prithvi’s whereabouts.

Inspector Hudda asks her to calm down coz he’s come to give her a possible news that may be whatever she said earlier might be right that her husband Prithvi is still alive & Meera smiles with tears in her eyes.

Prithvi is overhearing what inspector is telling Meera.

Inspector Hudda asks Meera to firstly answer as he need to question about Prithvi that what work Prithvi used to do?
Meera answers we run a family business & Prithvi used to help his father.

Inspector Hudda asks from when so Meera answers from few months from now & then Hudda asks what Prithvi used to do before that & whom he used to mingle with & before marriage from when she knows her husband?

Meera asks but why is he asking all these questions to her?

So inspector Hudda says that coz if really Prithvi is alive then definitely Prithvi has escaped from jail & asks Meera to think about it coz firstly Prithvi will get charged of murder & now he’ll also be charged of escaping jail too & if there are two separate charges so punishment will be doubled & there’s no chance a convict can escape Inspector Hudda ever & the day he gets caught consider Prithvi gone.

Meera just stares & Prithvi talks to himself that if he was not helpless he would have broken the inspector’s face if he took chance then police will put him in jail & he leaves.

Scene 9

Shalu is eating mangoes & says that eating juicy mangoes are really a pleasure & tells Mishra ji to listen to a story that in her childhood she used to steal mangoes from a guy called shambu kaka’s farm & run away like Olympic racer & never anyone could catch her.

Chachi says today you are saying perfect thing coz the fun of plucking fresh mangoes & eating is different experience.

Shalu jokingly says look Mishra ji Chachi is enjoying her talks i think even Chachi used to steal mangoes in childhood.

Mishra ji is in deep thoughts & Shalu asks Mishra ji to send all the mango boxes to her sisters & brothers & her relative might be in need of money & they must b saving for vacation so they’ll enjoy & Mishra ji assures that all the mangoes will be distributed to all.

Shalu looks at main door & Mishra ji & Chachi wonder why Shalu is waiting for Prithvi & Mishra ji says to Shalu that don’t mind him saying but he thinks Prithvi won’t return.

Scene 10

Meera says inspector Hudda to keep this in mind that Prithvi is not a coward & he’s not escaped & he is courageous enough to face difficult situations.

Inspector Hudda asks constable Choudhary to tell two other constable to keep watch over the Khanna house & if u see Prithvi arrest him right away.

Prithvi gets a fb Mishra Ji telling that there’s no other place other than this house for him & decides to go back to Shalu Pandey’s house as Shalu had warned him that there’s danger lurking for him outside.

Prithvi talking to himself what kind of dilemma he’s stuck he cannot meet Meera being so close & what do i do??

Scene 11

Shalu says “how do i explain to you Mishra ji, that my name is Shalu Pandey, i can judge from miles away from mangoes that how sweet they are so won’t i be able to judge a person standing near her, a person is a mirror himself coz person always make u see what they are in reality & i have played chess only two things will happen as a result first now Prithvi will show his true face & could have accepted death or he’ll decide to live a secret life for Meera’s safety.

Mishra ji & Chachi are in thoughts about Shalu’s intentions.


Precap:- Prithvi comes back to Pandey house & reminds Shalu that he promises to search her husband Ishwar Pandey but in return only want her to fulfil her promise to unite him with his wife Meera.

Update Credit to: abd 20

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