Junoon 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Episode continues same place it left off with Prithvi being acknowledged as Rajeev’s son and Kiran very upset upon hearing this:
Kiran: He has no right in this household and if you want to give him fatherly love then go somewhere else and give it to him. I will not allow this nijiaz larka to live in the same household as my children. And please, do not even try to make him a son of this household.
Prithvi: Step Manji, I am your hubby’s nijiaz son, not someone else’s. And your husband is the one that said to me that I have as much rights to this house as Aakash. (He turns to Rajeev and says) You are the one that said this no? That I will get a home, family, families love? After leaving everything to come here I am determined to get what you promised me. No one can kick me out of

this house.
Kiran: Fine! Either he goes or I do!
Aakash: Mom don’t do anything hastily. Think things thru calmly.
Kiran: I’ve thought about it son, I’ve thought about it well. I will not return back to this house until he leaves here. (Everyone runs after her except for Mithvi and Rajeev).
Prithvi: Papa, did I do something wrong?
Rajeev: This was bound to happen. Whether it was today or tomorrow. Don’t worry I’ll convince/appease her and she’ll come back. Go rest in your room (and he leaves).


Prithvi’s room:
Prithvi sitting on his bed and Miu shows up:
Miu: Even though Uncle did not say anything to you don’t you think you did wrong by him? He only wanted to give you happiness and now he may risk losing his family.
Prithvi: Why are things always forced on me. Just like you and your opinions. I have said it over and over again. I have broken all ties and relations with you. Yet you still keep coming after me. Go to your Aakash your soon to be Husband. (Just then Aakash shows up with some night clothes for Prithvi). Good thing you came. Take her out of here and also tell your servants to not put other peoples stuff in my room.
Aakash: They put her stuff in her by mistake. This is your room. Here are some night clothes for you. (He then tells Meera where her room is and goes and grabs Miu’s luggage). Shall we go?
Prithvi: Wait! (He grabs Miu’s towel and hands it to her) I don’t need/want anything of yours here. She is about to leave but the towel gets caught on Prithvi’s bracelet. He rips it off and she leaves from there.
He grabs the clothes that Aakash had brought for him and tosses them on the floor in anger.


Miu’s room:
Aakash is waiting for Miu.
Aakash: Miu, the hatred that Prithvi has in his heart is still there and I do realize that it will not go away so easily either. I think in some ways he has every right to feel this way as it will not be easy to forget everything he has gone through in his life. Therefore if he misbehaves with anyone of us we will have to tolerate it. I will also try very hard to one day help change him. It will take time but he is my brother after all (Miu smiles hearing this). Goodnight. Aakash leaves from there.
Miu is in thought.


Prithvi’s Room:
Prithvi is re-hashing everything that went down earlier that day. He is thinking about all that Kiran just said to him about her not wanting him to live there amongst her children, calling him nijiaz and saying to Rajeev to not even try to make him a son of this house. And also declaring an ultimatum that until Prithvi leaves the house she will not return.
Prithvi thinks to himself, what kind of father I have? On one hand he ruined my mother’s life. He was already married to her but came here and created a new life and family for himself too. All this while already having a wife and son. That poor woman (referring to his mom) even while having a husband and son could not have a real family. While here they were sitting being big people (meaning rich) she had it hard. If he couldn’t even give my mom one moment of sukh then how can I let him live in peace? That’s it Mr. Khanna tomorrow will be the start of your bad days…


Miu’s room:
Miu is also going thru everything that happened earlier in the day between Aakash’s family and Prithvi. She thinks to herself that she knows that Prithvi is here because of his hatred. The hatred which is leading him to take revenge on this family by taking away their peace and happiness but as for me, I’ve come here to take the nafrat out of you heart & awaken love in its place. If you take a step towards your hatred then I will take 2 steps towards love. You want to break this household and I want to make you a part of it.


Next day:
Miu’s room:

Miu awakens to the sound of a rooster croaking. She can’t figure out where the sound is coming from so early in the morning so goes to investigate (and she’s not the only one the whole Khanna family is doing the same )


Living room:
They all see some villagers there doing work for Prithvi. Included with this villagers was the servant from yesterday (Gopi) who was sitting with his hand outstretched under a hen waiting for her to lay an egg and for him . Gopi asks Prithvi how long he has to stay that way as his arms are getting sore. Prithvi replies that he likes fresh things so he will have to wait until it lays an egg . He goes over to 2 of the other guys and says he wants a fresh milk drink since he hasn’t had one since arriving in the city then gets the masseur fellow to rub him. Of course during all this the whole Khanna family (minus Kiran and Daadi whom we have yet to see) are watching everything. Miu tells everyone to leave that she will handle him.

While Prithvi is lying on the couch getting his massage Meera comes back dressed in a very s*xy sari looking absolutely beautiful. She’s starts posing pretending to dry her hair or something by flicking it back and forth. Prithvi’s trying to have the drink that was handed to him and the massage fellow is getting overly enthusiastic with his message as he is watching Miu. This enthusiasm is making Prithvi spill his drink so he asks the fellow what his is doing. He gets no reply and then looks around and notices that everyone seems to have their attention elsewhere. The masseur is so into watching Miu that he massages Prithvi right off the couch and doesn’t even notice that he is not there and continues to message the arm of the couch . Prithvi finally turns to see what they are all staring at and see’s Miu. He’s shocked to see her like that (in fact his mouth is left gapping) and he actually sits down on the floor to goggle her some more but when he realizes the other guys are still watching he quickly goes to cover her with a cloth he has wrapped around his waist. Then he starts yelling Bacharam, haram zaddo, and kicks them all out. Miu’s smiling while watching Prithvi in action.
He comes back and says to Miu Aren’t you ashamed, she goes why, what’s it to you, you’re not my hubby. He replies when a women stoops down to behaving like a bacharam there’s no sense even trying talking to her. Do what you want, I’m going to go take a shower (probably a cold one, ) and grabs his cloth back off of her. Then decides to cover her up with it again seeing her in her sari and leaves from there. Miu is happy to notice Prithvi is unable to watch other ogle her….


There is a tug of war going on between Mithvi near a swimming pool for a pail. Miu is still wearing the same s*xy sari. The tug of war leads to Miu ending up in Prithvi’s arm. They have a moment (sizzling I might add) and she lets go of him and starts to turn but slips and falls and they both end up on the ground with Miu on top of Prithvi. Lots of great chemistry between the leads. Looking forward to Monday’s epi!

Update Credit to: Parm

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